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Adding More Context

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08-19-2016 10:05 AM

So we have a model made in infraworks and we need to add more terrain or context to the model. Is this possible, or do we have to make a new model?



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Re: Adding More Context

08-19-2016 01:30 PM in reply to: Pp0d

It is absolutely possible! Here is the guide: To Import Data

Good luck!

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Re: Adding More Context

08-19-2016 01:34 PM in reply to: JasonMN

Not quite what I need, I am not too sure how to word this question. Basically we used the model builder to generate the terrain, we then said we need more of the mountains to show (just an example) is there a way to go back into the model builder and re-adjust the size of whats showing? I hope this makes sense. 



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Re: Adding More Context

08-19-2016 01:47 PM in reply to: Pp0d

You could certainly erase the model built terrain data and replace it with something from a different source without needing to recreate your model entirely. If you needed more project area however, then you'd need new aerial and road data as well. In which case I'd probably model build a new model, and copy/paste in place anything I wanted to migrate. 


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Re: Adding More Context

08-20-2016 08:16 AM in reply to: Pp0d

You can combine InfraWorks models if you already have one that has more of what you need.


But it sounds like you're pretty early in the design/planning phase so personally, I would do what @JasonMN suggested and simply create a new model, encompassing more area (you can create a model using Model Builder that is up to 200 sq km) and copy/paste from the old model into the new one.

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