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New Behavior for NVIDIA Tesla C2075 Boards

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09-12-2011 06:08 PM
This is a message for any users that might be using the new NVIDIA Tesla C2075 boards - most likely for GPU ray tracing with iray or V-Ray RT.

With the 275.89 driver on Win7, the C2075 is now placed in a non-graphics mode called "TCC". This mode frees up some memory and increases performance a bit. When in this mode, the C2075 is a pure CUDA "co-processor" and no longer a graphics device, so the Tesla will no longer appear in the NVIDIA Control Panel. But don't worry - 3ds Max will find and use it. If you really want to confirmation that it's operating correctly, check the Windows Device manager, where it will appear under Display Adapters.

Now, to turn your Tesla's ECC setting OFF (which is highly recommended to get maximum ray tracing performance) you need to use the command line. Go to where your nvidia-smi.exe file is located (by default: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI) and type this in your CMD Window:
nvidia-smi.exe -e 0

This will set all of your GPUs to ECC OFF.

Your ECC change will take effect after your next reboot.

Happy ray tracing!

- Phil
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