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Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

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02-10-2017 02:10 AM

A lovely Friday everyone!


It's time for the Valentine's edition, time to reveal what's in the box.

For those of you that re-visited the 3DS Max challenge i linked last week, i already posted my renders & animation there last Sunday.


Here are my images:




And this is the animation i submitted:


For today i also made a little bonus animation:

(rendered with the ART renderer in 3DS Max for a change.)

and you can find the model of the locket attached.



Enjoy Valentine on Tuesday and have a nice weekend!




P.S. There isn't a lot of competition yet on the 3DS Max challenge.

So if you used 3DS Max for a valentine render, join in and let the inventor users show those "Maxers" how to make a competition fun. Smiley Wink


P.P.S. If you have suggestions for a next themed edition, let me know.

Niels van der Veer
Inventor professional user & 3DS Max enthusiast
Vault professional user/manager
The Netherlands
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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-10-2017 03:07 AM in reply to: -niels-

Hi everyone,

Here's my attempt on the valentines picture theme. As I don't have allot of time on my hands lately I thought I wouldn't be able to make anything. But since I love the themed Friday pictures (Although I have to admit Valentine is not really my cup of tea) I thought this morning, I'll give it a go!Smiley Happy Nothing fancy but the best I could do in a mornings time!


Although I'm not really happy with the end result it is partially build and rendered in Max so I'll post it in the Max forum too @-niels-!


Have a great weekend all!





For the ones interested in what I did:

Modeled two heart shapes in Inventor and brought them into Max. Used the cloth modifier (what a awesome feature is that!) to make the heart shape in the sheet. Put two smaller models of the same heart on top of the sheet. Used the other heart shape to fit around the sheet and exported that into Realflow. Filled the model with fluid and gave it a higher viscosity to match chocolate. Calculated a melt of the chocolate and exported it back into Max. Gave everything some random material, rendered and voila!

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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-10-2017 07:10 AM in reply to: -niels-

I was inspired by @admaiora  - a very good demonstration of water surface rendering in Showcase:



So, I thought let’s try that in Inventor Studio.

Of course, I didn’t have the fbx mesh that was used there, so I had to do my own water surface mesh in Inventor.


I usually advise against using the ‘Self Illumination’ in material appearances used for normal rendering (of realistic Inventor models), but, on this occasion I've used that effect for creating this scene – after all, it’s for Valentine’s Day. A good excuse for an over-indulgence of reflections, refractions, colours and a bit of fantasy.


Valentine 1.jpg


And, if you wish to have a look at a short rendered Video clip on the same theme, click below to watch it on YouTube or A360:


Except for a few overlays (couple of kisses, adding text, some particles) and a sound track, all was done in Inventor Studio 2017.


Many thanks to Bud Schroeder and the developer Team, who have made great improvements recently to the way MP4 videos are shown/handled in the A360 Cloud - probably a better quality than that seen on YouTube, if you have a fast internet connection ;-)).


Have a good weekend and enjoy your Valentine's day!


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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-10-2017 08:29 AM in reply to: -niels-

Hi everyone,


Challenged by Frank (little time, and also not my theme) and Niels (very nice and beautiful animation. Love the pictures inside!), I decided this afternoon to go for it and make a valentine's picture today as well.

Just a simple setting. Box and heart designed in Inventor (much faster and easier), set-up and rendered in Max so I also will post it on the Max forum. Smiley Happy

The end result could be better but since it is called Friday pictures and not Sunday pictures it has to do for now.


Have a great weekend!!!








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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-10-2017 12:04 PM in reply to: -niels-


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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-10-2017 01:13 PM in reply to: Toms_Balodis


"I for one welcome our new draconian overlords."
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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-10-2017 04:45 PM in reply to: andrewdroth

But I love graphics cards




That's all Inventor, not Max.

Neil Cross

YouTube - TFI CAD Tips

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Re: Friday pictures 2-10-'17 - Valentine's edition

02-15-2017 06:33 AM in reply to: Neil_Cross

Valentine's Day wine for everybody!

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