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AutoCAD LT 2017 won't load on new iMac

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03-20-2017 06:02 PM

My iMac with AutoCAD LT 2017 loaded on it died last week. The motherboard and hard drive were both not repairable, so I bought a new iMac. All my data was backed up on Time Capsule, so I migrated everything onto the new iMac. The AutoCAD program shows in the applications folder but doesn't load. This error message appears:


AutoCAD LT Alert

Folders on your computer that AutoCAD needs access to are not available. AutoCAD cannot run untiil the folder permission issues are resolved.


I've opened the License Transfer Utility, but that doesn't solve the issue. I did a chat with AutoCAD tech support, but the person was unable to help me. She promised that someone else would email me about the issue, but no response in several hours.


Do I just need to download and reinstall the program? If I do that, will the original serial number and product key activate the program? My subscription runs until 2019, so I now that's not the problem.


Thanks for any advice,


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RE: AutoCAD LT 2017 won't load on new iMac

03-20-2017 06:03 PM in reply to: adamsjay
Hello adamsjay

If you’re having trouble with the activation email, please note that sometimes the email can be accidentally routed to your spam or junk folder. Please check there.

Also, please note that you should be able to access your download and activation information by logging into Autodesk Accounts.

If you cannot access software in your account and need to download it now, please go to the Virtual Agent.

If none of those items helped, please submit a support request as follows: 

Students should request to have the confirmation email resent via this form.

If you are having trouble with your Autodesk Account or an eStore purchase, please visit our order support page where you will be able to chat with a representative or submit a support request.

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2017 won't load on new iMac

03-20-2017 06:23 PM in reply to: adamsjay



I'm not a MAC user/expert but from this posting it looks like you have to uninstall and reinstall the product to resolve this issue.

 Mark Lancaster

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2017 won't load on new iMac

03-21-2017 09:06 AM in reply to: Mark.Lancaster

If I reinstall the product, will my current serial number and product key work?

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2017 won't load on new iMac

03-21-2017 09:29 AM in reply to: adamsjay

I just uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. I attempted to register the new program with the old serial number and product key, but this was not accepted. How do I get a proper code to activate the new program?

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Re: AutoCAD LT 2017 won't load on new iMac

03-21-2017 10:56 AM in reply to: adamsjay
Have you tried this method

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