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All the content from our InfraTips blog posts have been moved to the Infraworks forum. The blog is now closed and will be archived in February 2018.


Thank you for viewing and engaging with the content we've shared here over the years. See you on the forums!


Please see below for a listing of all the blog posts on InfraTips:


Articles Author Publish Date
Bridge Design: Save your bridge as a template!! austin.jephson 2/3/2017
Bridge Design: Apply to... Next Selection austin.jephson 2/3/2017
Can't select design group for your Model Builder model (InfraWorks 360 2017.3)? elliott.rosenfeld 1/13/2017
How to edit depth values in component roads pedro.soethe 10/24/2016
Add a locally-stored image to a feature tooltip and adjust sizing elliott.rosenfeld 10/21/2016
How to determine earthworks quantities in roads pedro.soethe 10/11/2016
Bridge Design: Component Transparency Toggle austin.jephson 10/6/2016
How to make a Seamless Tiling Texture in Photoshop austin.jephson 10/4/2016
How to assign materials for roadside grading pedro.soethe 9/22/2016
Curb and Gutter facing the wrong way? elliott.rosenfeld 9/19/2016
How to Make a Chain Link Fence Eric_Chappell 9/16/2016
How to get contours in InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 9/15/2016
Sometimes the only thing you need is one more point. pedro.soethe 8/17/2016
Use the CTRL Key when Working in Tight Quarters Eric_Chappell 8/11/2016
Use Design Road Tools to Tame an Unruly Overpass Eric_Chappell 8/11/2016
Very Fast Way to Duplicate objects in InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 7/20/2016
How to add an animated 3D object into Infraworks 360 fongc 7/13/2016
Use a Raster Overlay to Create a Crosswalk Eric_Chappell 6/22/2016
Add Bing Maps Raster Imagery to your project Willy_Campbell 6/20/2016
Increase the resolution of your Model Builder imagery Willy_Campbell 6/20/2016
Inserting a ditch in the median of a highway pedro.soethe 6/17/2016
Road Decorations: Use Tilting to follow the vertical changes Willy_Campbell 6/10/2016
Embed webviews of your InfraWorks 360 model in a webpage elliott.rosenfeld 6/7/2016
Remove previous versions before updating to InfraWorks 360 2017 Willy_Campbell 5/13/2016
Compatibility between InfraWorks 360 and AutoCAD Civil 3D for 2016 and 2017 elliott.rosenfeld 4/28/2016
Change viewport elevation using this script elliott.rosenfeld 4/21/2016
How can I use InfraWorks 360 without an internet connection? elliott.rosenfeld 4/20/2016
Simple alignment style dave_lawrence 4/19/2016
View Feature Metadata in Data Table and Export to CSV elliott.rosenfeld 4/13/2016
Report Lat/Long/Elevation for a POI with a simple script elliott.rosenfeld 3/31/2016
Public viewing of Models in Web Browsers on PC & Mobiles markus.briglmeir 3/18/2016
How to add a Component for your entire Component Road pedro.soethe 3/16/2016
Drape image overlays on terrain for easy site planning, terrain detail, and more elliott.rosenfeld 2/26/2016
Create custom feature theme value ranges elliott.rosenfeld 2/26/2016
Add Google Maps to Any Feature and Use it Inside of InfraWorks 360 elliott.rosenfeld 2/26/2016
Add Google Streetview to any Feature and Use it Inside InfraWorks 360 elliott.rosenfeld 2/26/2016
Note Surface Grid conversion when import Civil 3D Surface Data Willy_Campbell 2/26/2016
Convert Multiple Sketch Roads to Design Roads Willy_Campbell 2/26/2016
Combining/Copying Data Between InfraWorks Projects Willy_Campbell 2/26/2016
InfraWorks 360 web viewing for entire Cities markus.briglmeir 2/25/2016
Sort, Search & Find Your Models markus.briglmeir 2/25/2016
When is rendering completed for viewing my model in a browser? markus.briglmeir 2/23/2016
How to I access the Web Administrator to start model rendering for web viewing? markus.briglmeir 2/23/2016
How to view vertical curve in horizontal geometry view through profile view pedro.soethe 2/23/2016
How to get a perfect zoom in profile view pedro.soethe 2/23/2016
How to get a local copy of a cloud model sara.makarenko 2/22/2016
Share Custom Component Assemblies between all Projects and Users Willy_Campbell 2/22/2016
Storyboard from Design Road: Control Horiz and Vertical Offset! Willy_Campbell 2/22/2016
How to open Profile View from your design road. pedro.soethe 2/22/2016
Render Models for Viewing in Browsers markus.briglmeir 2/19/2016
