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PLANE: Offset to a point, Normal at a point

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer yanouk73 3 weeks ago |

A) PLANE "Parallel to a point", this mean you can select a reference face or plane, then a point, so it create a plane parallel to the original face or plane but at this point for the distance, and it stay linked to the point and face, as it should be.


B) Plane "Normal to a curve" at a point or ratio, the curve can be a line, a spline, an edge from a solid, and a point can be selected or a ratio can be use, like 0.3 (from 0 to 1), or distance...


the best of all, if you can make array of plane at a ratio, this is useful for using these planes to make intersections, splitting solids... imagine you make 20 normal planes on a spline in one function, then you make intersection of these planes with a shape or a solid.


These 3 type of plane exist in an other CAD that i was using and it missing now, the A) is the one I was using all the time, Normal at a point or ratio is great too.





By: Enthusiast Murdug
a week ago |

Hi Yanouk73,

Your option B is available if I understand your request correctly.

Construct > "Plane Along Path", Select a line/edge and specify a ratio value.



By: Enthusiast yanouk73
a week ago |

Hi Murdug,


you are right for one plane alone on a 3d spline at a ratio, I don't know if there is a way to make the intersection point between a plane and the 3D spline.


I looking for making several plane normal to the 3D curve, with there intersection point (or not, as a option maybe).



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