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I think this is an essential feature if you want to be able to make clear drawings.

I see a lot of users running into this problem. Why isn't this fixed yet??? 


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I am used to work with Inventor 2009 and recently switched to Autodesk Fusion.

I used to provide my suppliers with DXF files (made form drawings) which they can use directly to drive their machines. This worked perfectly.


Fusion on the other hand doesn't have the possibility of DXF output from a drawing. Yes, you can do this from a sketch but 3d models are often much more complicated than just a simple sketch. So this is no appropriate solution.


My suppliers cannot work with the DWG 2013 output that Fusion gives...


If you ask me Fusion should provide the possibility to output a drawing to DXF.

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Please add an option in "select same diameter" to UNCHECK or deselect certain holes!  We're running parts with hundreds of holes, but we need to exclude certain holes.  Short of changing CAD diameters to 'break' the select-same-diameter functionality, it's very time consuming.

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We now have a Reorder to minimize tool changes checkbox, but we really also need an Order by tool checkbox option in PostProcess.


Reasons?  I have multiple operations that I want to happen by senquential tool regardless.  There is no good way to make this happen currently.

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I think it would be great if in conjunction with the current capabilities of Fusion360 that it could add electrical schematic and layout capability.  Hobbyists and small businesses need a better option than Altium, PADS, or EAGLE.

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I'd like to be able to name revisions to show they're release versions.




03 (automatically designated revision numbers according to current scheme)

A  (release version)




B (second release version)



Right now I have to manually record which of 20 auto-reved copies are my actual releasable parts, which is inconvenient.

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Currently when you'e in a sketch and you start the 2D offset command, the selection is lost with any middle click.  This occurs when you're panning or using the shift+middle click orbit shortcut.  


This is frustrating, especially when offsetting specific edges without the chain selection on a large profile.  Panning is essential to select all the desired edges.

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We need the ability to design custom form tools with user defined profiles, such as endmills or step drills/reamers. The system should be able to display the tools form as well as the material removed when simulating. An option for lathe tools would be beneficial as well, such as user designed profile/boring bar with defined angles allowing the tool to be used on both sides of centerline when profiling. Competitor CAM systems have this ability and the lack of these features in Fusion have kept me from converting 100% for my CAM needs thus far

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 Opacity control for Construction Planes would be useful.



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Hi, this is a request to enable constrained orbit as an option when using 3D Connexion space mouse peripherals. 


While it is currently possible to set Fusion 360 to lock the horizon with constrained orbit, this setting doesn't carry over to the space mouse. Many users prefer the constrained orbit for design work as locking the horizon shows you your object as you would in the real world. You may notice a lot of users using an unconstrained orbit tool spend a lot of time rolling the camera around in order to get the horizon level.


This issue has been brought up a few times before:


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I suggest to merge all similar ideas entered here and add up their vote count. 


I wanted to suggest an idea, but found multiple posts already from previous users, each having some votes. But this is inefficient and people do not want to go vote for each of the several posted ideas to get it more visible, so it ends up on the bottom of the list eventually.


Merging them would reduce this clutter a lot and represent more true interest for the idea via combined vote counts. This way there will be one post/topic per idea and more attractive to voting.


Thank you!

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Fusion is using..I think USA standards. Europa has others, Russia, China, Africa has others..I'm writing about steal here..but for other materials it would be the same. Do you know about steal in Europe? S355 or S275..ever heard about DIN? I don't think so..It's European. Different of your using or Russian, African, Chinese or what ever.. Make free those choice to make "worldwide"! Without using Photoshop to correct what "others" need to use for being  "following" the rules. A little-bit of freedom worldwide would be a positive mater. And not even in steal..but all other materials can be used. It is important..sharing Fusion worldwide! Suggesting this: In having choices to make..give the opportunity to "fiil

out" others. Like in choose: make "other" possible..and you got the "world" behind you! Just a suggestion..but an important one..


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Please add the ability to export a drawing as dxf. Currently it is only possible to export sketches as dxf.

For us it is the easyest way to generate a dxf directly from drawing because we are sure it is the latest version of the dxf and we don't need to play around with projected lines in sketches to export the dxf.

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It would be nice to dimension threaded holes in drawings.

For example in a drawing of an M6 hole, there is no thread pictured in the drawing and the only way to dimension it, is to manually write "M6" in the Dimension-field.

