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3ds max 2017 crashes my computer

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3ds max 2017 crashes my computer

Ever since i downlaoded 3ds max 2017 my computer has been shut down for no reason. It just turns off any time i use it. It started after i downlaoded the program and i cant uninstall because it just turns off before it can.

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What computer troubleshooting have you done if any?

this sounds more like a computer hardware problem to me

start testing your hardware and see if there are any problems

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My 3ds Max 2017 also crashes/freeze my PC as well.  It does it randomly.  I've had it crash when I tried to unhide a layer, I've had it crash when I tried to select a mesh, I've had it crash when I tried to rotate in the scene, etc.  This has happened before and after I installed the latest service pack.  And all the crashes result in locking up my PC, which forces me to reboot.

I've been liking the new features in 2017, but it looks like I'm going to have to go back to version 2016 for now, because it's gotten out of hand how many times 2017 crashes my machine.  At least version 2016 is stable and has never locked up my PC.  In the past, when version 2016 crashes, it only crashes the software and not the whole PC.


My Specs:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Intel Core i7 CPU 2.67 GHz

24.0 GB RAM

AMD Radeon HD 5700

AMD Catalyst Sofware Suite 15.201.1151.1008-151104a-296217E (Latest Version and was installed months before I upgraded to 3ds Max 2017)

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in reply to: Anonymous

I'm having the exact same behavior. Repeated, frequent crashes and freezes, usually when doing modeling operations. I had to revert to 2016 today after a month of trying to migrate to 2017.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Same here, random crashes the freezes the whole system and requires a cold restart,

service pack 2 and max 2017 trial installation, waiting for autodesk licence, nevertheless the trial should function the same way a licenced version.

Can we expect a patch from autodesk to fix this very troublesome issue?



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Welcome to the community...


Yes a trial version should work the same as a licensed version..  


"random crashes the freezes the whole system and requires a cold restart,"   When it crashes are you getting any messages?


Just because you say there's a problem here or another user has an issue, doesn't mean Autodesk knows about it and will issue a service pack for it.  Although Autodesk does monitor these forums doesn't mean they will ever see this posting.     Have you tried the 3DS Max forum and ask the actually users if they have experienced this.  People have to log support cases with Autodesk regarding issues like this.  Granted your support is limited because you are testing the product out (trial mode) but I fully understand that you want a working product before you purchase (rent) it.

Mark Lancaster

  &  Autodesk Services MarketPlace Provider

Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional & not an Autodesk Employee

Likes is much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others

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The Radeon card is not suitable for Max, FYI.  Most Max crashes are a result of a video card that can't handle the software.  The Radeon card is designed for video games rather than 3D Modeling.  You might consider a certified card for 3DS Max. 

Good Luck!

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same here ! it is very annoying !


Evrything seems to work and it freeze my all computer

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Hello @Anonymous,


Recently customers are experiencing issues with the Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Updates | Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 it will crash Autodesk software due to incompatible .NET Framework installed. Check to see if you have any of the listed updates within the post installed. If you do then follow the steps in the post to removing .NET Framework & installing the proper .NET. 


Let us know how this turns out. Smiley Happy



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