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Variable feedrate

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor jcsantilli 3 weeks ago |

I would like to suggest a "variable feetrate" on the tool tab with a minimum and a maximum value.

For example in the part that I attached, the tool start cutting a big chunck of material, but when start cutting the dome the passes are very light and would be nice to be able to speed up the process.



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T-splines allow for rapid organic modeling.  This type of modeling is very conducive to soft trim development.
Please add the Stitch and Seam tool From Alias into Fusion.  Please add Zipper tool too.

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Usually for simple components in Inventor I dimension in the Isometric view itself . Hope this ability is brought into Fusion 360

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When creating a line, Fusion 360 makes you zoom way in to place the end point. It is impossible to be exact. It should stop once the begin point is set and let you set exact dimensions and angles. An OK can ask for the next start point. This one problem alone wastes huge amounts of time and created inaccuracies that show up later. This feature alone makes the product unusable for exacting work.

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Hide Login name

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer thelophius 4 weeks ago |

Hi I have a small suggestion, possibility to hide full name.I would like to make tutorial but i don't want to show my full name in top right corner when uploading to Youtube and I feel like more people would make videos if there were a possibility to hide name. I know this software is marketed for professionals/artist/makers where you don't care if your name is known. But if i have small Youtube channel  i don't want for my subscribers to know my full name. 

MS paint example (I'm not an artist).





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Hi Guys,

I could use some help with this - i am using a cnc gang lathe CMS GT27 with 8025 Fagor control

So i have been having this issue for a long time and have asked about it in the past and the response is it is in the post processor. I have tried to make changes and all looked ok for a little bit but when i started trying to cut a radius is where the issue happens the worst. so for the most part i have given up and i come to the realization that it is not the post processor and here is why


1) when setting up the lathe tool holder in edit tool  i select Counter Clock Wise direction but the tool just flips over then i select the orientation to the way it is installed on the Lathe that would be from the X- to 0 not the normal X+ to 0 and then the path generation is unable to create a path. it gets path error and it trying to generate the tool path from the X+ to 0 direction 


2) when i leave the tool oriented from the X+ to 0 but CCW selected, then it creates the code but it uses  G03 and all positive X values.


3) i change the G03 to a G02 and also change the X values to be negative but the radius is still not correct.


So you might ask please upload a the drawing but that is not needed, just make a .5 cylinder 4" inch long and a .25 radius on the end and you will have the drawing also use any post processor that comes with fusion - i use Haas Lathe same issue


use any tool you want. but fusion 360 will not be able to  produce the code to use the tool from the negative X direction. only works good as long as the tool is from the X positive direction.


It would be nice if the Fusion group would address this issue instead of claiming it is a post processor issue. It is not - it is related to a core limitation in the software it self !!!!!


Then you guys say -> fix this in the post processor.


So to fix this in the post processor is the wrong place and could also be dangerous. if you make the mods and get used to using it that way and then add a tool from the other direction and  crash. (yes you should verify the tool path every time but if ignored could cause some issues.) so then have different post processors for each tool variation. pain in the ..


So the root of the issue is located in the Lathe Tool Edit page under the setup tab and it lets you select witch way the tool is pointing but if you select the lower arrow (X- ) it will still put the tool above the center line of the material. It should drop the tool below the center line to be correct and then generate the tool path in the Negative X. otherwise that selection in that menu is useless  and should be removed. also to add a picture of a peace of material in the middle of the arrows for orientation would be good.


as far as The clockwise or counter clock wise checkbox, It should be changed to read tool facing upright or upside down - the spindle direction should be derived from the direction the tool is pointing at the material and if it is upright or upside down to do it correctly, and then place the tool in the drawing in the correct orientation.


i wish the fusion group would address the issue instead of passing it off as a post processor issue - it is  a fusion issue and needs to be fixed, so far it looks like you know it but do not address or

maybe have never used it to machine anything and don't see the importance.. I guess if your market is just hobbyist then who cares  whether it is correct or not but if you are trying to compete with real professional software then it should be fixed. 


Its funny, i have seen a lot of the help vids put out by people from autodesk and showing how to use the software, how to use the CAM processor And it has been very helpful, But i don't think they have ever cut a single chip with the code it generates. it would be nice to see if the developers that made the Videos could Actuality use to make a part from the generated code.


So please fix the issue in Fusion, it is not in the post because that is not the correct way to fix a programming error.   



I need a crow bar to pry with but i could use a screw driver to do it, Is that the right way ?    No!


Please let me know if any other ideas to fix this issue

Thanks for any input


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Hi Guys


Love the new XYZ triad in Fusion - Thanks!


It would be great if we could re-orientate the XYZ triad, much like that of the View Cube.  I work with a lot of .STEP files and after opening will always re-orientate the part the way I like it.  The only problem then, is my XYZ triad no longer represents my desired axes. e.g. Z = Up  (See attached screen grab).