Also it would be nice to picture modelled threaded holes in the drawing with core hole diameter and outside diameter and not with a sketched thread profile.

Status: Accepted

This is on our list of projects to get done this year. We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

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Drawings are getting better.  Still need:


1.  Export with finer line width or line width control

2.  Addition of Tables was great, now we need to be able to import an excel table or cntrl+c cntrl+v to base into the allotted columns/rows.

3.  Ability to edit whole table font/style not 1 cell at a time

4.  Import image into drawing

5.  Add another Fusion360 part/component/assembly to current drawing for reference, or mate or family drawing (think LH + RH)

6.  Title Block editing...needs improvement, customization, modification within fusion or more default tamplates that are scalable with other drawing sizes.  I spent the time to re-create my Solidworks Title block in 2D DXF and DWG, but it is only one size in Fusion...ok for D size but way to big for B size sheet.



Thank you Fusion Team for Listening to these forums and keep upgrading!

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I think it would quite handy and time saving to have Select Same Diameter as an option in the Bore cycle (2D Bore). Like the option in standard drill cycles. Make Life easier.

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Mouse Pan

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member XLR82WIN Saturday |



Would it be possible to configure the mouse for the following:


-to orbit when simultaneously clicking both the right and left mouse button

-pan when clicking the centre button (wheel)

-zoom in/out when scrolling


This would allow zoom, pan and orbit to occur with only mouse input.


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Capture d’écran 2017-03-15 à 16.34.27.png

 I am creating special materials for faces and parts with specific names. It would be much easier for me to find them if they were listed with text rather than hover over them to have the name appearing.

This would be a great time saving when attributing the materials.



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See these threads for some background:


What is needed is a way to use the theoretical vertex of cone shaped objects as a point of reference for modelling and joint alignment.  A simple use for this would be in joining flat head screws with countersunk holes, such that the screw head stays in contact with the countersink if the hole size or countersink diameter/depth are changed.  There are ways to do this now but none of them are very efficient.  There are potentially many other uses for this as well.




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I work as an application engineer with an autodesk reseller . And during my pre sales demo I show the ability to see the section analysis in the browser for our fusion models in A360 . And some of my customers have repeatedly asked me the ability to simulate the toolpath already done in Fusion 360 in A360 and also have told that it will give a better idea to their higher hierarchies and their customers


simulate in A360.jpg


If you really like my kudo . Please hit Kudos

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Will fusion adopt the content centre from Inventor as it would be great to have a fully integrated solution for fasteners and bearings etc. From looking at videos online it looks like you have to find or build fasteners individually then import them to create you own library. It would be great to have these fully implemented.

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Can avoid catastrophe if you forget to check every part, and saves a lot of work.


Seems like it might be computationally demanding, but it didn't take all that long in I-DEAS, even with hundreds of parts.

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broken out section view

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer maarten.moortgat on a week ago - last edited a week ago |

It would be nice to make a broken out section view from a sketch.



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I am using step to send parts for making, I try to eleminate the need for making 2D cad, it will be great if we can have a kind of counterbore input pre-hole, of a value, ex.: 0.5mm depth and if the thread ends that finish with the drilling hole diameter of ex. 0.5mm


This way, it will be easy to anybody that see the 3D modeled threaded hole to see the drilling diameter and the Thread centered diameter 9ex. an M4 will have a 0.5mm final hole that is 4mm dia), so instead of trying to find the center of the 3D thread (it's look off axis), the last 0.5mm depth will be 4mm x 0.5mm deep.



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render-section-analysis.jpgCould you please make section analysis available in render mode ?


When we want to render the inside of an assembly, we have to cut through everything while we should be able to have section analysis available !


Com'on guys this is a simple one...







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Use Parameters in Simulate Workspace

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Josh.nelson on Thursday - last edited Thursday |

The ability to use parameters in Fusion 360 is a boon to us all. As others have, I would like to request parameter enhancements.  Currently one cannot use parameters in the simulation environment.  I would like to be able to do so.  I was working on a model yesterday that has a number of forces distributed along its length; it was frustrating to have to enter the values and do the math in another program and then transfer all of the values to Fusion.


Please add the ability to use parameters in the simulation environment!

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Engraving text

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant fuso152 a week ago |

It would be great if there were a CAM option in 2D tracing or 2D engraving whereby the tool could follow the center of the font, rather than running around its perimeter. The result would be akin to stick fonts. This option is available in SolidCam for SolidWorks.

