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Modifying the part

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Modifying the part

I want to modify the part shown in image 1 to image 2. How to do this? I'm new to inventor. I have also attached the inventor file.



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I guess you need an assembly, with all the components.

So you have to design all the parts and mount them in a new assembly file, 


You can turn your .ipt into multi solid part, and finally, turn it into an assembly using "Make Components"  (each solid will be a future part). Not a very easy task for a begginer...


Also... i believe your part as a "funny" angles... do you have the 2D plan?

Your part is a very complicated, a couple of extrudes will do the job instead of dozens of ucs and lofts(why lofts?)



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dear @CCarreiras Actually I have no idea why it is so complex. I didn't create this part. This is a default abutment part in Infraworks, and I need to modify it for my needs, but it's appearing too much complex for a beginner.

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Well... save a copy.


Start from the top features editing the sketches to edit the part as you need...


...we don't know also what you need to change, so, it's useless to give more advices if we don't know what is the final goal.



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Hi! It should not be too hard. Simply change some of the Loft features (and more) to New Solid, instead of Join. For example, "AbutmentRightSide" feature as well as "AbutmentLeftSide" should be new solid bodies.

Many thanks!


Johnson Shiue (
Software Test Engineer
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I'm unable to do it. If I deleted the loft I cannot create a new loft as it doesn't pick up my sketches


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Hi! Please share your modified attempt here. I would like to understand why the New Solid body does not work.

Many thanks!


Johnson Shiue (
Software Test Engineer

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