Hope you can make this idea a reality!





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There should be an option for word  spacing of Letter as well as Horizontal and Vertical in Text Environment. Gap between letter is constant and is not vary constantly. Add more option for Horizontal spacing and Vertical Spacing in Text Environment.16709517_1881838588727494_1387131506_o.pngccc.JPG

Status: Archived

Thanks for the idea! We're currently focusing on higher priority projects. We are also planning on allowing better interoperability between Adobe products (Illustrator for example) and Fusion 360.  

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Next to the milestones I'd like to add commits to the version control paths to be able to visualize what's been done so far.


Turning save points into or seeing them as commits might be an idea?

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only works in the browser


but I mainly work in the timeline and not the browser


so ideally I want to be able to show hide those in the timeline via the RMB menu


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.05.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.05.23 PM.png

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this request/question.


With Fusion 360 becoming an all in one software for the creation of a product, will Fusion 360 eventually branch off to connect all its capabilities to collect data for a Fusion 360 job shop software to be used for estimating, purchasing, scheduling, data collection, shipping and accounting. Similar to the software E2.


Job shops are different than an OEM manufacturer and I believe Fusion is the perfect software for a job shop because it connects all our cutting/machining/design/cam/drawings/forming/fabricating capabilities to produce products for various customers across various industries.


We have converted our machine shop cam/design/drawing capabilities to Fusion 360 and my next step is once the sheet metal module rolls out is to covert our laser/water jet/plasma/2d cam/bending/fabrication drawings to Fusion 360 to have the entire shop under one software.


The final step (wish) would be to then have estimating,purchasing,scheduling,data collection, shipping/receiving and accounting under the same (similar) software for seamless integration.


Is there something in the Fusion 360 family that can do this or is this something being discussed to be created in the future?

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I am currently designing a CNC mill Smiley Very Happy

The problem I have sometimes is to find a component or feature. Very often is it a joint or motion link I am looking for.

The project has now been refactored several times to take certain situations into account.

Result is that I do rigidly give names to each entry in the browser and also categorize hefty to find stuff by pure logic.


My problem is still, sometimes drops the performance in Fusion drastically if many joints or components from McMaster-Carr are inserted.

Try 100 bolts and place them with joints ;)

So the trick is to turn of "Capture History" at convenient points and turn it on again.

This is also a kind of brute-force cleanup as bad placed joints and similar simply are deleted.


I have spent 4 hours trying to find a joint which didn't exist :(

I would love a search tool box above the browser. So when you e.g. enter "link" in it every entity with the name or according property "link" gets filtered out and displayed solely.

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It would be nice to be able to switch hubs in offline mode.  Currently, when you switch to offline mode it appears you're stuck in whatever hub was active when you went offline or lost connection.  


If you're forced into offline mode unexpectedly, this may keep you from being able to access data which is sitting there waiting for you on your own computer.


Since much of the data is/will be synced locally for multiple hubs, we should still be able to switch hubs when offline.  For example, to switch from one Team hub to another Team, or from a Team hub to our personal user hub.  


online switch hubs.jpg

Switching Hubs when online


offline no switch.jpg

Offline - no switch available




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Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 4.28.37 PM.png

Imagine this scenario where you're required to move one of the component in that Rigid Group, it'll be a nightmare and time waster since we need to dig through the browser tree and then deselect the component/s we wanted to move, and after the move is done to reselect and place them back into the rigid group. So instead of doing all that, this will just add a toggle button where the user use the move tool to ignore any components constrained in a rigid group and it'll update the component position in the rigid group once the move operation is completed.
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Can you guys add Structural shapes to the modeling space and or a link in the insert pull down to be able to down Structural Shapes.? 

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A category above storyboards. Animation 1 and Animation 2++ could contain their own storyboards.

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Often, I find I am creating duplicate geometry accidentally with sequential clicks on an object when projecting geometry. This unfortunate event often results in multiple instances of the planned line in the sketch. It would be best I believe to have it prevent a projected geometry edge from being projected into the sketch multiple times. 

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After the latest update the move function in fusion 360 does not support Move to a face anymore. How should I assemble anything now? Only workarrount that works sometimes is to move from point to point and move a known length in the direction I need my part.

Status: Accepted

This was a unexpected issue introduced with the recent Move tool update - we're aiming to fix this as soon as we can!

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   I am finding the new "Move/Copy" command very tedious to use. It's OK if your only working with one object and manipulating it in

different ways, but if you are working with a lot of components and a lot of bodies, and doing primarily the same thing, it's tedious

and time consuming to have to set up the dialog box every time you use the function.Why not have all the dialog boxes for all the editing

functions default to the last user setting (even if you reboot the program). This way you can do batch editing, (such as moving a lot of

bodies or parts around) without having to set up the dialog box each time you use it, but still maintain the ability to do different edits

to one object.  

