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Assembly Contraints

Assembly Contraints

I assume this has already been posted several times, but it gets annoying. 


Have the option to "FLIP" the constrained value to the other direction. Seems like no matter the order the parts are selected, One will have to

put a negative value in the constraint to make it go in the direction you desire. To avoid this, just type in the value, and then pick a button like in the pattern for the side to offset to.


This way nobody has to worry about the selection order or having negative values in the constraints. It will just flip-flop between directions.






I have this issue at least 10 times a day. Also, this happens with the angular constraints as well. I would just like to have an angular constraint placed at 20° but, because I guess I picked the wrong part first I have to place the constraint at -160°. I cannot stand this because it makes it very difficult to write a calculation to deliver the value to the constraint's parameter.




In that "other cad system" there is an option/button when mating called "Other Soultions".  All you did was just click the button and all other soultions would preview... worked with any mate type that had more then 1 solution such as mate,angle, tangent and insert.. If I remember rite who cares if its negitive or positive, just put it  X number of inchs away from selected surfaces and let the computer keep track of the negitive/positive values.  Have Inventor just preview one of the solutions then click OK, or click "Other solutions"...



I am sick of ging back into the value box to add a " - " in front


Inventor 2013_Negative values for Mate Constraints.jpg


Inventor NEEDS the ability to flip the direction of mate constraints.  In a manufacturing company, the dimensions you place on a weldment are those dimensions that need to be held by fixtures.  In the example above, there is no way for us to hold the opposing faces of the 2 parts shown other than by entering a negative value, in this case -4 inches.  That may not be a problem for some, but at our company, many of our assemblies are iAssemblies.  Our .idw drawings of these iAssemblies then have charts, which are driven by the iAssembly.  For example, perhaps we have a family of assemblies similar to what is shown.  Assembly-001 has the parts at 4 inches as shown, but Assembly-002 has the faces spaced apart 6 inches.  Our charts now show negative values, which is confusing and not correct.  Inventor, we need a fix. Either allow us to flip the direction of faces in the mate constraint, or at minimum allow absolute values in .idw charts (note, the chart in the iAssembly would remain -4)

Status changed to: Implemented

This idea has been implemented within Autodesk Inventor 2019. Special thanks to everyone who cast a vote for it.



I see the status has been "Implemented" but I'm using Inventor Professional 2023 and don't see a way to do this.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

My sincere apologies @jburhite & @blandb.

This idea was incorrectly set as implemented. We did make a change in Autodesk Inventor 2019 involving Axis to Axis constraints where we introduced three solution options (opposed, aligned or undirected). As such I have set the status of this Idea to "Gathering Support". Again, I am really sorry about this.



I was disappointed 4 years ago, when we upgraded from Inventor 2013 to the latest 2019, with one of the reasons being, we though this issue was resolved.  Disappointed more, that 4 years later, Inventor is still forcing us to enter negative values that end up in charts for iAssemblies.  Mate constraint should have a similar option to the Axis to Axis constraint, which you added in 2019, so that negative values are not required.


In Autodesk's own MDT (Mechanical Desktop) program, in the mate constraint, there was the option to "Flip" directions of the constraint.

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