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Genuine Service - How to uninstall it? (I moved to a different machine)

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Genuine Service - How to uninstall it? (I moved to a different machine)

HOW TO UNINSTALL The ADSK Genuine Service ?

• I moved 3dsMax to a new computer.
• 3dsMax is no longer installed on that previously used computer.

• I want to remove the Genuine Service from the previously used system.

To whoever or whomever saves the say here.. I PRE-THANK YOU
IMO:  The "ADSK Genuine Service" should be smart enough to allow uninstall of itself when there's no longer any ADSK programs on the system.

117 REPLIES 117
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in reply to: EricsUsername

What year version is your 3DSMAX?
What is the OS of the new computer?
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in reply to: pendean

Hi pendean,
I think you need to re-read.


The PREVIOUS system had: (the prvious system is the issue... it's very plain if you read and not assume.)
• 3dsMax 2020 initially, then later 2021.
• The system has Win10Pro for Workstations


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in reply to: EricsUsername

Hello @EricsUsername


I understand that you would like to completely remove Autodesk Genuine Service on a computer that no longer has Autodesk products installed. 


This service is designed to uninstall automatically once it has detected that no Autodesk products are installed. It can take up to 2 weeks for the service to detect that no Autodesk software is installed on a device. 


Autodesk Genuine Service FAQ 

"The Autodesk Genuine Service is designed to remain in place as long as Autodesk products are detected on a device. Once Autodesk products are no longer detected, the service will be disabled automatically."


Please "Accept Solution" if a reply or replies have helped resolve the issue or answered your question, to help others in the community.

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in reply to: natasha.l

Thank you @natasha.l 

I'll happily wait for it to remove itself.

A shame that the info is basically hidden from searches and google.

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in reply to: natasha.l

If I no longer want it on my computer, why should I have to wait up to 2 weeks?  I have never heard of any software, other than malware, that behaves this way.

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in reply to: natasha.l

This is unacceptable. I wait and it's *disabled* after two weeks?


and if I have other AutoDesk software, I have no choice about this being installed on my system until I remove every piece of AutoDesk software, whether it uses this or not? This is a bug, and it is very nearly malware. Last I checked, Autodesk is not issuing me a computer to run this on. I am purchasing, at significant cost, software. If I wish to uninstall it when i uninstall other software (a common occurrence for me since I have to test installers), then I need it all to be removable *now*, not "when AutoDesk feels like allowing me to."

How is this acceptable?

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in reply to: natasha.l


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in reply to: koopa_styles

While I'm sure in the small print Autodesk has the right to do this, it goes against instructions for a "clean" install of the software. I'm trying to do a removal of all Civil 3D 2018 files on a laptop so I can do a clean install and cannot get the Genuine Service to uninstall. This is a big problem.

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in reply to: hillaryg


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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks so much, it worked for me with Windows 10 Home v. 20H2 OSbuild 19042.630

I just spent like 30 minutes trying to uninstall the litany of unorganized Autodesk crap apps (because they were broken upon installation, now I have to download them all again!!), they really like to discombobulate it so you don't uninstall and pay that juicy license fee. Really worth the 2 fricking grand. Just use Blender or TCAD or something else if you have the option, they should be taken down for monopoly.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Removing the folders worked for me. I just deleted them rather than the specific files. I was trying to load a model that I did from way back in 2011, but with the new renderer and such, it would take me too long to convert everything over. I'll just reinstall my copy of 2011 and use the old mental ray renderer. Might be way outdated now, but it'll do what I want it to do.


And to Autodesk, why? If I want to uninstall ALL the files, I should be able to do that! That is intrusive and unethical! I don't care if it's in the license agreement, this is MY PC, not yours!

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in reply to: EricsUsername

For the foreseeable future, I will not be using any Autodesk products as a result of this. The only thing this does is punish customers who are actually paying for their licenses and in this instance forced the waste of valuable time looking into how to remove something from a machine that no longer has any Autodesk products on it. It's simply unacceptable.

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in reply to: EricsUsername

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\AdskLicensing

you can find uninstall application at this path.

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in reply to: EricsUsername

Use the Microsoft Troubleshooter, after choosing "Uninstalling" it will show a list of all programs on your system, select the one you want to remove, next, and wait for the troubleshooter to complete.

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just deldt all autodesk content from PC and it will goAWAY,....AUTODESK HAS ALWAYS SUCKED AND ALWAYS WILL.

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in reply to: natasha.l

You claim that the service was designed to uninstall, once no Autodesk products were detected, anymore.


You source does only claim that the service will be disabled. - That is, of course, a huge difference to actual uninstallation.


Which is it, then?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Yes, thank you, this is the solution. Exit autodesk.

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in reply to: Anonymous

It works 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply! I did as you said and the program was deleted.

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