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fusion 360 really needs a move to command to go in the move dialog box. to move/snap a cylinder to another object at a point or position  on the other object. maybe it could be called snap to, but i hope you get the idea. the idea would be similar to ansys spaceclaims move to command...

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Add a preference selection button for navigation that allows the user to enable re-centering of the graphics window to the mouse tip when zooming with the scroll wheel. This will allow simultaneous pan and zoom moves with just the scroll wheel. This is a common navigation technique in other CAD platforms. Its absence is driving me crazy. 


Works like this:

Need to pan to the right to re-focus on a different object, move the mouse to the right part of screen, scroll out. Window re-centers with each scroll click, and effectively pans while zooming out. Once object of interest is on screen, locate mouse tip on object and start scrolling in, object of interest moves to center screen, adjust mouse to follow object, continue scrolling until desired zoom is reached. 

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER adding ability to MIRROR SKETCH TO a DIFFERENT PLANE, and connect constraints in order to edit one you edit multiple others sketches in another planes.






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3D view engine needs to be faster !

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago |

I do not know what causes the slow down in Fusions 3D view but with dense models it tanks

literally reducing the frame rate to a speed that makes it hard to work with.


The same model loaded in Alias provides a fluid and smooth workflow no matter if the model

has 3000 or 9000 surfaces.


So it cannot be my hardware which is why I made the Alias test.


The same model tested on a surfaceBook pro running win10 and using a much weaker GPU

runs dramatically faster than the MacPro I have with 2 GTX 970s.


So it seems that in addition the Mac version of Fusion has a openGL speed problem compared to

the Fusion for Windows.


Even selecting patches in Win is faster - at least the engine showing the patches being blue and selected

runs noticeable faster on the surfaceBook. 


I am not sure if the offenders are:

  • the selection / highlight system
  • the added effects etc in 3d view
  • or the 3D view display engine in general.


However something really is making Fusion unable to deal with dense cad data I tested here in my studio

but also in the engineering department yesterday at work at Wayne State.


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Compound Moves/Aligns

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast nallenscott on a month ago - last edited a month ago |

It used to be possible to move items by chaining multiple move types together in a single op - starting with one move type then switching to another type to continue the move. This behavior changed with recent updates such that selecting a new move type returns the item to its starting position, limiting you to a single move type each time. Chaining multiple aligns together in a single op is also broken.


Compound moves/aligns are enormously convenient. Please bring this feature back.

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It seems that I cannot adjust the distance the splitting tool extends out when I select the 'extend splitting tool'.  Sometimes this will extended splitting tool will run through other parts of the body I do not want to include in the split. If I could adjust the length of the splitting tool, i could solve for this.




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it would be nice to be able to customize your thread count on the thread option within modeling when creating threads. Sometimes ill get parts in that have a standard .250 hole but it will have 6 threads per inch. right now its just the standard thread counts that are standard with the diameter of the hole.

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 Permanently deleting Designs is a poor idea.  All designs should go to a deleted design location from which they can be reloaded or restored to their original location.  A roll off of deleted designs on a calendar basis would be acceptable.  For example, if I haven't wanted to recover it in 6 months, it could be removed.  That should be configurable, with a NEVER option.


The rationale for this is that people make mistakes.  Software makes mistakes.  When a person intends to delete an old design but deletes a new design (not versions) or when the software has a bug, the design should be recoverable.


For example, I had a design that I wanted to move to a better location in my project structure.  The design was unmoveable, apparently because of some not yet implemented feature per an Autodesk authored forum page that I didn't discover until later.  I could have exported it and restored it but instead I loaded the design and Saved As to the desired location.  Then when I deleted the design in the original location after confirming that it was the new location, the design disappeared in both locations, losing about 60 hours of work for me.

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sometimes I need the upper part of a circle or an ellipse to be construction line and the lower part should be a 'normal' sketch line.

But I can only convert the whole circle / ellipse to construction line or 'normal' line.

Great would be if I can select multiple quarters of a circle or ellipse (like with the trim tool) and switch it to construction line.


This is useful for extrusions. Construction lines don't separate profiles into multiple parts. So I can easy extrude only one profile instead of multiselecting serveral parts of the profile.



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Ability to order Sketch Palette items

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant skubie on a month ago - last edited a month ago |

re-order.pngIt would be great if one could re-oder the palette items to a user's preference. At the very least, it seems to me Options gets used much less than Constraints and therefore Options should be below Constraints


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3MF file format

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast and.magro on a month ago - last edited a month ago |



The new AM file format - 3MF, already arrived to SW.

