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Import from another CAD format with custom template

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Import from another CAD format with custom template

I have a question, if I have it configured incorrectly or is this how Inventor 2015 works?


I have my custom part (.ipt), sheet metal (.ipt), assembly (.iam) and drawing (.idw) templates. They all have ilogic rules and user parameters (iProperties). When I import, for example, from Step (most of the time) it doesn't take my assembly template, so I don't have my rules and the rest of the document parameters.


I have dewfinid the route for load my custom template


Is there any solution?



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I don't have Inventor 2015 (it's nine years out of date!), but I believe you can start a new assembly from the template of your choice, then File > Open > Import CAD Files.  Unfortunately, this does not allow you to specify the part templates used, but at least you're starting out with the assembly template you want.


However, if you instead import as a multi-body solid (part file) instead of an assembly you can use Make Components to create the individual parts and assemble them, and you can specify the templates used for each individual file.  Perhaps that will get the job done?


Hope this helps,

Sam B

Inventor Pro 2024.2 | Windows 11 Home 22H2

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in reply to: Moverano

Save your Templates with the name "Standard".

IV use Standard.ipt, iam, idw when it doesn't ask for Template file.

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in reply to: Moverano

It's solved¡


My fault is that I have my templates in another directory that is different from the predefined by Inventor

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