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Inventor 2020 PRO cannot start

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Inventor 2020 PRO cannot start

Hello every one!


I have been using Inventor since the version 2015 and this never happened to me before. The problem is when I start the program, the loading screen appears like in the picture and when the loading bar gets to 50%, the loading screen disappears and nothing happens.

I reinstalled my WIN 10 64 bit a few days ago and installed the Inventor 2020 Pro again and everything worked fine for 3-4 days and now the same problem happens. The WIN 10 is official. I tried to repair the program, I tried updating it, I used Inventor Reset Utility, I looked into the Task Manager to see whether Inventor is working in the background, but nothing helped. I doubt that the solution is to reinstall my Inventor every couple days.


Has anyone had a similar problem? Please help if you can.


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in reply to: procenitelj

Hi! This could be licensing related. Please follow the instruction below to update the 2020 product line licensing service.


Many thanks!

Johnson Shiue (
Software Test Engineer
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in reply to: johnsonshiue

Thank you for the reply. I have reinstalled WIN 10 again because I was really in a hurry. I have installed again Inventor 2020 and I followed your advice and updated the software. If the software continues to work good after few days, I will accept your solution as a sound one.

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