Since Autodesk is also a founding member of the 3MF consortium, can I expect soon the integration of this file format in Fusion 360?




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I would like to see the sketch commands like trim, offset, etc. on the grid to they are immediately accessible with a mouse click.  One place is to include them on the sketch pallet with the constraints.  Optionally be able to drag the menu to the desktop.  I don't need the icons, just the words, like spline, polygon etc. and a fly out menu option as needed.  it slows down the designing each time I have to click on the menu dropdown.

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A backside chamfer tool is needed. It can be faked by using a Dovetail tool

A double sided one is more useful and cannot be faked.

See this link for an example.

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The ability to see a preview of the canvas in the selected aspect ratio before publishing in the Animation workspace.


See my post here for all the details:


Meta note to Autodesk: Please give us the ability to copy the HTML from our own questions so that we can migrate them to IdeaStation upon request by others.

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It would be really nice if that when you open the constraints panel on the right hand side and right click on one of the constraint icons that a little help box would appear that gives you a quick and concise explanation of exactly what it does without having to leaving the sketch environment.

Status: Accepted

Thanks for your idea - we can improve the tooltips to include a brief description. We'll look into this and keep you posted on when the improvements go live. 

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I recently wanted to chamfer all edges of a part but leave just one edge unchamfered.


I couldn't find an easy way to do this other than selecting the whole contour, selecting the complete contour again so it turns red, clicking the U-shaped icon in the HUD, selecting all the edges I wanted chamfered leaving only a single edge unselected and then clicking the green 'plus' sign to add the selected edges to the contour.  Although this worked, it could be a long-winded effort, especially if there are many edges or small edges that are easily missed.


Would it be possible to have an extra option via the HUD where you could select the one (or more) edge you didn't want and then click a button to select the inverse of what you have highlighted?

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Because honestly it is junk:


1. it slows down the system

2. it makes working with the grid difficult


Why do I see the grid where my mouse was (top of the lefy object) and not everywhere on the canvas.

No application does that besides Fusion and when you zoom in out in sketches it can get choppy.


I feel those visual effects are really not a smart idea - it might look pretty or cool but for power users

they are a real pain in the you know what I mean.




Status: Implemented
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fusion360 often hides all sketches at a local level and you have to open the sketch tab and recheck every single sketch!!! pls add a feature to show all when you right click the sketch tab!!! see attached img.

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Disto S-910 plugin (3d measurements)

Status: Archived
by Explorer Seth789 on ‎05-31-2016 06:06 PM

Can someone with some skills make a plugin for the disto S-910 to work with Fusion 360?


If we model in 3d, It helps to be able to measure in 3d too.


Video shows the plug in for AutoCad.




Status: Archived
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Add SketchUp to navigation options

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer Seth789 on ‎05-29-2016 08:07 PM

Can you add Sketch Up to the list of navigation options?


I noticed Alias, inventor, and Solid Works navigation options in preferences.  However, they are all equally horrible if you're coming over from SketchUp to learn Fusion.  


Orbit : Hold down middle mouse button, drag mouse.

Pan: Hold down middle mouse + left mouse button, drag mouse.

Zoom: Roll the wheel (no change here)


No need to hold shift, just the mouse, just use one hand.  Trust me this is way better!




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Render Iteration Cap

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer vurtex on ‎05-29-2016 03:02 PM


If I have in-canvas rendering turned on, my CPU will always be at 100%. Usually by the 50th iteration everything already looks fine and I don't need more iterations. Sometimes I accidentally forget to turn off in-canvas rendering or I forget to switch back to Model mode and it affects me using other programs or I go do something else while my CPU heats up and stays at 100% for hours. This seems like an easy option to hide in the settings somewhere and it will at least help me feel better about not melting my CPU.

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Idea Station

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor ah.fathy on ‎05-28-2016 01:25 PM

I think the Whole Idea for this new IdeaStation is a very brilliant idea

is there any way to have this idea station inside fusion 360 program itself as a new tab to include the following:

1. the next update time and its content

2. the future implemented ideas

3. request for future idea 

i hope you like this.

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What I want is an option for entering the X Y and Z coordinates on the Move dialog whereby the move is calculated to be from the current location to the values entered. To do that now (and usually I am trying to move a point) I have to select the point and note the current position, press M, and use a calculator to determine the deltas needed to get from here to there and enter my calculations in the boxes.


In cases like these, I am trying to replicate a portion of some existing object design, working from physical measurements, usually starting my sketch based around the origin. I want to preserve the parametric abilities so I can take advantage of them as my drawing evolves.


This should not require much core change as best I can see, it is changing the dialog to allow the computer to figure it out rather than requiring me to use a calculator. I don't think I would want this new behavior to be the default, I only want it to happen if I click on something (perhaps a little icon like the ones for move pivot and such). Basically, when specified, I want my resulting relative move amount to be "entry minus current position" instead of just the entry amount.