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Hard Copy

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member matthew.zia Thursday |

How about a button where you can print off a hard copy quickly so you can scribble a few ideas in pencil on it before deciding how you want to approach something, I'm sorry if this already exists somewhere but i'm well over 60 and new to fusion. Plus I know pencils are old fashioned but I still use one.

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Stick fonts

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant fuso152 a week ago |

I'd like to use fonts with zero width, in order to engrave them without tracing the outline. 

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Allow us to vote on your Fusion development backlog

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matth on a week ago - last edited a week ago |

So often in large agile/scrum projects with HUGE backlogs, there are several backlog features that haven't yet been decided, who's user value is clearly disproportionate to the implementation complexity on your side. I.e. Tremendous impact for little work. 



It would be great for us IDEASTATION contributors to upvote not only great Ideas posted here, but also see a version of your Kanban board.


Where we can vote on backlog items, and see what's been approved, committed to and completed.

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judging by how new users can struggle with Fusion it would be great if Fusion would have a real condensed users manual that explains what each thing does.


Autodesk Alias and Maya are good examples for how effective and short such a wiki could be!

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To improve the chordal fillet

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate 121183ddp on a week ago - last edited a week ago |




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Long time Inventor user, reccently started messing around with Fusion to try and get ahead of the "curve", assuming that its the future of CAD design.


One thing that frustrates me with Autodesk products, and I say this without hyperbole, is that they are hands-down the worst CAD platforms when it comes to any sort of robust tolerance analysis, either natively or through 3rd party add-ins, amongst the major CAD platforms. With the other platforms I can get:


NX - Technomatix/VSA (Seimens), 3DCS (3rd party from Dimensional Control Systems)

Catia - Cetol 6-sigma (3rd party from Sigmetrix), 3DCS

Solidworks - Cetol, 3DCS

Creo - Cetol, 3DCS


which can stochastically analyze designs in 3 dimensions. Some of these, such as VSA and 3DCS, and also even link with FEA data to provide even more robust design outputs, allowing one to analyze designs as functions of both tolerance and physical effects such as deformation ,thermal expansion, etc.


I think its great that Autodesk has an eye on modeling machining processes, performing FEA, and improving visual qualtiy of 3D models, but lets not put the cart before the horse - without tolerance analysis, none of these things really matter because you can't verify that you can actually build them in the real world. Even if you could build them, how do you intelligently design for cost optimization without tolerance analysis? You can't.


So frustrated by this lack of capability, I contacted 3DCS about making us ("Us" being a major player in the healthcare industry and a fortune 500 company) an add-in for Inventor of thier analysis software (they currently make it for everyone BUT Inventor), and they were open to the idea, but in the end we couldn't purchase enough seats to make it fiscally viable for them (we currently use their stand-alone, CAD neutral platform). My point is, there are companies willing to take on this challenge, they just need to know its worth their time and development costs.


So I implore the good folks at Autodesk - stop worrying about making things look pretty on a screen. Start worrying about making things work in the real world, and incorporate, or partner up with someone to provide, 3D tolerance analysis capabilities in your software.



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Hello.  I would like to suggest an idea for moving sectional and detail views to additional sheets for drawing organization.  Thanks



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The rendering capability within Fusion 360 can give almost photographic quality results, which is excellent, but not for all purposes.

Renders used for technical illustration  benefit from a slightly different approach, and that is rendered with edges, and hidden edges removed.

You actually offer this as a style option in normal modelling mode, so could you consider offering it for the rendering mode.

This  illustration using the technique shows the improClock-22-Gravity-escapement-No2-6vement in clarity that can be achieved when using the technique


Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for your idea - changing this to a future consideration project since we are focusing on higher priority projects right now. 

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This would be super awesome, as sometimes I just need to get a measurement or view some aspect of a model, hide somethings for clarification etc, but then don't want nor need to save it.

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Dovetail cut

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer enovin a week ago |

It should be allowed to apply negative taper angle to cut multiple depth contour (pocket) with dovetail mill. As it is setup now (negative angle is not allowed) there is no good simple strategy to cut dovetail slot. Having this option - negative taper for dovetail mill will greatly simplfy programing of the toolpath.

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It would be very helpful if we could place holes and points using x,y coordinates.

