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ACCA Manual J and Manual D Design Integration

ACCA Manual J and Manual D Design Integration

It would be immensely beneficial if Auyodesk would include residential Manual J and D standards that comply to ACCA. This would eliminate the need to retrace my drawings in wrightsoft. It would allow us to perform residential heating and cooling load calculations that comply to standards that we rely on in the "real" world compared to design load calculations that are for rough calculations and design driven. Autodesk needs to take it to the next step and accommodate not just commercial ashrae standards but ACCA standards as well. Some good products to look at for research and development are Wrightsoft and LoopCAD! Thank you!!!


This is a list of approved software. I would love to see Revit and Insight 360 on this list. As I'm sure other contractors would.


A good reference is Wrightsoft.

Great suggestion.  ACCA J and D are primarily residential standards and there are severeal options for users to export the geometry information into third party tools for these calculations.  Currently Insight 360 provides design load calculations for the early design decision making.  Since Autodesk tools are used worldwide, the development team is looking at options for supporting generic standards.  Thank you for the suggestion.


Thanks Krishnan,


I'd be interested in some of these options you think are available. Unfortunately for ACCA and Manual D calculations one of the flagship tools is Wrightsoft, and it does not support 3D geometry. I appreciate you seeing the suggestion valuable. Design load calculations become nearly meaningless when it comes down to accurate duct sizing and heat loads on buildings. It would be nice not to have to waste time generating design oriented calculations, and to have more practical ACCA approved, and ASHRAE 90.1 approved calculations. I mean if we're spending time prepping the model once for these calculations wouldn't it make sense not to have to run it separately in some other tool a second or third time?


Not applicable

This option seems like a logical progression.  It is inefficient and redundant to use another piece of software to achieve code compliance using ACCA manual J & D.  Looks like manual D compliance would require little more than ACCA certifying Revit as approved software. 


What software can Revit geometry be exported to?


I would appreciate Autodesk giving this serious consideration and following up with information.

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