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Maya Indie - questions about commercial usage

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Maya Indie - questions about commercial usage



I recently bought a Maya Indie Licence, for using in my spare time/freelance. I have some questions regarding what you can and cannot do with the Indie version of Maya, that I did not find answers for on the indie website. Apologies if these questions seem dumb, I do not have a lot of experience with commercial use of software licences.


  1. If I produce something for a project not currently worth over 100.000$, (say a movie) but it rises above that in value later on, does that mean I have to upgrade my indie licence to the full commercial version, even if I do not longer actively work on said project?
  2. I am considering joining an indie-game project late next year. The producer will apply for funding, but does not currently know how much the project might get. As such, I am wondering:
    1. If the project does not receive funding of over 100.000 usd, will I be able to work on it using Maya Indie? If so, am I the only member of the team allowed to do so (as per one licence per user or organization), or can multiple team members use their own indie licences to work on the game, as long as we each make less than 100k annually, and the project's budget stays below 100k?
    2. If the project receives funding of over 100.000 usd, and I work for-hire until the project is completed, will I still be able to use my Maya Indie licence for personal use or other projects? Assuming in this case that I use other software or another maya licence during my work on the game.

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Everything you mentioned sounds like it's going to be worth more than $100.00 US and cause you an issue. 


When in doubt, it's best to have the license properly vs risking it later.

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Mike Davis


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Really? The project I can understand might be tricky to define exactly, And I can imagine having multiple personal Indie licences used in the same group or legal entity might not be allowed.

But even for projects that just might rise in value later, despite not actively being worked on? And if my own annual income remains below the limit, my licence can't be used in my spare time for other personal projects, despite me not even using the licence in my workplace? Are you sure?

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