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Sorting of details

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by Explorer jkl886Q5AZ a month ago |


Hi. Sometimes it is necessary to spread out all details of assembly to a table. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and there is a problem: details don't remember an arrangement relatively each other. If I change parameters of the project, then details begin to be imposed at each other and it is difficult beautiful to spread out them. There has to be easier way to spread out details on a table, it is possible even to do it automatically sorting them by the size or volume or still somehow. It is possible to display them automatically nearby on a spiral or one after another. Thank you for your work

Status: Archived
By: Community Manager
3 weeks ago |

Thanks for your idea! Have you tried the Animation workspace? 

By: Explorer jkl886Q5AZ
2 weeks ago |

"Have you tried the Animation workspace"

what do you mean?

I can try to give the instruction as it can be realized. as I see it

By: Community Manager
Tuesday |

We have a workspace within Fusion 360 called Animations, which will allow you to explode your assemblies into a layout that you want. I'm not sure how realistic it is to have functionality like within the modeling workspace that does what you want since our teams are focusing on higher priority projects like sheet metal and data interoperability. We have captured your idea and are archiving this for now. 

By: Community Manager
Tuesday |
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