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standard parts library

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04-16-2013 03:00 PM

I'm starting a new project building custom conveyors.  I have alot of standard parts to put in my content library.  the question is when I upgrade from 2013 to 2014, how hard will it be to transfer them the the newer version of Inventor.  I have not used a library of parts any and have always copied parts from other folders to the current folder I'm working in.  I don't use Projects either.  Is it better to leave the common parts in a content type library so if I add detail the to common parts they will update when i open an older assembly?  Also, any suggestion on part numbering.

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Re: standard parts library

04-17-2013 02:26 AM in reply to: sprayvent



If your not using vault it should be as easy as copy and paste into the new library. All standard parts will be fully

compatible with any new software autodesk releases.


If your using vault you shouldn't have to do anything the library will always be you vault library




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Re: standard parts library

04-17-2013 06:31 AM in reply to: sprayvent

At the most you will need to migrate the library to a new version when you upgrade. Nothing difficult. Similar to opening and saving parts to a new version, except Inventor does it for you. Just type in "migrate library" in the help tab in inventor for the procedure and you will see its not that difficult.


And btw, you do use projects even if you think you don't, even if its Inventor's default project path. You may have to set up a library modification project path if your library will be stored outside the default project path, just to be able to modify any existing library parts you place.

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