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Lisps from server not loading?

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09-28-2000 02:02 AM
Loading lisp files won't work straight from our fileserver. I've changed the
support path to: "\\FS1\_toepassingen\CAD2000\macros" but when loading the
lisp command from the autocad menu like: "[Flatpipe]^C^C(load
"flatpipe");^C^Cflatpipe;" i got a the following:

Command: (load "flatpipe")
; error: bad argument type: stringp nil

Also when drag and drop the file from Explorer I also get the following

Command: (LOAD "file://FS1/_toepassing/CAD2000 John/macros/layers.lsp") ;
error: bad
argument type: stringp nil

This is with all my lisp files now that they are moved to the server. Funny
thing is that our script files are still working. Can anyone tell me how i
can make things work again


ps. sorry for crossposting.
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