How to find the K Value and others Vertical Curve properties in InfraWorks 360. pedro.soethe 2/18/2016
Can I manually edit the cloud model cache? sara.makarenko 2/17/2016
My models are filling up my C: drive. How do I move the cloud model cache? sara.makarenko 2/17/2016
Tame that Raging River! Willy_Campbell 2/12/2016
Create cloud models from scratch sara.makarenko 2/11/2016
Why can't I upgrade and open cloud models? sara.makarenko 2/11/2016
Upgrading Local Models sara.makarenko 2/11/2016
Why can't I get rid of a model that I've deleted from the cloud? sara.makarenko 2/11/2016
What happened to my local cloud-connected model when I upgraded? sara.makarenko 2/10/2016
Upgrading Cloud Models sara.makarenko 2/10/2016
Automatic Zoom to Selection or Selection Set elliott.rosenfeld 2/2/2016
The Magic of Using Feature Themes elliott.rosenfeld 1/21/2016
Dive into your 3D Model with an Oculus Rift markus.briglmeir 1/15/2016
Export 3D content to FBX, DAE, OBJ files markus.briglmeir 1/15/2016
Adjust Lane Transition Length in Sketch Roads Willy_Campbell 1/12/2016
Set your viewpoint to a specific geo location elliott.rosenfeld 1/9/2016
Create Floating 3D Text for your InfraWorks 360 models, using Photoshop CC elliott.rosenfeld 1/5/2016
Disappearing Islands? Don't let them sink when Redefining Water Areas! Willy_Campbell 12/23/2015
Improve performance and display speed in your models elliott.rosenfeld 12/10/2015
Did you know that you could transform a highway project into a video game? pedro.soethe 12/10/2015
How create a fast drainage network pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
One little tip about Terrain Statistics pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
How to share your road style with others users pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
Change the lane marking directions to change the flow of your traffic analysis pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
How to change the colour of lane marking. pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
How to create a new zone in Traffic Simulation pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
Drag and Drop files directly into the model at any time! Willy_Campbell 11/27/2015
Use Civil 3D and Navisworks to process imported files locally. Willy_Campbell 11/27/2015
Newly created Model Builder project shows an error! Willy_Campbell 11/27/2015
Having trouble loading your 3D model in InfraWorks? Willy_Campbell 11/27/2015
Two very simple tips about inserting values. pedro.soethe 11/27/2015
InfraWorks 360 web viewing: flexibility in 3D navigation and detail by LMV markus.briglmeir 11/26/2015
Design Land Areas is very easy and fast with InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 11/26/2015
How to solve Level of Detail issues pedro.soethe 11/25/2015
Some tips about curves and spirals. pedro.soethe 11/23/2015
Add a transparent background to a feature tooltip elliott.rosenfeld 11/23/2015
Imported Models - What you see is what you get! Willy_Campbell 11/20/2015
Importing Civil 3D data - DWG or IMX? Willy_Campbell 11/20/2015
Filter that mess! Willy_Campbell 11/18/2015
Geometry Editing Disabled...but why?!? Willy_Campbell 11/18/2015
Learn how to change your boring thumbnail to a cool one. pedro.soethe 11/16/2015
Material to Engineering Properties matt.anderson 11/13/2015
Converting 3ds Max Materials so that material textures work in InfraWorks 360 dave.tyner 11/13/2015
Where the heck is that point of interest (POI) located in my model? markus.briglmeir 11/13/2015
Do you wanna see how your InfraWorks 360 model looks like with Sepia effect? pedro.soethe 11/11/2015
How to start the InfraWorks 360 Tutorials and Change the Language pedro.soethe 11/10/2015
How to Delete an InfraWorks model Willy_Campbell 11/10/2015
See through walls and windows from inside a building! elliott.rosenfeld 11/10/2015
Specify Bridge Continuity Across Spans elliott.rosenfeld 11/10/2015
Recreating a Coverage Area to allow 2D line draping Willy_Campbell 11/6/2015
How do I rename a InfraWorks 360 Model? pedro.soethe 11/6/2015
Get help about InfraWorks 360 in 10 languages! elliott.rosenfeld 11/6/2015
Using the Drape Feature command to resolve an InfraWorks 360 issue pedro.soethe 11/4/2015
Connecting to Personal GDB matt.anderson 11/4/2015
Creating and using a SHP file to create a Model Builder project extents Willy_Campbell 10/30/2015
