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Can't loft surfaces, some open, some close. Can't figure out which ones and why.

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Can't loft surfaces, some open, some close. Can't figure out which ones and why.

Hello, thanks in advance who anyone who tries to help here, as it is a headache for me. I am trying to design but with so much curve I always find multiple problems. 

I got seven sections paralel to the base of the fin. I can loft by making a solid, but I was trying with surfaces and I got the next warning: "selected loft sections contain a mixture of open and closed profiles. Ensure that selected profiles are either all open, or all closed".

And I have seen that sections 1-4-7 work together, and 2-3-5-6 work together. But I can't find out what I have done differently and also, I do not know which profiles are open or closed as well.

Besides this, I would love to hear any suggestions on how the whole design is thought as I believe it a bit complex. 

Thanks you everyone who tries to help again. 

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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I just wanted to explain why I removed your email address.  For your own security, it is never a good idea to share personal contact information publicly in any forum.  Good luck with your Inventor question!  🙂

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Sometimes (most of times in complex geometry), you cannot do everything just in one tool.
You have to prepare/work the surfaces.
Also your sketches are not the best...

Check the file attached...






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Isso é para produção ou... just for fun?


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Thanks, I'll take a look into that. For now its just for fun, but open minded.

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You re a genious. I have always been trying lofting the wrong way. Using the profiles as sections instead of rails. Thank you very much. Great help!

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