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How to make a body change as its sketch changes

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How to make a body change as its sketch changes

Autodesk 360 Inventor fusion is an awesome 3D soft in Mac. 

I always wanted to wait for a SW Mac version but now I found a better one. 

In SW, if a solid is made from a sketch and if the sketch changes the solid will change automatically. 

I guess Inventor fusion show also has this function but i didn't find out. 

So please tell me if you know this. Thank you!
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The other CAD product you mentioned is a parametric history based program. Autodesk Inventor is also parametric. (Fusion is not.)


Parametric means that when you make changes to sketches, the features will follow these changes as the part is re-built after any edit. The weakness to this style of modeling is that it is easy create dependencies between features that can make editing difficult. A small change in one feature can effect many features that come after.


Fusion carries no history between sketches and features. The sketch is preserved so that you may edit it and re-model the 3D features. Another approach available in Fusion is to directly edit your sketched feature without having to edit the sketch. Commands like Tweak Face and Push-Pull can help.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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*PLEASE NOTE: The above post is from 2013. That was made prior to Fusion 360 having any parametric commands. In the past 7 years Fusion has gained not only parametric modeling capability but also:

  • Electronics Design
  • 2D drawings
  • Manufacturing (CAM) 
  • Generative design
  • Powerful simulation study types like electronics cooling
  • Collaborative Teams
  • And a few hundred other improvements. 

The best part is we're not done yet! Let us know what you'd like to see.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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