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Texture mapping or merge surfaces

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Texture mapping or merge surfaces



I'm struggling a bit with an appearance on a Solid body in Inventor. I'd like to use a bump map and relief pattern (displacement), but since the body consists of several surfaces stitched together, the result is what's seen in the second screendump from Inventor. In Fushion and many other types of 3D software there are tools to manipulate how an appearance is projected or wrapped onto a body or face, but Inventor seems to just randomly throw the appearance onto  each and every surfaces of the body, with no alignement at all. What I need is a visual representation of a pattern on the part, that can be viewed in a shaded view in an inventor drawing, without having to model the pattern.  


Inventor seems to have no problem wrapping an appearance onto a complex surface, as long as it's one continous surface. (see the last screendump)


I know there's the"Adjust" tool, that could eventually help me manually align all faces one by one, but that wouldn't be very practical.   


I could also just do a quick rendering in Fushion, since it's texture mapping controlls offers the "down n' dirty" planar method. Then I could insert the image in my drawing for the part, but that way I'll loose the link. 


So, is what I'm seeing really what I get in terms of appearance editing and texture mapping i Inventor, or is there more options to be found somewhere. If that's not the case, is there instead a way to merge all the surface to one continous surface with no seams, which Inventor would then interpret correctly, and only apply the appearance once for the whole body.


Hope someone can help me out


Cheers -  Anders


ScreenDump_Fusion360.pngScreenDump_Inventor.pngScreenDump_Inventor_Test surface.png

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@akAMYTB not sure if this is going to help in your situation, but have you tried creating a Sketch on a tangent plane, Insert > Image, then use Decal?




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in reply to: akAMYTB



If you working with texture from appearance asset, then, Please switch the visual style to Realistic firstly which is important since Shaded view is not present the current texture state.



Regard to your texture editing, you have to set a proper value in texture editor, just edit the asset and click the texture image to invoke texture editor, hope it helps a little bit.





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in reply to: kelly.young

Thanks Kelly. I did try this, but apparantly the decal could not be wrapped on the right surface. It kept going on the backside of the geometry.

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in reply to: Xun.Zhang

Thanks Xun.. Got it working 🙂

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