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Inventor 2016 Student Version won't start after logo disappear

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Inventor 2016 Student Version won't start after logo disappear

Inventor Student Version 2016 won't start after logo disappear. There is no problem a few days ago when I do my homework, but when I get back to open it it won't start. I have restarted my computer. I have used Inventor 2016 without problem for 1 year.
Any suggestion?
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Try reinstalling and ensuring you have valid login etc, has you're accounts subscription or graduation date passed? Also if you want get 2018 as it will likely have less bugs

Is you system of the minimum spec?

Leo Warren
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Most likely (if this has been working up to a point) the issue is related to a corrupt Inventor/Windows profile I would suggest that you use the Inventor reset utility:

Mark Lancaster

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Still no luck. It still didn't load up after splash screen disappeared.
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Solved. Turned out I forgot to check Flexnet Licensing Service 64 in services tab in msconfig, since I uncheck all of nonmicrosoft service because I want to do system restore. Thanks for your reply anyway!

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