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Addding more options for HVAC systems

Addding more options for HVAC systems

I would like to be able to get a bit more specific on my HVAC systems, such as a ground source heat pump or chilled beam system. At least the ability to add one and edit specific parameters.


It'd be great to select which HVAC system is being used for the ASHRAE baseline energy model (using the 90.1 appendix G).


Recently, found a discrepancy between Insight and Train Trace 700... both got the same "As-Designed" EUI of 41.4 and 41.5, but their ASHRAE baseline models were 79.2 EUI and 58.2 EUI respectively.  Found out that Insight is using a VAV system for the baseline model instead of the Roof-top Heat Pump system that 90.1 G requires, just because the building type is Office.  It'd be great to adjust which system the ASHRAE model uses.  


(Also YES to the being able to set a custom HVAC system in Revit's energy settings... or even just being able to select a Ground source heat pump)


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