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What is important ?

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05-05-2012 06:48 AM



I am a student from Denmark, who is using Inventor 2012. Our problem at school, is that we all run out of memory after 10 sec. of video render in Inventor studio. Properly because it's some really crapy machines we have at school. So now i'm going to my buy a new computer for my final project. But what should I be looking for ? and which is more important ?


Is it the CPU? intel  i3, i5, i7 or AMD cuadcore ?

Or is it ram ?

Or is it onboard ram ?

Or something else ?


When i ask in computer stores, i get mixed answers, properly becuase they don't have a clue what they are talking about.


I can't have it all, so I will have to choose from which of the above is the MOST important factor when using inventor studio.


Thanx alot for any help

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Re: What is important ?

05-05-2012 07:19 AM in reply to: ah168304


Buy a workstation if you can for example DELL T3500 or HP z600 .

If thats to expansive you can go with i7, 4 to 8 Gb Ram and Quadro 1000 or some high end game card.

Search the forum here for more information.

Check this link also :



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Re: What is important ?

05-06-2012 03:15 AM in reply to: Dan.M

Hi Dan, thanx for your reply


6GB ram and 1GB ram on the graphic card is pretty much standart, so I can manage that.

But what you are telling me, is that the 7i cpu is important ? and that I can't go with an AMD cuadcore cpu or even a 5i og 3i ?



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Re: What is important ?

05-06-2012 03:28 AM in reply to: ah168304


You can pick another cpu if you would like, clock speed is important. I think i7 has higher clock speeds and is considered stronger then others cpu that you mentioned.You can check benchmark of cpu to see the diferences between them. Inv is using multiple cores when buildind drawing views and in stress analysis so take the strongest cpu you can buy.




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