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Disc cam with a modified sine probile

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04-28-2012 09:12 AM

I need to generate a disc cam with a modified sine profile but there is no motion function of that name in the Disc Cam Component Generator.  Does anyone knows how to generate a modified sine disc cam?

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Re: Disc cam with a modified sine probile

04-30-2012 12:43 PM in reply to: ARTUROCASTILLO5370

You can use Dynamic Simulation and the "Export trace to Sketch" functionality as the sweep path.


The basic workflow (for a cylindrical cam, but it should be very similar for a disc cam):


  1)  Create the cam (no groove cut) and follower assembly (with follower sketch profile)

  2)  In Dynamic Simulation allow or create the cylindrical joint

  3)  Use the imposed motion to create the desired movement using a sinusoidal equation

  4)  Add traces (one at the profile center, and one at the profile "corner" to be used as the sweep rail)

  5)  Export the trace to sketch and choose the cam part

  6)  Using the Exported traces (they will be 3D sketch splines) and the follower sketch profile, cut the cam groove


  The really beneficial part about incorperating DS is that you can run the simulation using a 3D contact to ensure there isn't any penetration or "chatter" between the cam groove and follower "lobe".  


  This is the best way I know how to model a cam groove in Inventor.  However, using a 2D profile to cut the 3D groove is not the same as using a 3D body to cut the groove.  It has it's limitations...


Hope this helps, -Hugh


Thanks, -Hugh



[Edit: couldn't squeeze in the final image as an attachment]

Hugh Henderson
Simulation QA Engineer
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