Suggested workflow for importing Microstation DGN files Willy_Campbell 10/30/2015
Boring Building Facade? Make them POP! Willy_Campbell 10/30/2015
How are Volumes Calculated between Surfaces in InfraWorks? Willy_Campbell 10/30/2015
Convert Easting/Northing coordinates to Long/Lat (X/Y) elliott.rosenfeld 10/30/2015
Learn how to create an animation of sun moving in your presentation. pedro.soethe 10/29/2015
Tips to create a nice and smooth video in InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 10/29/2015
Sky Options In InfraWorks: Uncovering the hidden past. Willy_Campbell 10/29/2015
Editing Vehicles and any other City Furniture to match the ground slope. Willy_Campbell 10/29/2015
How to create a cool after and before effect in InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 10/28/2015
Importing Road Data from InfraWorks to Civil 3D: what to expect Willy_Campbell 10/27/2015
AutoCAD Linework to InfraWorks 360-Method 2: SHP or SDF Willy_Campbell 10/20/2015
Import 2D Line-Work as Model Objects Willy_Campbell 10/20/2015
Importing Revit Model with Interactive Placing in InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 10/20/2015
Use "Paste In Place" when copying objects between Proposals Willy_Campbell 10/19/2015
Select Multiples Using a Model Explorer Subset Eric_Chappell 10/16/2015
Import SRTM data of 1" Arc-Second Global into the InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 10/15/2015
Edit Model Extents (i.e. Decrease Model Area) elliott.rosenfeld 10/13/2015
How to change the pipe default slope in InfraWorks 360 pedro.soethe 10/9/2015
Custom profiles used as pipelines in InfraWorks 360 george.hatch 10/8/2015
How to solve one issue with FBX objects with embedded materials. pedro.soethe 10/8/2015
Manipulate Turn Arrows in Intersections Eric_Chappell 10/1/2015
Create Your Own Multi-Scale Texture Style Eric_Chappell 9/24/2015
Use Multi-Scale Texture Styles for More Realism Eric_Chappell 9/24/2015
Creating and Adjusting Widening in Turning Zones pedro.soethe 9/22/2015
Can't Make Any Edits! - Read Only Models Eric_Chappell 9/10/2015
Adjust the Transition Length Between Styles Eric_Chappell 9/2/2015
Use Terrain Themes When Modifying Roadside Grading elliott.rosenfeld 8/25/2015
Point Clouds: control visual appearance & display speed markus.briglmeir 8/21/2015
Where the heck is that 3D model located in my model? markus.briglmeir 8/21/2015
Quick way to locate a project from Civil 3D to InfraWorks 360. john.sayre 8/17/2015
Control the Side Slopes of Coverages Eric_Chappell 8/14/2015
How to Create Watersheds without spending Cloud Credits pedro.soethe 8/13/2015
How to edit stock .sff 3D models (POIs, Trees, Signs, etc.) Jason.Delaney 8/12/2015
Change Default Terrain Style elliott.rosenfeld 8/11/2015
AutoCAD Linework to InfraWorks 360-Method 1: Raster george.hatch 8/11/2015
Specify Sharp or Round Corners for your Coverage Areas elliott.rosenfeld 8/7/2015
Create Skyways in Minutes elliott.rosenfeld 7/27/2015
Create a Left Turn Lane in InfraWorks 360 Eric_Chappell 7/25/2015
Culvert Design & Reporting the Results matt.anderson 7/24/2015
Bridge Design: Toggle Deck Transparency austin.jephson 7/24/2015
Create an X-ray Road Style Eric_Chappell 7/21/2015
Simplify complex 3D Models during Import markus.briglmeir 7/17/2015
Create quick road temporary works layouts Cristina.Savian 7/16/2015
Get Quantities for Individual Bridge Components Eric_Chappell 7/16/2015
Add an <iframe> to an InfraWorks 360 feature to display an associated webpage elliott.rosenfeld 7/15/2015
How to create Style Rules for models imported from Civil 3D. pedro.soethe 7/15/2015
Keyboard shortcut lovers rejoice! Willy_Campbell 7/14/2015
Select and Edit All Features in a Feature Class or Subset elliott.rosenfeld 7/10/2015
Create Fly-through Buildings Cristina.Savian 7/10/2015
Gather Watershed Data Quickly! john.sayre 7/9/2015
How to Create Panorama Views Eric_Chappell 7/6/2015
3D Panoramas for InfraWorks 360 web viewer - Update markus.briglmeir 7/3/2015
Create Appealing Model Thumbnails markus.briglmeir 7/1/2015
Eliminate Manholes when Creating Pavement Drainage Eric_Chappell 5/11/2015
How the CTRL Key Affects Road Design Eric_Chappell 5/8/2015
Change the Slope of an Inlet Grate Eric_Chappell 5/8/2015
3D Floating Text in Your InfraWorks 360 Model Eric_Chappell 4/6/2015