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A) PLANE "Parallel to a point", this mean you can select a reference face or plane, then a point, so it create a plane parallel to the original face or plane but at this point for the distance, and it stay linked to the point and face, as it should be.


B) Plane "Normal to a curve" at a point or ratio, the curve can be a line, a spline, an edge from a solid, and a point can be selected or a ratio can be use, like 0.3 (from 0 to 1), or distance...


the best of all, if you can make array of plane at a ratio, this is useful for using these planes to make intersections, splitting solids... imagine you make 20 normal planes on a spline in one function, then you make intersection of these planes with a shape or a solid.


These 3 type of plane exist in an other CAD that i was using and it missing now, the A) is the one I was using all the time, Normal at a point or ratio is great too.





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     Would like to submit an idea for a better User Interface for Cam templates. First I want to say that Cam Templates are great !!!... However with that being said "How to Store, Manage and Retrieve them"  needs some improvement. Below is a picture of how this

possible could be done. Hopefully the "picture and text" will give you a good idea of how it could work.


The "Circled Numbers" show the steps that the user would take to "Import"  Template(s)  they want to use.


The  "Circled Letters"  are brief description/notes to what needs to happen. 


Also it would be great if we could also do minor editing.  At least, Renaming Templates, Deleting Templates from the interface.





 Cam Template.jpg




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So I just discovered that while I'm sketching a section to construct a feature I can not dimension an edge of my sketch to an existing construction place (one that is oriented normal to my sketching plane thus showing as a line).  This is unbelievable.  What if I wanted to designate that plane as a datum to locate other features?  then I could move multiple features that reference that datum by simply moving the datum/plane.  Please add the ability to locate off of construction planes.

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many new users (like myself) are daunted by the sheer vastness of fusion , and attempt to focus on actually creating basic parts and sketches, so focusing on creating components eludes them, until they start doing so in the middle of a sketch .


further more most users during normal usage of the software will slowly sink into a way of work that either pushes them to use components or  other types workflows which does not. 


for new users, and users that during the normal course of  work flow are required to use components i believe there should be a preference in fusion that has create a new component and activate it automatically when a new project is created. 


the benefit for experienced users who use components is that they won't be forced to perform a repetitive task which is rather crucial to a beginning of a project , and the benefit for new users, is that they'll be educated with the importance of creating components from the beginning.

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The origin and 3 axes should be allowed to be used in constrains, mirroring and other operations as any other line or point in the sketch. 

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I appreciate the continual improvement with Fusion 360.  I would like to suggest this idea if it is not already in the works.  I have come across times when I would like to flip sides of the leader with a dimension but I can't and the drawing can look messy because the dimensions can be to close together when flipping sides of the leader would be a quick fix.  Please see attached image

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Just a small suggestion that would make life a bit easier for some workflows.  I have been cutting a number of large parts out of flat 2mm stock lately and the arrow for indicating which side of a sketch you are cutting during a 2D outline operation is getting very annoying.  The geometry I'm cutting are all sketch outlines and the stock is about a 900mm square.  When selecting the operation geometry it is hard to tell which side of the line the arrow is indicating when zoomed out to see the whole stock (first picture).  So when selecting each outline you have to zoom in (second picture) on each part to make sure you are cutting the correct side of the line.  I suggest using a different arrow style to make this more readable at different zoom levels (third picture).  I apologize for my MS paint graphic skills but I think it describes the style of arrow that would solve this issue.




Zoomed Out - hard to readzoomed out.PNG




























zoomed in.PNG

 Zoomed In - easier to read




























 Suggested Arrow - easy to read at all zoom levels






Status: Accepted

Yes, this is definitely something we need to fix, and good news is, we don't think it's that hard. Basically what's happening is that the arrow starts at the radius of the cutting tool, but for 2d cutting such as waterjet, laser, and plasma, the tool is basically a hairline, and we have taken that into account. We'll have this fixed soon so that the arrows are not on top of the toolpath if they weren't meant to be.  Here's a screenshot of the improvement that is in progress: 


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.33.56 AM.png

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While renaming several sketches/bodies/components in the model tree, it would be a lot quicker if you could hit the "tab" button on the keyboard while editing a name, to jump to the next object in the tree. This would save a lot of going back and forth between keyboard and mouse


Current process: click name of object, rename, hit enter, fetch mouse and click on next item in line

Suggested process: click name of object, rename, hit tab, rename


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 00.05.03.png

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Unfortunately, DXF is not nearly as popular for many software/machines/machine software as SVG.

