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Can´t activate AutoCAD LT 2009 on new computer with Windows 10

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Can´t activate AutoCAD LT 2009 on new computer with Windows 10



I have a "box" licence of AutoCAD LT 2009. I know, that this is obsolete version, but for me and my work  is enough. I need use it at my new computer, which have Windows 10. 


After installation and run, I was try activate it over Internet, but error message was appear:


Serial or version number issue

You cannot activate this product due to an issue with the serial number or the product version. Product activation is available for all current versions of Autodesk software plus previous versions listed on the Previous Version Eligible Product List.

If you are using a supported version, please verify your serial number again. See Top Five Reasons You May Receive a Serial Number Error During Activation.


Then I was try generate activation code by offline system, but nothing helped me. 


Why I can´t activate and use my software, which I was buy ?  I am not talking about run and compatibility, but about activation.


And second question is: Is possible run this obsolete sw under Virtual Box or other virtualised PC with operating system XP (aka XP mode from Windows 7). Will be possible activate it there ? 


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You need to be asking this question over here, but 2009 versions where not created with Windows 10 and many people are finding that it simply will not work on the newer OS, this is one of the reasons Autodesk will no longer issue activation codes for versions 2010 and older, they simply don't work. Keep your old computer and run your old 2009 version until the computer dies, but when your old computer dies, so does your old version.

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Adding to what @steven-g  about Autodesk is no longer activating 2010 and earlier version.  As of Aug 31 2019 this rule went in to place.  So it doesn't matter where you install your version.  It will not be activated at more.

Mark Lancaster

  &  Autodesk Services MarketPlace Provider

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