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Steps for Setting-Up Student Software

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01-23-2017 02:22 PM

Hello I&L Community,


This post is meant to provide some information on how to set up Autodesk educational student software. This post will help you set up an account, prepare for download & installation, and discuss some common troubleshooting issues.


Steps for Setting-Up Student Software


  1. Determine if you are Eligible for Free Educational Licenses
  2. Sign-in or Create an account by visiting the website in the Sign-in drop down select “Education Community”


 3. On the left of the page click the “Get Free Software” link and select the Product you would like to install.

 Software Options.png


  1. Select the Product Version year, Operating System, and Language

 Generated info.png


  1. If a serial number and product key are displayed, take note of the information. A Serial Number & Product Key are generated and emailed to you as well (the same Serial # is used for product versions 2014-2017)
  2. Download & Install your software


Note: Products will be available for download from your Autodesk Account directly after a newly created account is completed. It may take 1-2 days for product to appear.



Downloading Software


Activation Process for “Install Now”


  1. After installing your software, launch the product
  2. Select the Serial Number & Product Key option, the product should automatically open, activate, and ready to use

Enter a Serial Number.png


  1. You will receive an automated email from Autodesk Educational Community (no need to use the information)


Activation Process for “Download Now” & “Browser Download”


  1. After installing your software, launch the product
  2. When the Let’s Get Started screen appears, select “Enter a Serial Number”

Enter a Serial Number.png

  1. Type your Serial Number & Product Key. This information will be listed on your download page, on your account, or in an email received from the educational community


 4. Click “Next to activate and a “Thank You for Activating” window will appear, Click “Finish”


Activation Issues/Tips


  1. Excessive installs/uninstalls and activations may stop automatic authorizations online. In cases like this, you may need an activation code to manually activate the software
  2. When you manually enter your Serial Number & Product Key, Type (do not copy & paste) your Serial Number & Product Key
  3. 2017 products uses an I for example, the product key for AutoCAD 2017 is 001I1



  Troubleshooting Download & Installation issues


  1. Download & Install Education Products
  2. Trouble Shooting Installation Issues
  3. Download using the Virtual Agent


Note: If you are encountering an issue requesting an activation code please Contact Activation & Registration

If you need assistance regarding your educational account please contact the Educational Support Team.


Natasha Laureiro

Community & Social Media Support Specialist

Helpful Links: Prepare your computer for download |  Autodesk Virtual Agent | Clean Uninstall 

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