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Inventor not importing Company iProperty correctly

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Inventor not importing Company iProperty correctly

Good afternoon,


When exporting an Inventor assembly as a .stp file, the "Company" iProperty correctly does as described here: 



When importing a .stp file, Inventor does not treat the 4th parameter of the FILE_NAME() line as the "Company" iProperty, and instead imports it as a custom property titled "Organization".


Desired Behaviour:

What goes out should be what comes in, no?

I'm looking at how to automatically populate the "Company" iProperty upon import of a .stp file. Currently, the desired "Company" information is present in the 4th parameter of the FILE_NAME().

ex.: FILE_NAME('name','time','author',COMPANY_PARAMETER_AS_EXPORTED_BY_INVENTOR,'','','')


Does anyone have a solution kicking around to automate this by chance?




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Hi Brandon,


On importing the STEP file, the Import dialog has a property mapping button. Click it to map the properties desirably. Have you tried that?

Many thanks!


Johnson Shiue (
Software Test Engineer
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Thank you Johnson!


For those who find this post wondering the same thing:

The "Property Mapping" button lets you map any custom properties that get imported to a standard property.


Because Inventor is importing the 4th parameter of FILE_NAME() as a custom property titled "Organization", mapping "Company" to "Organization" for STEP files is a modal solution (Property Mapping selections are saved).

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