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Installation problems. File corruption.

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02-08-2014 11:08 AM

Hello, I am trying to install 3ds max 2011 version with a student license. It dowloaded sucessfully, but as I went further with my installation it stopped and I was asked to get some sort of a "next volume" and to insert a disk with that volume. As I have no idea what it is, i simply canceled and tried to dowload again, but faced the same problem. After I cancel my installation I am also informed that "some installation files are corrupt". Any idea why is that? Is it me doing something wrong with my dowload or installation, or maybe there is something wrong with the files? I'd appreciate the help.

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Re: Installation problems. File corruption.

02-13-2014 10:58 AM in reply to: laubal3

Uninstall the software and re-download  it using our Virtual Agent (#3) here:


Rename C:\Autodesk to C:\Autodesk2


David Lau
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Re: Installation problems. File corruption.

02-13-2014 12:55 PM in reply to: laubal3

Thank you so much, it helped with the problem. Though now I have another one. When trying to registrate and activate 3ds max 2011 with a students licence, I am told that my serial number in not valid. I have checked it numerous times in both the e-mail I recieved when trying to download and in my account -> product information at The given serial maches the one I typed for my registration/activation, but it says that it is not a valid serial. I tried to do so through both the Autodesk Licesing -Activating window (says it is error 1), which I got after installation and in the page (says it is error 2). What can I do about it this?

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