Please begin an immediate campaign to add SVG anywhere Fusion 360 offers DXF. Intermediate software processes can expend time. Moreover, the conversions can frequently render inaccurate scaling which usually negates the entire purpose of designing the model at all.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Locally Store All Files

Status: Accepted
by Collaborator Josh.nelson on ‎12-07-2016 10:27 AM - last edited on ‎12-07-2016 10:34 AM |

In light of today's events (see post here), I believe it would be beneficial to allow users to locally store all Fusion files and data.  The data can still be backed up to the server, but is locally stored first.  This would prevent server outages from becoming catastrophic events for businesses, schools, and individuals.  If users did not want to locally store files (due to disk space or other reasons), they could elect not to in Fusion's preferences.  Or perhaps this could be a setting for each folder or project.


Manually, individually backing up files (a current Fusion capability) is not a reasonable solution to this problem.  Not only is it time-consuming and difficult to manage well, it does not currently work for designs that have XREFs.


I personally have no problem using the cloud for storage and computing (such as simulations).  There are some great things that Fusion allows because of this capability.  The lack of local storage as a backup, however, is an issue for me.

Status: Accepted

We are working on this with multiple teams already. Prabakar already laid out the plan in his post so I'll link to that -


Giving you access to your data regardless of service issues is a top priority, so rest assured that the projects we're working on will make it happen. It may be not in exact solution some of you are looking for, but so many of you chiming and sharing ideas, we know the crux of the problem and are working on it.




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Dear Autodesk,


Using Fusion 360 I'd like to be able to import off-the-shelf parts like screws and fasteners etc to save time. F360 currently implements McMaster Carr and Parts4Cad for this purpose. Ok two things:


1.  I don't wish to create accounts with these companies or entities. I live in the UK and postage would be prohibitive.

2.  It gets really frustrating to get part way through searching for an item and then be stopped by the annoying login pages.


Please Autodesk, stop the torment, either take away these features or provide them in full. Parts4Cad is also a very bad search interface.


In view of the above can I please request a free, cloud based parts source to better compliment the user experience?  ...even if Fusion 360 users create some of the content themselves?


Thanks & kind regards,


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Export as 3D PDF

Status: Archived
by Explorer Kyle.Maguire90 3 weeks ago |

Exporting files to 3D PDF would be an excellent addition to FUSION 360's native functions as it allows designs to be shared and presented anywhere with a tablet.  This is particularly helpful when working in the field or discussing a design with a machinist or other craft on a shop floor vs an office.  The 3D PDF Format also allows design models to then be embedded in electronic reports.

Status: Archived
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Quick-Save Button

Status: Archived
by Enthusiast Kircher.Engineering a month ago |



In my opinion it would be useful to have a quicksave button which does not create a new version.


Its annoying to loose the past 10 minutes after a crash. And fusion crashes very often.

So please consider a a new quicksave button which updates the version without creating a new one.


Another benifit is to prevent uncontrolled growth of the versions.


best regards from Germany


Status: Archived
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Being able to create multi-sheet Fusion drawings is an excellent feature for keeping sets of assembly and subassembly drawings together.


However, this convenience breaks down when trying to export to a PDF. When exporting "all sheets" to a PDF, it generates individual PDFs for every sheet. I would like the option to preserve the whole thing as one cohesive document with multiple pages. This would make it easier to share the PDF of every drawing, and preserve it as a single collection and preserve the page order as well.


Thank you for your consideration.



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Dark UI Option

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer Ryan.Rivas on January - last edited January |

It would be nice to have a "dark UI" option for the interface. Sometimes It just feels a bit easier on the eyes. 


Nearly every other Autodesk program I have used in the last 10 years has this option. Its weird it hasn't been implemented in Fusion 360 as of yet.  




Dark UI.png

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! Yes, this is something we'd like to get to. We have a whole project of revamping the UI and bring it out of it's 50 shades of grey and into a more modern/logical visual experience. In the meantime, try using a different environment. That should at least help with eye strain. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 1.58.11 PM.png


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when using the auto dimension command I can not callout the stored thread information. If the threads are added with the tool, they should auto note the thread information in a 2d print.