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no limit to zoom in

Status: Accepted
by Advocate Coscor_NPL on ‎06-16-2016 03:15 AM

Hi all


I have great deal of problems with the ability to not being able to zoom more in.


it might sound stupid, but it means a lot when you're projecting in a sketch, and cannot see (or even fix) any gaps in the profile


Why not just let us zoom forever? or at least so that 0.005mm fills the entire screen?


thanks! think it should be easy enough to implement, right?




Status: Accepted

So we have made an improvement for the upcoming late September release.  We've changed the camera zoom clipping from 0.5mm to 0.05mm.  We did not go to infinite zoom in order to keep a balance of zooming into a level that is usable, and not paying a big performance tax.  Hope this helps and would like to hear you feedback after the update on this.


hope this helps.



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I am aware that decals are mostly to add visuals and canvases for reference geometry, but decals have disadvantages for specific applications in adding visuals, while the crazy red border make sing Canvas impossible.


* decals are harder or precisely align or scale as they dependent on the geometry of the model, not just the plane. (Of course they even CAN'T be attached to planes.)

* decal center must be on the object. this means that if I have an object with a hole in the middle and a decal that's essentially a frame, I need to make the decal file asymetrical as a workaround so that the centers don't align 
* decals have reflections and wraps around hole and geometries, especially in transparent materials. what if I don't want that? (and I dont)
* sometimes you want to leave in a precisely sized background as a part of the visual instead of decal. for PCB models for example. 

So: I would LOVE to be able to hide the picture frame/border!



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add show hide ghost in viewmode panel

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on ‎05-22-2016 10:01 AM

would be faster to switch between show and hide ghost bodies when inside TS edit and selecting it via

the viewport mode menu instead of preferences.


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The more complex your design the more useless the browser gets to navigate and organice your objects. period.


While we have components that again makes only sense when you really are ready to consider components.


For designers in the conceptual phase that is just added extra work that is not always needed or ideal.


In my screenshot you can see that I have mesh, BREPS, and a folder with unstitched.


Users really should be able to sort the browser as they want like any other layer system allows!


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Symetrical Extrustion

Status: Accepted
by Contributor jhackney1972 on ‎05-21-2016 12:07 PM

Change Fusion 360 symmetric extrusion option by distance to be the total extrustion distance rather than half.  In Autodesk Inventor if you want to extrude a sketch symmetrically about the sketch plan you enter the total extrustion distance not half of it.  Fusion 360 forces you to either type a mathmatical distance or figure it in your head.  Cut out the extra step.


Example: I sketch a rectangle and I want to extrude it symmetrically about the sketch plan by 40mm.  I should be able to type in 40mm in the distance field not have to divide by two to get 20mm on each side.  Pretty easy here but to do one that is a total of 411/64" distance, I have to type extra characters in the distance field to do the math because I am not that fast on doing this in my head.


The two applications should match anyway!

Status: Accepted
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Additional tool bar customisation?

Status: Archived
by Explorer jamesrichardcoyle on ‎05-20-2016 08:25 AM

It would be quite nice if the toolbar could be shown vertically along the sides of the screen rather than just at the top or bottom. On widescreen (16:9, 16:10, 21:9) monitors the vertical space is limited yet the horizontal space is in abundance. It makes much more sense to have the toolbar vertically on the left or right side in my opinion as it makes the remaining viewport less rectangular. Options to adjust the icon size would be nice too as they don't really need to be as big as they are.

Status: Archived

Thanks for you idea - we don't see this happening any time soon, but we are working on a better UI and user experience for Fusion 360, and this has been captured as something we look into as part of that project. 

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yield strength

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer sasa.srnec on ‎05-20-2016 01:53 AM

Mark the yield strength on the Legend

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forceeffect motion app in 360

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor hendrix8 on ‎06-25-2016 11:57 PM

i use force effect motion / flow app , and it has inside app in 



can it be add to  Fusion 360 ?  

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Status: Implemented
by Contributor veganagev on ‎06-25-2016 02:09 PM

i would love to see fusion 360 have the capabilities similar to solidthinkings "inspire". the website is:

I think this is about the only thing lacking in fusion 360 I can think of. inspires ability to give a better model in terms of strength makes this super valuable in any designers pipeline. thx ill be looking forward to seeing this feature soon.

Status: Implemented

@veganagev We released very similar technology in the tech preview of our Shape Optimization simulation study type. Please check out the details here. Please let me know what else you would like to see in this technology segment.

