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Combined Wireframe and Solid Representation

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator John.DeLeeuw on ‎12-28-2016 03:16 AM - last edited on ‎12-28-2016 03:18 AM |

The new Engineering Views are a great addition for a better visual environment in detailed design. Still, I think this could even be improved as follows:


Include a new feature to set Wireframe and/or Solid representation on specific Features. This way we would have even better visual discernment between objects in the model I believe when necessary.


Then this would become possible:



surface layer control dialog

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor u610064 on ‎11-09-2016 08:07 AM

it would be good if the surface layer control dialog could be docked in like the other dialogs : model explorer, data sources etc.

CAD Style Drawing Tools

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate kauffman on ‎08-27-2016 12:30 PM

One area where InfraWorks is significantly lacking in basic functionality is in the drawing tools. Take, for instance, any of the basic creation tools; coverage, building, sketch roads, railways, etc. If you try to draw, after the creation of the first point you only have the ability to specify a distance to you next point. You cannot specify an angle or a line type, such as an arc. You cannot create geometric primitives such as rectangles, triangles, n-gons, and ellipses. There are no snapping tools or Boolean functions for creating more complex shapes. Instead, an IW user must rely on an external tool such as Autocad to create more precise shapes.


Therefore, I recommend a 2D drawing tool be added to IW to address this deficiency. This "CAD Drawing" tool would include much of the basic functionality seen in Autocad. The user should also be able to work in an isometric (planemetric) mode for easier drawing, as working in a perspective view can cause drawing and precision errors. Additionally, it would be nice of these 2D drawing tools included splines for more customized shapes as well as the ability to modify imported vector shapes. These drawing tools could also be used with the design and component roads for better precision when creating these assets. Combined with an isometric viewing mode, the user would be able to create highly accurate model assets using aerial reference for existing condition proposals.


With precision drawing tools, users would be able to more rapidly create accurate and robust representations of their designs and provide a better content for interaction with their other AEC applications. Given these tools, a user would be able to create very accurate metadata rich 3D GIS models for insertion into a spatial database. With these tools, users would be able to take their designs further than what is possible today. (I sound like a marketing person there, but you get the idea).

Be able to change the properties of the curve when we are changing inside the View Profile
Captura de tela 2016-09-07 22.00.49.png

Status: Accepted

Point Cloud Layers

Status: Accepted
by Collaborator John.DeLeeuw on ‎04-01-2016 05:16 AM

Can we have Point Cloud Layers?


So when multiple PointClouds are loaded, that we can decide which are visible and which are not.



Status: Accepted

Current export from InfraWorks to FBX is poor. There are many steps to be taken within 3DS Max prior to use in Stingray. Opportunity to configure the FBX export from InfraWorks to go straight into Stingray without major conversion

Hello everybody! Happy new year!


Yesterday I had a discussion with @Boxer666, and he was looking for the possibility to share with the client, which doesn't want to buy the latest information about the model he was creating in Infraworks.

Thank you @Eric_Chappell!!!


When Infraworks trial period expires you can use it in Viewer/Presenter Mode but there is no way to update or load any new model.


So here is the deal:


Could you imnplement a viewer just for showing purpose?


For example my idea is to keep the model on the cloud, and just download it temporarily, without saving any data (or keep the model online, not sure)


I am at your disposal for any clarification

Best regards



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If you create a stand of trees, you can easily randomize species distribution using Rule Styles. This is a very nice feature of Infraworks. Thank you, Autodesk.


The problem arises when you change the density of the trees by using the slider. Infraworks resets the style for all the trees in the stand to the same as the one selected first. Your rule style is ignored. This means you have to set the Manual Style to None, again, and re-add any tags you had previously applied.


I would prefer that the stand of trees remember the rule style I have applied and would remember the tags as well.





Reserve or lock proposals

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor atle.hoidalen on ‎12-12-2015 12:05 AM
I would like it to be possible to reserve or lock proposals for editing in the cloud model. This would be benifitial when multiple person are working and sharing to the same cloud model. It would be like worksets in Revit, only that the lock would be on the proposals.

Hi all,


Because anyone is totally bilingual, I propose the creation of a French discussion area around Infraworks 360 like Civil 3D (


It's always a deception when I made training that Autodesk Community has not a French section for InfraWorks.


Thanks for your support


Status: Implemented

FBX import that respects multi\sub textures from 3ds max

Section View

Status: Implemented
by Collaborator on ‎07-30-2015 07:59 AM

Similarly we can view the profile of a road, in a pop-up window
We would like to see the section to.

