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Application Manager 5.0 updates + general update management query

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Application Manager 5.0 updates + general update management query



(Part 1)


I have been charged with implementing Application Manager in our environment, for better or worse it is considered to be the best way to ensure that the 7 major Autodesk products installed in various configuratoins on our 200+ machines up to date. As such I have been performing tests using a pair of virtual machines running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 on a Windows 8.1 host. Both machines have been running Application Manager


This morning I attempted to resume my testing but received the following message from both machines, stating that the version had been retired.




There doesn't seem to be a way to check for an upgrade manually. Previously Application manager has automatically upgraded, for example from version 3, with no issues.


Surprised, I installed Application Manager 4 on my Windows 8.1 machine. Once started, it prompts for an update and seems to do it successfully (I have no autodesk products on my machine). I have since tested on several other Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 machines with the same results, the Windows 7 machines never prompt for updates. Other than the IT machines which run Windows 8 solely for compatibility with Windows 2012 R2 servers, all machines run Windows 7 and will require updates in the future.


Fortunately Application Manager is not rolled out yet or we might have a mess on our hands!


I'm also concerned that the update appears to have been released without the release notes being added to the Help section, or a download for the new version being available (I can only find a download for version 3!). I can't update these machines and get on with testing Application Manager now.


(Part 2)


Regarding the general method of ditributing updates to machines, I have been managing updates via the Autodesk Account portal. This has an option to 'ignore' updates, which I believed would stop an update from being available to machines. This doesn't seem to be the case.


Could someone please explain the function of the 'ignore' button in the portal, or should I just ignore the ignore button and manage distribution of updates using access control?




Many thanks



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in reply to: matttester

Hi @matttester and welcome to the Autodesk Community!


We are aware of this issue and the Application Manager is working on it.


We'll keep you posted via this topic as soon as we have more info.

Camilo Lemos

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I have the same issue, app mgr saying its outdated and will not update automatically.


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There is a second thread going about this I have been posting in, with help I found a direct link for to download and update manually.



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Thanks Matt, thats exactly what I was looking for all morning.



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in reply to: robert_szykowski


Did the update work for you? I have the same issue this morning. Let me know if this is a fix.


Camelo. Will there be some kind of a notification from Autodesk confirming how they want users to go about fixxing this issue?

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in reply to: Anonymous

Yes, installed no issues.

Earlier this morning I found, what turned out to be an older version. That did not installed, saying that it is older than whats already installed. But the download, from the link, from Matt worked like a charm.

Good luck Camelo!


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in reply to: robert_szykowski

you can also get the update from your media

its also in the same location for 2016 media

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in reply to: matttester

so very glad I found this thread. Been going nuts for the last 30 minutes with this very issue. worked yesterday on installs and today it is broken. At least I know I did not break it.


after the morning we have had here today with the network this almost drove me to drink more Mt. Dew than i should.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi, Plz try to uninstall App manager manually (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\AppManager\R1\removeAdAppMgr) and install new version
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in reply to: robert_szykowski

Thanks Rob, Camelo and everyone. The download and install works.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Autodesk just pushed through the update via the Application Manager, and it updates itself now. At least, it worked in my case without the clean uninstall/reinstall.

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in reply to: matttester

very glad that Autodesk got this fixed it seems. Makes the start of the day much nicer. thank you folks that also had answers to this issue

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in reply to: Anonymous

Good morning ...

In my case, the problem is still present ...

I uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing, as usual

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in reply to: Anonymous

Good Morning. I had the same issue after uninstall / reinstall but once I restarted my system the new install finished and the application manger functions as desired
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in reply to: matttester

Thanks for the link... it fix my issue also...


I got error message since the latest Autocad update.

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in reply to: camilo.lemos

Hi, I have this problem with my autocad.


I got this message:


Autodesk Application Manager

Unable to run Application Manager, It appears Autodesk Application Manager Service is not available. Please close all other instances and retry.


The program opens but doesn't perfrom any function at all. It doesnt even close. The only way that it works is if I restart the computer. 

Please can anyone help me with this problem? I will appreciate it.



I attach my screen messages. 


thank you!


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in reply to: Anonymous



Check this link.


Let us know if this came too late to help or if it works for you.


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