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Custom Traffic Sign

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03-09-2017 09:38 PM

Hi there,


I'm struggling big time to create a custom traffic sign and then import it into Infraworks. This is my workflow:

  1. Blank drawing in Civil 3D. Dwt is in meters. Create shape of sign (0.60m x 0.45m rectangle with fillet on each corner R=0.05m, thickness is 0.0016m). So I start with a rectangle, fillet corners, extrude it.
  2. I them move the solid to 0,0,0 and rotate it 3D using the rotate gizmo to have upside down.
  3. Apply steel generic steel material to the entire solid by drag and drop
  4. Create new material from image downloaded from the internet (see below). Format is GIF. I make sure the the size is matching the rectangle (0.60x0.45) and select None for both the horizontal and vertical repetition. 



  1. I then apply this material to one face only by holding control when dragging. I then apply Material Mapping Planar to make sure it's nicely centred.
  2. Everything looks fine. So I export to FBX format. Select entities, no lights, no cameras, embeded textures.


I know jump into Infraworks, open the model and select the data sources/ 3D Model. I configure the object and first of all, for some reason I have to scale it up 100 times, otherwise it's tiny (Why!?). Infraworks is set in metric system in meters. I set type to City Furniture and select Interactive Placing, and all I get it's this.

I tried several things like not embedding the materials. I created a brand new sign even using another shape and picture. Same result.

Capture4.JPGPedestrian Crossing.jpg


Does anybody come up with this issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.







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Re: Custom Traffic Sign

03-10-2017 06:58 AM in reply to: javier.barcelo

Re: Custom Traffic Sign

03-10-2017 09:13 AM in reply to: javier.barcelo

Hi Javier, 


Another simple option is to copy an existing stock .SFF signage model and modify the imagery on it. We had an awesome intern who wrote an article about how to do this a few years back. His article should still present a valid workflow: 

Thanks, let us know how it goes.


Sr. Learning Content Developer
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Re: Custom Traffic Sign

03-13-2017 02:46 PM in reply to: Matt__W

Thanks for your reply Matt. I have seen that great video and I actually followed his workflow step by step. The only difference I notice is that his images were created in photoshop while mine were downloaded from the Internet. I don't know if that is the issue but I do hope is not as I don't have the time to mack around photoshop to create my own images.





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Re: Custom Traffic Sign

03-13-2017 04:05 PM in reply to: javier.barcelo

I just realised I missed one image related to the keep left road sign. The image below shows what I get in Infraworks.


Keep Left.JPG

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Re: Custom Traffic Sign

03-16-2017 10:53 AM in reply to: javier.barcelo

I have a feeling that the issue may be with the units. Since you're having to scale up the FBX by 100, that may be throwing off the material planar mapping. 


What happens if you scale the sign in AutoCAD before exporting it to FBX?

Michael H.

Technical Support Specialist

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