Status: Implemented

Road Cross Section view has been implemented in the 2017.2 release of InfraWorks 360

Cross Section.png

I recently had a meeting with some master planners where I was showcasing Infraworks 360 to them and they posed a few questions to me that I couldn't really give a simple answer to. Below is one of the questions:



Is there a way to detect the heights of buildings that are above a certain height ie: 10m above ground level? or show an envelope of the required height limit for a building.


The planners were talking about offsetting the ground profile by a height/level and they could use this to make sure their building wasn't violating any height limit regulations.


Multiple Bridge Span Clearance Envelopes

Status: Accepted
by Explorer trevdnorman on ‎11-04-2015 04:49 AM

With long bridges with multiple spans, we would like to have multiple cleanace envelopes to be able to manipulate each span seperately.

Status: Accepted

We have plans to enable multiple clearance envelopes, including various related enhancements.





PM InfraWorks / Bridges



Coverage Areas - Quick toggle on/off draped areas

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor atle.hoidalen on ‎01-19-2016 10:41 PM - last edited on ‎01-19-2016 10:43 PM |


I'm using Coverage Areas to describe different environmental and regulation maps in InfraWorks. These coverages are only draped on the surface, not editing any terrain. The only way to turn these imported maps on and off is through surface layers. I need to toggle between these different maps without having to wait for IW to recalculate the terrain everytime.


IW should not recalculate terrain when turning coverages that are only draped on and off. Optionally, functionality for draping surfaces/areas that can be quickly turned on an off should be implemented. (Yes, I know about terrain themes and feature themes, but they do not work for this purpose).

Civil BIM - Curb and Gutter Objects

Status: Accepted
by Collaborator Civil3DReminders on ‎04-02-2015 12:05 PM

Infraworks needs to implement Civil BIM. After years of marketing it's time Autodesk actually implements Civil BIM so we can leverage an actual model based design. I want to be ablility to tell my kids that I'm designing curb and gutter instead of getting blank stares when I tell them I designing feature lines. 


The curb and gutter objects need the ability to have a tools found for feature lines in Civil 3D. Allowing us to set elevations at certain locations, insert grade breaks, set grades along a path (and automatically removing the grade breaks I inserted earlier or not depending on a setting for this), talk to the pavement object (that will be part of another idea station idea) and have the pavement object react to the curb and gutter changes. Due to processing power limitations this could be updated at the press of a button.


The curb and gutter will have intellegent information tied to it such as a C or CN value, a mannings n value, and recognize the adjacent pavement to determine if the spread is allowable or if it floods the first floor of an adjacent building.  

Status: Accepted

With the inclusion of a curb and gutter component that is part of the component roads functionality, I'd say we're on our way to implementing a curb and gutter object. If/when component roads become part of the supported product (no longer Preview) I'd like to propose that we change the status to Implemented and ask that @Civil3DReminders or others from the community submit the individual functionality requests listed here as individual ideas.

Integration of a special Autodesk Vault Addin, attaching documents not as a hyperlink, but as a link to an object or article inside Vault.

The object represent the object inside INFRAWORKS and has attachments to the related documents. So you can see all related documents

with attention to the user rights und lifecycles inside the Vault.


It should also be possible to create such objects and also to attach documents to the object. Lifecycle operations should also work..

Status: Future Consideration

This is a great idea, however we're not considering its implementation at this time. We'll keep it on the list for future consideration.

The ability to reduce file size of infraworks model or keep the sqlite database in minimal size using purge or vacuum tool. Since SQLite database file may get larger and larger as time goes by. Even if the data is deleted from the database, the database file will not be shrunk. Infraworks need this tool immediately..






Status: Under Review

Our product team is reviewing this internally.  Stay tuned.

Roads - Cut and Fill Materials Please

Status: Implemented
by Explorer antony.bromley on ‎07-29-2016 01:37 AM

Currently when roads manipulate the surface in cut or fill there is no way to change the texture/material of these cuts and fill.  So you can not tell visually where the natural ground begins or ends.  Also in reality fill materials will not be the natural ground so need to look different.


Our team do visual impact assessments.  When I put in a road with large cut or fill into the hillside and then look from a far off vantage point, I can barley see my slither of tarmac, which gives the impression of no visual impact. In reality the road will be sitting on some compacted fill material.


There should be an option to change the material in the style pallet.  Incidentally the water areas have something already like this with the 'bank material'.


As you can see from the image.  For the road the trees on the image overlay look like part of the grading.  The water bank behaves more realistically. 


The way to get around it for now is to create a coverage area using the 'daylights' in Civil3D, import and overlay the areas and texture to suit.  But that is time-consuming for any optioneering.


If I have missed something...Let me know!



Status: Implemented

Available from 2017.3 onward.

Be able to select an area and apply Bing imagery at higher resolutions within those areas only. This allows for lower resolution imagery to be used for very large models, but with higher resolution images within areas of interest.

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