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Please update Insight Lighting Analysis

Please update Insight Lighting Analysis

Is there going to be an update for the Insight Lighting analysis regarding LEED v4.1? 4.1 has different standards for credit points than V4 where the benchmark has changed by adding an addition level for credits. Furthermore, it would be nice if the user could define the metric set-points, i.e. 45% instead of 55%. Also, if we could add or subtract rooms/spaces from the simulation before we run the analysis. In general the Insight Lighting Analysis interface, set-up, and simulation settings need a major face-lift. Is there a timeline for this, like at all? It's upsetting to see another program in the Insight tree emerging for beta testing when the Lighting Analysis side of insight needs so much work. Although this could just be me and having the freedom to bend lighting analysis to my needs by using Radiance directly, but, the Revit Insight Lighting analysis just seems to have been forgotten. 

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