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Content Center R2011

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04-21-2012 08:53 AM

HELLLP...  We shot ourselves in the foot again, changing software from R2010 to R2011.  The install went ok, as it does, but I can't get the Content Center files to work.  I tried updating them per the instructions in the Help file, but I'm not getting the same screens they say I should get.  My Content center path in the Libraries folder of the project is red (see Content_Center_1.jpg), and when I ask Imbentor to configure it, , I get the screen in Content_Center_2, and the "update" button is grayed out.  We don't have Vault, don't want Vault, but I fear AutoDesk may have finally ported this thing to FORCE everyone to get it.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?  I'm using the same setup procedures I used when we shot ourselves in the foot in '09.

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Re: Content Center R2011

04-22-2012 12:14 AM in reply to: LonesomeJoe

Please excuse me if this is all codswallop but this is a once a year operation and I'm probably wrong.

This is all from memory and second hand as I didn't actually do it, our IT department did.

Although you don't use Vault, your content centre database is on the vault server where it used to be on ADMS.

I believe you need to migrate your content centre database to allow it to be accessed by the newer version.

So this needs to done through the Vault manager/ editor/ control centre, I can't remember what it's proper name is.

Save a backup of the old database to another location, because it's massive and you don't want to have to recreate that.

I think vault creates a new content centre database for each version.

There's probably better and correct information in the installation readme files on the memory stick or installation download.

Hope this helps.

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