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Present folders and files in a simple way like in Windows

Status: Archived
by Explorer scottericanderson on ‎06-24-2016 11:02 PM - last edited on ‎06-24-2016 11:03 PM |

This has bugged me ever since I first launched Fusion 360 which was like 2 years ago.  Didn't touch the software for about 1.5 years and recently opened it back up and this still bugs me.  The way files in Fusion are presented is simply too unconventional. 


But this isn't unconventional in a good way that adds any value.  There are these big Icon things.  And I can't read the file name because there isn't enough room for the text.  There is this preview image which could be 1/5th the size and I could still recognize the shape, but it takes up so much room I can read the text.  If I switch to list view, I have these big file chunk things stacked vertically.  Not the list I'm expected.   Again, not enough room to read the text.  Fusion is being too creative with the way files and folders are presented makes it unconventional which can make it hard to conceptualize what the content is (or prevent fundamental information like file names from being presented in exchange for big-bold text or big preview icons such that you can read the file name) and this is a problem.


And unconventional only hurts if it's trying to replicate something that has an accepted standard.  Just because I have the files on this new cloud storage thing doesn't mean I should have to look at files in a different way.  Cloud storage companies like Box and Dropbox had the same problem early on if I recall correctly.  Instead of standard Windows Explorer views like list-view, detail-view, etc., there were these different ways of presenting files.  Now the big file storage companies have an option (often times the default option) to show files in a basic way. Listing out files has been figured out a long time ago.  Windows XP --> Windows 7 --> Windows 10, the way files are presented are about the same. Files and folders are files and folders, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.


So the suggestion is this:

Present a file view like Windows Explorer's file view.  This will make it easier for me to transition in and out of Fusion.

Status: Archived

Hey there, thanks for your idea! We are currently working on an experience similar to Dropbox where you'll have a folder view into your Fusion 360 account. You'll be able to organize and browse your projects/designs just like how you would in Windows Explorer. Expect something like this to be available in the next couple of months. 

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I frequently export designs to use in external simulation softwares, it would be great if there would be an option to select which unit to use for the exported file. I'm not sure if it's a consequence of my settings, but for some reason my STEP's come out in centimeters.

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 Please, add the ability to edit tolerance parameters while sketching.

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Touch Screen Input

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant todd.sandercock on ‎06-09-2016 12:19 AM

Currently when using Fusion 360 in tablet mode on the Surface Pro 4 the pen/touch input works really well until values need to be entered for dimensions, etc or a command needs to be confirmed/cancelled.

When numerical input has context a popup numpad should appear on screen to allow input and then confirmation/discard without the enter/escape button not being available.

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You can Pan with middle mouse button and Orbit with Shift + middle mouse button. However, to switch mode you have to release mouse button first. So switching from Pan to Orbit is: release mouse button, press Shift, press mouse button.

It would be cool (and much faster) to switch mode on the fly when you press/release Shift button without necessity to release then press mouse button.


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Machine control panel

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer DJmikenative on ‎06-29-2016 01:27 PM

I would really love to have a simple machine control panel inside Fusion 360. I am thinking of printrun style or the machine control panel from simplify 3D. Just a simple jog control, communication and ability to initiate a g code to play from SD card.


Having such a feature would allow me and other (DIY/Home CNC users with simple machines) to use Fusion 360 from concept to realisation without using any additional software.


At the moment I have to switch over to Simplify 3D (at the last hurdle) to jog my machine, set zeros and initiate playing the g code (that I uploaded from within Fusion 360).


I think a real simple way to communicate with the machine would be a brilliant addition, especially for mac users for whom there is little on offer.  

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Could not find where the Idea Station page or link is, so I post it here....


This proposal arises from :


Propose feature:   Take any closed or open sketch object, enter N sections to split.


By closed sketch, I mean an object like a triangle, polygon, circle, ....etc   .

This object can be a subset of another object.

In case of closed object, the user can select all lines in existing object that needs

to be split into N (or section angle = 360 / N ) parts.




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pipe routing

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer MaxMulholland on ‎06-01-2016 09:50 AM

 having some interface similar to the pipe routing tool in autocad Plant 3D would be an amazing addition to fusion 360. 

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Having tried different materials to look like my Teak sample, I tried Mahogany, and it looks exactly like my real Teak.


Having looked at the Internet, I would say that your 3D Mahogany material looks much more like Teak really does than Mahogany.


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kudos not showing [Ideastation bug]

Status: Accepted
by Advisor roambotics_scott on ‎05-06-2016 07:57 AM

The last week or so, upvoted ideas haven't been showing they they're upvoted



That /\ is from an idea I upvoted and if I click it again, the vote count goes down. Very confusing :)

Status: Accepted

Vendor engaged and investigating

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Restrict Access / View Only

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer adambridgman on ‎05-16-2016 09:49 AM

Mark files as internal property so that when the file is shared some models cannot be measured.  Positional dimensions would still be available, but size dimensions of internal IP would not be measured.  Alternatively, share with view only access (cannot measure anything).

