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place hole using x,y coordinates.

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer autocad 2 weeks ago |

It would be very helpful if we could place holes and points using x,y coordinates.

By: Advisor
2 weeks ago |

If you are useing the hole tool you can straight after you places the hole. I will have to show you how to do it.


Points no 

By: Advocate Aadithya01
2 weeks ago |

This is not possible even in Inventor. 


Previously when I used to work with Pro-E I used to use X , Y coordinates . and define holes which was very convienient . Glad that you have brought this to concern. Have my kudo 

By: Advisor
2 weeks ago |

@Aadithya01 you can diamention a hole in just after you place it, It's a solid tool.


hole tool diamention.png 


Most of the solid tools have a way to add diamention, or will have.

By: Advocate Aadithya01
2 weeks ago |

Hey @daniel_lyall




Please see the above link . TABLE option in CREO. 


Also it is time consuming for me to define each and every hole a reference edge. Rather than that I can start defining the X and Y coordinates from a reference point in a table .


THis is a just a suggestion for our side to bring this option. Smiley Happy 

By: Advisor
2 weeks ago |

@Aadithya01 other 2D programs I have use X and Y positioning as well one of them is a ADSK program, it's one of those hard ones, If we could just have it for points That would be very good points can be used with more than the hole tool, and would give what's needed for the hole tool, I vote for it I would like it for points.

A script probably could be done for points as well.


I only miss being able to slap points in where you wont them, being able to just diamention stuff in I find is just faster other than slapping lots of holes in.


@autocad It's still a very good idea if we only get the points that would cover both sinces you can pick points for the hole tool

By: Advocate Aadithya01
| Posted 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago |

@daniel_lyall What you have mentioned is also a fantastic idea . Hope this kind of tools comes in the Future updates 

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