31 Kudos

I currently have a sketch where 3 projection points have failed, and I have no clue where they are located.  There are probably 50 reference points in the sketch and having the error highlighted in yellow doesn't help. It seems that the points have either been obscured by other points, or they are missing altogether.   Navigating to each potential location, and checking if the error is there, is a huge time consumer.  


The error messages are of no help.  For example - Where is "Project22"?  Presently there is no way to even relate a specific name to a feature.




I suggest 1 of two alternatives.  

1 - double click the failure in the warning dialog to effect a zoom into the offending location


2 - add errors as a visible object feature, and allow error visibility to be selected


2017-02-16 (1).png



It's clear that F360 has the information about the error location - it just doesn't presently make it available.




Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea - this is definitely something we want to improve, and has been captured in our backlog. With that said, I'd like to dig into your design to see exactly what is happening. Can you PM me a share link to your design? 

29 Kudos


sometimes if I have voted for an idea I unvote it a few days later because not always I can remember which idea I already voted for.


It would be great if - after logging in - I can see if I have already voted for an idea or not.

The 'Vote'-button should get a different color (e.g. green) so I can catch at first sight if I already voted or not.


Status: Under Review

Sorry for all of the votes/unvotes @thburn , I was testing the UI behavior.  Agree that not only is it hard to tell if you've voted today, it's actually a bit broken (in that after a page refresh the button returns to the same state as before you voted).  I'm investigating a possible fix.

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It would be nice to have a command to create an arc slot, now in Fusion This is a lot of work:


sketching, offset , trimming.


arc slot 1.PNGarc slot 2.PNG




Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, this getting changed to future consideration.  It has yet to be decided how we implement the ability to do an arc slot.  Would you consider the ability to do a symmetric offset with arc's on the end as a solution?  This will also give you the ability to make any shape slot, not just an arc.




Mike Prom

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I made a simple CAM project with a laser tool. If I want to take a look at the toolpath from the top view then the toolhead (even if semi transparent) make thes toolpath very diffcult to see.


As solution for this I want to hav an option to show/hide toolhead.

In the following screencast you can see that the dark toolhead overlays the toolpath and makes it badly visible.


As you also can see the yellow toolpath is very difficult to see, therefore I already made another idea on ideastation, please vote for it!:

Custom settings for all visual elements
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If you import a part from McMaster, then right click on the component in the tree, go to the properties window, and change the "Part Name" the "Part Number" field will also be changed to the same once you close the window. I would think the standard action would be to have the Part Name appear in the Browser tree, but retain the McMaster part number under the "Part Number" field inside the part properties. Currently you have to do some copy/pasting and reopening of the properties window to retain the McMaster number. 

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It seems loft makes a trimmed planar face and does not loft (sweep 2 rails correctly and also forgets to produce the needed

UV coordinates)

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.07.28 AM.png

In any NURBS modeler a sweep 2 rails surface like loft in Fusion will generate the correct UV mapping because it really is a sweep 2 rails surface.


Because the side surface is made correctly the UV coordinates are correct to bend the linear texture along the bend geometry

generating the material flow I want.


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 8.10.55 AM.png


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The pipe feature is excellent, but in trying to design an exhaust system I found a major limitation. There is no ability to 'flare' the pipe diameter in certain areas. If the program was able to create a sculpt-able web of points on the pipe, which could then be manipulated in 3D space allowing for flaring of the pipe in certain areas. In designing two stroke exhausts this would be unbelievably helpful! See this video for the type of design work that otherwise has to be done (the video is on solidworks since that's the only example I could find)

102 Kudos

I propose that right-clicking on a Setup and clicking "Machining Time" should show not ONLY the total machining time for all operations within the setup (as it does now) but ALSO a list with EACH operation and its respective machining time!


1) When editing operations to reduce cycle time, OFTEN there is the most to gain in the longest operation. 

2) If you want to understand why a Setup Machining time is so long, this feature will QUICKLY show you which operations are taking the majority.

3) If you have a S&F typo (e.g. accidentally drilling at 0.2 IPM instead of 20 IPM) it's a quick way to sanity check WHY you drill operation is taking 47 minutes instead of ~1 minute).

4) We often receive CAM files from customers who want help optimizing their CAM strategies - this would help me understand, similar to #1 and #2 above, what's taking the longest

5) I believe (at the risk of being presumptuous) that this feature should be easy to implement!