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you make one body

round the edges

split the body into two.


now with offset face you can:


offset - change the sides of the body individually


But you cannot:


with offset adjust the just the fillet radious of a split body

it will adjust in the timeline the first fillet value for the complete body





this is really needed when you want to shrink a body including the fillet - currently with fusion I cannot make correctly smaller edges.

when rounded edges are at an angle

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Fusion 360 is unable to apply the same mirror command it can use for features and bodies to a sketch object ?!


The inside sketch mirror works good when you want to mirror it along the cplane of the sketch.


But if a sketch is at a rotated custom plane and you need to mirror that along a specific axis with a different rotation you cannot do that.


In my screenshot the sketch has to be mirrored along the Y axis to the left.



Status: Archived

archiving due to lack of votes.

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The goal of this feature is to radically improve the process of converting imported meshes into smooth water-tight solids suitable for modeling operations and export to common formats.


The Problem


The current "Mesh to Brep" tool is incapable of converting simple mesh shapes into smooth analytic surface / solid. As an example, I attempted to convert a simple Lego brick, starting with an imported STL file. After conversion, critical features like holes and extrusions were still faceted, not true cylinders like one would expect.


Proposed Solution


Rename "Mesh to Brep" to "Mesh to Analytic" and add the following capabilities:


Mesh to Primitive


  • Sphere: convert mesh into solid sphere defined by center point and diameter.
  • Block: convert mesh into solid block defined by length, width and height.
  • Torus: convert mesh into solid torus defined by major / minor diameter and center point.
  • Cylinder: convert mesh into solid cylinder defined by height, diameter, point at base & top center.
  • Cone: convert mesh into solid cone defined by height, diameter, point at base center.
  • Ellipsoid: convert mesh into a solid ellipsoid defined by center, and three diameters.


Mesh from Profile


  • Planar: convert mesh into planar surface; arcs and circlular mesh segments are converted.
  • Extrusion: convert mesh into extruded solid, incl. conversion of precise cylindrical holes and fillets.
  • Revolved: convert mesh into revovled solid, incl. conversion of precise cylindrical holes and fillets.
  • Stitched (N-Sided): convert mesh into n-sided solid up to "n" sides.
  • Stitched (Arbitrary): convert mesh into planar facetted solid (current functionality).


Dialog Mockup


Reference only. The idea is to use the "Curve Simplify" options to get the desired result, eg. using the Lego example above, the initial tolerance of "0.01" might give you faceted holes and extrusions (undesired), while changing the tolerance to "0.02" results in true cylindrical faces (desired).


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I found that others are having the same dispute as I am with the 2d drawings. The need to have control over line weight and color. The current drawings appear very "clunky" as they are. Perhaps having layer control for drawings with line weight and color specified for each layer would be a good idea.

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the submission! We are changing this to a future consideration idea and will keep you posted on when we will get to it. 

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Fusion crashes after closing

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor connorvega1 on ‎05-11-2016 01:35 AM



I believe this was happening on the mac version and it was fixed with the latest release. However now it's crashing on my PC. 


Also, after starting F360, the CPU load on my computer starts to spike for no apparent reason. 




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Function for disabled people with hands/fingers problem, who use mouse with two hands. They can not push alt and mouse button in one time.
You can set that Ctrl, Shift or Alt will automatically hold/block for 1,2 or more seconds (depending on the settings) till time the user push mouse botton and then automatically hold till the user finish the action.

Or first alt push befeore mouse click will "ON" command and second in the end of action will "Off" command.


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Render Outline View Option

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant airmachine on ‎06-20-2016 12:38 PM

Similar to Maya (I think.), I think it'd be nice to know the perimeter in which the render is actually covering. I'm on a small 13" macbook and it's a waste of time to position model in the display, render check, adjust position and so on every time I want to render. If there were outlines in the view, showing the area that would be rendered, that I could also toggle on/off this would save time. The toggle could be in the menu shown in the image below. Besides this, thanks for making a great product.


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My apologies for where I posted... but I cannot find a place for reporting website issues. If you have one, you might look at moving this there and making its existence more obvious.


Email updates on topics I participate in are great. One thread (Cloud is down?) has become... um, tiresome. I found the place where I should be able to unsubscribe from that topic. I can check a box next to that thread, but the link at the top of the list does not do anything except reload the page. I expected to get a choice such as "unsubscribe checked" but nothing like that appears.


I am using firefox 47.0 (latest version). Don't know what else to add but something isn't working there.


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Drawing Symbol for DIN ISO 13715

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer ebertKHS5W on ‎06-20-2016 12:15 AM

I am missing a function to annotate edges in a drawing. Specifically the symbols defined in DIN ISO 13715.



