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Customer Feedback Broken!

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Customer Feedback Broken!

Since yesterday. When ever I close Inventor 2021.2 it does not close.

If I hover the mouse over the icon in the taskbar I see two Inventor windows

1) Autodesk Inventor Pro

2) Inventor Customer Feedback



It is not possible to bring the feedback form to the front and it is preventing Inventor from closing.

It is necessary to close the feedback form from the task bar before it is possible to close Inventor.


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in reply to: SEC_CAD

Hi! I suspect it might be due to system process or security measure blocking the Feedback dialog from sending in the feedback. Or, we have a bug here. If you restart Inventor, does it work better?

Many thanks!

Johnson Shiue (
Software Test Engineer
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We haven't heard about this problem before now. If you have time/interest to help with debugging this further, could you please check to see if you:

  • see any errors in a virus checker?
  • can confirm if you have any special web proxy configuration in place? Any erros there?

You can avoid this by unloading the FeedbackAddin from Tools, Addins.


Many Thanks,



Chris Mitchell
PDMS Customer Engagment Team
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: ChrisMitchell01

I have this problem too. Removing it from the addins fixed the problem. My computer is managed by IT and working with a proxy. Not sure how to check for errors. The feed back could be displaying off screen. I use 2 screens + laptop at work and then 1 screen + laptop at home and I find that sometimes pop up windows display in weird places where I can only close through the taskbar.

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in reply to: Cole64



Thank you everyone for reporting this issue. This is certainly new to us, we'd like to look into what's going on when the feedback dialog is hidden in the background, if anyone run into this issue can you please let us know

  1. If you're using multiple monitors
  2. If the feedback dialog dismiss by itself and Inventor close if you wait for 15+ seconds
  3. If you can help us diagnose the issue if we send you a patched dll which can help us get log info




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in reply to: FrodoZhou

Hi Frodo,

I can help and in response to your questions:

  1. Yes dual monitors above and laptop bottom middle.
  2. Inventor did close after 15 sec
  3. I will send you my email address.



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in reply to: SEC_CAD

I am glad that I posted this because the issue came back with 2022 install and I had forgotten how to resolve.

Thanks @ChrisMitchell01 for the note about addin removal.

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in reply to: SEC_CAD

Thanks for letting us know. We did implement a fix in Inventor 2022 but sounds there are still cases that fix does not cover. We have a way now to turn on a local logging (it is off by default) to collect more info so that we can diagnose the issue, please let me know if you'd like to help us on that.
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in reply to: SEC_CAD

Just an update. I had my PC reimaged last week and have installed and updated to Inventor 2022.1.1.

The problem has reoccurred but removing the add-in as @ChrisMitchell01 suggested did the trick.

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in reply to: SEC_CAD

I have installed 2024 and this issue is still occurring.  However, it is harder to determine that it is the feedback popup that is causing it as it does not show up when you hover over the Inventor Icon. After disabling Feedback in addins, shuts down immediately.

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