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Quick naming of objects in model tree

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by Participant and.ranch 4 weeks ago |

While renaming several sketches/bodies/components in the model tree, it would be a lot quicker if you could hit the "tab" button on the keyboard while editing a name, to jump to the next object in the tree. This would save a lot of going back and forth between keyboard and mouse


Current process: click name of object, rename, hit enter, fetch mouse and click on next item in line

Suggested process: click name of object, rename, hit tab, rename


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 00.05.03.png

By: Advocate ARTHUR-HM
3 weeks ago |

100% agree. Especially in the CAM section for operations. I re-name the operations on every part we make. Mainly because the tool library is such a nightmare when you have a ton of operations. Using tab to skip to the next operation would speed this process up immensely.

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