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Alt+ (shortcut key) not unique in some cases

Alt+ (shortcut key) not unique in some cases

in some cases we see inventor has various shortcut keys assigned for commands in browser context menu (& other places). i am wondering whether the several duplicate shortcut key designations can be ammeded to ensure they are all unique going forwards.


eg several version ago i could hold keyboard Alt + A to make a sub assembly adaptive from within parent assembly. now if i do that, i get one of two options and need to still click the command i want to fire. = more clicks required... yet again.


it probably makes little sense to have duplicate entries for short cut (Alt+key) selections.


this happens in several places. i have shown one attached. if you want more please ask and i will supply them.


further to my original request, can we review our quality control on this topic please.


i have attached another snapshot. In years gone by there was a good shortcut key to "Flexible" that has been taken away. i wonder if it is not too much trouble can we get it back please?


the ability to quickly fire commands becomes 2nd nature, we all do it without thinking so changing them can cause a bit of pain to users.


maybe think of it like someone moving the keys on your own keyboard... that wouldn't be very nice would it.




shortcut keys messed up.png


here is another one, two different commands both have the same shortcut KEY...


it is possible that this topic could be moved to a new forumn called "bugs or tweaks" rather than an IDEA.


Autodesk need to organise bug or mistake feedback better.


context menu T.png

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