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Installation & Licensing

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3ds max

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04-21-2017 03:52 AM
Hello ! I tried to install the version 3d s max 2015 free from the student packet and shows me before the installation the message 'the file does n't exist .exe.' what is the problem ? Thank you
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Re: 3ds max

04-21-2017 06:04 AM in reply to: RIA3



Welcome to the community.


Download and install per:

1a. Pre-2018 Version: Access the Autodesk Virtual Agent and follow the download links to your product.


1b. 2018 Version: See this posting


2. Download all of the parts (some applications only have a single part to download) for your product first. Do not continue until all of the parts have fully downloaded.
3. Navigate to your download folder location and extract (double click) part _001_00X.sfx.exe (or the single file download).
4. In a few seconds the extraction will start and prompt you to extract to C:\Autodesk.
5. Once the extraction is finished, the installation will automatically start.
6. Follow the installation steps for your product

However if the installation does fail using this method, please post your installation log file here so we can review it.  Posting info: Sometimes installation log files contain personal information such as your serial #.  Prior to posting your log file please make sure to remove such info.



Good luck on your installation and report back on your progress.

 Mark Lancaster

  , Certified Professional in Autodesk Inventor 2014/2015/Exam & AutoCAD 2014 and not an Autodesk Employee

 Installation | Autodesk Virtual Agent | Autodesk Register Once | Activation/Chat | Microsoft FixitDesktop Sub-Grant User Access | Error 1603 | Autodesk Med Resolu LibrayInventor Reset | Screencast

 Kudos is much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others

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Re: 3ds max

04-23-2017 06:00 AM in reply to: RIA3

hello ! I follow all these steps and after the extraction was finished , the installation didn't start posting the message ''Extraction is complete. Installation could not be started. Please launch the installer manually. '' I  was pasted the links down . Thank you 

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