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Pipe Flaring Ability

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by Explorer bob24H5D 2 weeks ago |

The pipe feature is excellent, but in trying to design an exhaust system I found a major limitation. There is no ability to 'flare' the pipe diameter in certain areas. If the program was able to create a sculpt-able web of points on the pipe, which could then be manipulated in 3D space allowing for flaring of the pipe in certain areas. In designing two stroke exhausts this would be unbelievably helpful! See this video for the type of design work that otherwise has to be done (the video is on solidworks since that's the only example I could find)

By: Advocate Aadithya01
2 weeks ago |

Hey @bob24H5D 


Why dont you try the pipe feature in the Freeform modelling SCULPT interface of Fusion 360 . I definitely think that will give you better manipulation of the model 

By: Mentor
2 weeks ago |

You could use loft. Create a spline for the centre line then use plane along path and create cross sections. After creating the loft turn the sketches back on, then enable show dimensions and you can edit the cross sections with the loft visible.

Here's a quick mockup.



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