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plane along path

Status: Future Consideration
by Enthusiast SEIZMICdesign on ‎07-07-2016 07:49 PM


"Plane Along Path" is great, but in addition to dragging out a distance, it would be nice to be able to anchor it to a point along that path as well. 

Status: Future Consideration

 Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration.  We have plans to improve plan along a path to have it be set to a specific distance instead of percentage and parametrically snap to a point.  When work gets started this idea will be changed to future consideration.




Mike Prom

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Surface continuity improvement

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor alandmarino on ‎07-07-2016 01:02 PM

Hi, i've found this issue when lofting surfaces. If the option "smooth" is activated, only surface continuity is ok, but not the edges. Here an example:



Thank you!



Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, we have plans to better control edge continuity with our loft tool.  When work gets started this will be changed to future consideration.




Mike Prom


Internal Tracking FUS-18087

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Component Level Selection Sets

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Matthew_Curran on ‎07-07-2016 10:28 AM

It would be great to add selection sets at a component level. This is because if a existing design is brought into a new file it will lose its selection sets. It is a huge waste of time to have to go back and recreate all selection sets each time. 

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measure an arc radius

Status: Implemented
by Moderator on ‎04-23-2016 12:51 PM


It would be nice to measure the radius of the arc as Circle 


Arc Measure window


Circle Measure window


Status: Implemented
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Improve versioning system

Status: Archived
by Participant office on ‎04-28-2016 07:12 AM

Saving and creating new versions should be changed and separated. I think current solution when you save design and Fusion will automatically create a new version isn't good since versions are useful tool to go back and do revisions. Current behaviour will cause a lot of versions over small changes (or no changes at all if you for example click "Edit Sketch" and exit it without doing anything and then save) which is not useful.

What I would propose is the system where you save a file and Fusion will ask you if you want to create a new version from it (add an option like "Save as a new version"). That way it will save changes to current version by default (Ctrl+S) and if you want you can create a new version (i.e. Ctrl+Shift+S), add description and then continue to work on it.

Status: Archived

Given the discussion above, and the things being worked on as mentioned by @charegb, we are archiving this idea for future reference.

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Lathe drilling and tapping

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer sin_arms on ‎04-28-2016 07:00 AM

I would like to see Lathe drill/tap. I'm pretty sure it's not currently an option and the mill side doesn't work since there are no mill/lathe post processors. I really could use this option. Thanks

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Hello The Team,


I just imported few STP, STL, and IGS files from GrabCAD with the same name, just their extension differ.

Alas in Fusion360 Data Panel, if I see well my imported files, they are all with the same name so I can't know which ones are the one with the ".stp", or ".stl", or ".igs" coming from.


So I have to go for each file into the web browser A360 app, then open the version popup windows for finally see what is the original name of the file with its original extension (marked as "imported from..."). You know what I mean ?


It could be very helpfull to see the original complete name of the file directly in the Data Panel, as well as it is already shown when the original file is a PNG or JPG file for instance.


Hoping this will grab your attention,
Best Thoughts,

1 Kudo

I have multiple components in a single drawing, but one of the components is allowed to rotate withing the assembly. Whenever that component is rotated in the model the drawing blows up because it is referencing the view from the assembly origin and not the component origin, which is should be fixed relative to the component. All of the components were created in the assembly model.

I have not found a way around this without fixing everything, which sort of defeats the purpose of having different joints the first place. If there is a solution please let me know.

If you could allow me to switch reference origins or if you could just make the component origin the standard reference like it is in every other cad program that would be very helpful.


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Speed up the forums

Status: Archived
by Advocate friesendrywall on ‎10-31-2016 07:47 AM

The forum is so slow, can we enhance this?

Status: Archived

Yes, we are aware of this and are trying to improve the performance and speed of the forums. We've been experiencing some weird issues where we're working on fixing. 

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Steep and Shallow toolpath

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer c-watters on ‎10-27-2016 07:45 PM

A nice addition to Fusion's Cam toolbox would be the addition of a combined steep and shallow 3D toolpath. A single 3D toolpath which machines both the shallow floor areas of a model as well as the more vertical areas or walls of a model.


A slope management section similar to that already found in many of the toolpaths in Fusion could be implemented to control how the toolpath handles this. ie. using 2 input fields, one to set the shallow range and another for the steep. The 2 ranges determine how the system breaks down the different areas of your model and applies the appropriate strategy.


A single toolpath combining a z level or waterline strategy with something like a morphing spiral or constant stepover could finish an entire part with one easy step and even further enhance Fusion's highly regarded reputation for ease of use. 

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drawing view crop

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor LuebkerJ on ‎11-09-2016 11:34 AM

allow drawing views to be cropped