Status: Future Consideration

Marking this as "future consideration".  It is something that we should do.  Possibly in the first half of the year.  More likely in the second half.


To break it down, you are looking for a way to easily visualize the area of your NC program that has the most machining time so you know where to focus your efforts in optimizing a program.


Is this a correct summary?



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find in browser

Status: Implemented
by Mentor 3 weeks ago |

with big designs it is often a nightmare having to scroll so much in the browser


better would be a RMB menu on a 3D objects in 3d view and call the command "find in browser"


fusion then highlights the part and scrolls to the correct position in the browser

Status: Implemented
19 Kudos

Sorting of details

Status: Archived
by Explorer jkl886Q5AZ a month ago |


Hi. Sometimes it is necessary to spread out all details of assembly to a table. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and there is a problem: details don't remember an arrangement relatively each other. If I change parameters of the project, then details begin to be imposed at each other and it is difficult beautiful to spread out them. There has to be easier way to spread out details on a table, it is possible even to do it automatically sorting them by the size or volume or still somehow. It is possible to display them automatically nearby on a spiral or one after another. Thank you for your work

Status: Archived
51 Kudos

Using the measure tool, the displayed dimension is not always visible from the preferred angle. I often use screenshots and must later edit them with MS Paint to make  a dimension clear. Maybe you could make the dimension float above all the geometry or be manipulated in 3d? 

bad dim.PNG

bad dim 3.png


Also, can you make it so the floating gray box is movable too? I'd like to move that out of the way for screenshots. 



Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the submission! Our team looked at this and based on your idea, we now have this captured in our backlog. We don't think we can start working on this right away, but will be something we tackle in the near future. We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

17 Kudos

Ribbon ustomization

Status: Archived
by Advocate Ezekiel12 4 weeks ago |


could you let us please customise the ribbon a bit more? I think that the "One row ribbon" is not really great. Almost everyone that is used to use Inventor or different CAD use either key shortcuts or they have customised the ribbon to reach all tools as quick as possible.


In Fusion you have only one row of the tools. In other CADs like Inventor, you can have more. One complain that I hear most at training is that all tools are really hidden and you need to too many steps to get to them. And there is not even a good way to customise keyboard shortcuts. 


Do you see that difference? From one window view? Inventor (on top) and Fusion? How many tools I can see without unrolling some other tools? 







I know... There is this Toolbox in Fusion. BUT I don't actually think that is THAT useful. Proper availability to customise key shortcuts or ribbon would be actually much more useful. 


So... please :) 



Thx and have a nice day in Autodesk.






Status: Archived

Thanks for your submission. We have plans around introducing tabbed workspaces/environments instead of providing multiple-row ribbon. Custom shortcut key mapping is something we're investigating. If you feel like things are too hidden, you can use the S key to build out your custom toolboxes.



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there should be no reason why cplanes are size wise all over the place

sometimes I missed new cPlanes because they were so tiny !!!


users should be able to scale cplanes




make all cplanes the same size


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.43.22 PM.png

7 Kudos

Being able to organise CAM Templates in custom folders would make having 10-20 or more templates easier to manage.


I have around 20 + templates and now it is becoming harder to organise, these custom folders could be created whenever you need one. A folder per type of machine, part, tool or operation.


Something like this:


template folders.jpg

17 Kudos

Currently, the 2D Chamfer tool won't work correctly in scenarios with modelled chamfers, if at all. That's not a problem for deburring sharp edges, but it would be nice if it could support modelled chamfers too. This would eliminate the need to specify a chamfer width, and would mean that you could use the benefits of the tool clearance smarts.



Status: Archived

Thanks for your idea! We definitely feel you and agree with this idea. The challenge is how our software is set up and is very difficult to make the work well. It's not a small project and we'd like to tackle it but we have some higher priority projects we'd like to knock out this year. We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

23 Kudos

I would like the HUD boxes either removed entirely, or some checkbox somewhere that either hides or forces them to be docked.  I find many times that they hover on top of other important boxes, and it is confusion.  Proper GUI programming isn't confusion.


Floating HUD boxes.png

Status: Accepted

should have initially been accepted, not future consideration.

40 Kudos

Hey guys,


The recent updates of Fusion 360 have been doing really great. But one update that I am expecting to be brought especially into the drawing of Fusion 360 is the ability to do sketches on the drawing sheet itself. Which will be useful to draw PCD (pitch circles diameters) and making small corrections in the drawing itself rather updating in the part


sketch in Fusion drawing.jpg

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the submission, we have this in the plan for future 2D Drawings projects. 

6 Kudos



      You have an incredible "edge" software package in Fusion 360.  I (like many others), am a non-paying subscriber who is open to a paid subscription if I design and create something which can turn profit.


    However, I find that while you have volumes of other paid suites which are designed for professionals, that this one should focused (not necessarily just on us), BUT that we should be highly on your minds, as we are the ones with the potential for pay conversions and really have no package which suits us.


   Therefore, I urge consideration for tutorials which focus on our "Hobbyist" level CAM machines, Tooling, File formats (SVG), etc as we who are not yet at a point of creating any products or services, need to know how to use your product.



    For Example:

1.) I know six people (not including myself) locally who have either an X-Carve or Shapeoko 3.  All of these use routers which function as the spindle.  NONE of us know how to set the tools, tool holders, or even understand what a shoulder is on a straight end mill, which does not really even seem to be represented. 


2.) None of us is able to export DXF files from the sketches to recreate "accurately scaled" SVG files directly from this software as the source, a format which our local maker space uses for the laser cutter. 


3.) Tormach and other machines are cost and size prohibitive to many of us individuals.  Therefore, we fail to understand why that level of machine is considered above those of us who are:

                                    a.) Just starting out, and only have a slight understanding to begin with

                                    b.) Personally invested enough to purchase the machines to learn if given a solid medium

                                    c.) Without the benefit of shop co-workers, trade schools, etc to begin to operate.



Please pause, take a candid look at your audience (over 25 percent are users just like me), and help us to become successful, so that we can (in turn) push Fusion 360 into a nearly unconquerable share for its sub-market.


5 Kudos

To have a good offline workflow it would be beneficial to be able to add doc/pic/videos in a project folder even when offline. When the user gets online again it will automatically upload the added data.

42 Kudos

Often times when moving segments in a sketch, nothing happens because constraints prevent it. Other times, adding a constraint fails and an error shows that "other" constraints keep you from adding this one.

It would be fantastic if we could get a visual queue showing what constraints are in effect, for example by highlighting them in red when performing the action.

Thanks so much!

Status: Future Consideration

This is in our backlog, but we're not sure when we can get to this yet. It'll be up for future consideration. 

111 Kudos

Small labels on origin planes

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate sanguish on ‎12-08-2016 10:51 PM

It's easy to get the origin planes confused from time to time.


I'd find it very useful to have the xy/xz/yz labels on them like below.






Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for your idea! Sometime in the January update we'll be introducing world coordinate system in the viewcube (also stemmed from the IdeaStation) so you can better differentiate between Top, Front, Right and what axis is where as you navigate. We'll keep your idea in mind as we make improvements to this in future updates. Pasted image at 2016_12_13 11_47 AM.png

3 Kudos

Sorry about the title, not sure what to call it.



When viewing someone's shared A360 file (they sent you a link), there is the option to download the file, 

but you have to wait for the 'cloud' to generate it and send a link.


An option to save to your own A360 account would save a lot of waiting and your AutoDesk apps would have 'instant' access,

which would otherwise require downloading and then uploading....

100 Kudos

Copying a sketch to a new design

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate sanguish on ‎12-08-2016 10:59 PM

Currently there is no straightforward way to copy a sketch to another design


Copy and paste would be very convenient

Status: Future Consideration

This is definitely something we want to get to, and is also closely related to There are some ground work we need to do first before we get to this, so marking this as future consideration. 

4 Kudos

Now that we can have drawings with multiple sheets, my biggest problem is that I have multiple drawings that I want to merge into a single drawing with multiple sheets. However, there is no way to copy/paste a sheet.

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Full T-Spline toolset! Speedform Parity

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor mohsenbehvar on a month ago - last edited a month ago |

 I don't get it, why are some very useful T-spline tools withheld from Fusion360?


All of the tools shown below, are present in Speedform (which for some reason has no Education license) but are abscent from Fusion360


[Enlarge image]




Status: Future Consideration

These features are in our backlog.  Release date TBD.

1 Kudo

PLEASE!!! please fix the internal threading portion of the lathe cam, the fact that it practically dose not exist is unbelievably frustrating.