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sometimes if I have voted for an idea I unvote it a few days later because not always I can remember which idea I already voted for.


It would be great if - after logging in - I can see if I have already voted for an idea or not.

The 'Vote'-button should get a different color (e.g. green) so I can catch at first sight if I already voted or not.


Status: Under Review

Sorry for all of the votes/unvotes @thburn , I was testing the UI behavior.  Agree that not only is it hard to tell if you've voted today, it's actually a bit broken (in that after a page refresh the button returns to the same state as before you voted).  I'm investigating a possible fix.

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Auto Update should wait

Status: Under Review
by Explorer enj2307 a month ago |

Auto-update takes insanely long, especially when all I want to do is check something quickly. Update should offer an option to "Update Now" or "Update when I Exit" so that we aren't stuck waiting around for it to finish and then reopen before we can actually get to work.

Status: Under Review
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Right now, there is no indication as to whether I have already voted on an idea on IdeaStation.  The only way to tell is to click on the "+ Vote" button and see if the Kudos count goes up (meaning my vote was new) or down (meaning I must have voted already, and forgot).  I'd hate to take away Kudos from a good idea just because I liked it twice!



Status: Under Review

This ask makes sense to us. Let me bring it up with our forum team and see what we can do. 

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It would be really nice to be able to add a counterbore or countersink to the backside of a hole not just the front of it. This can be especially helpful when adding a hole from a flat face through to a curved face that need a counterbore for a fastener. The only way I have found to do this is to add a construction plane where you want the counterbore to start and model it manually.


Status: Under Review

We're investigating this and discussing this with the team. We'll keep you posted on what we find. 

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Hide a single face or other geometry

Status: Under Review
by Advocate carloquinonez on ‎11-28-2016 12:06 PM

I'd like to be able to hide a faces on a body. For instance, if you're designing a manifold for multiple solenoid valves, it would be nice to hide one of the faces to see all the internal ducting inside the valve manifold.Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.58.09 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.57.19 AM.png





 The way this was implemented in CATIA was, basically, by having an alternate display layer. Normally, the view only showed what was on the default layer, but you could also show the hidden layer or both if you wanted to. CATIA only had a 2 layers, but I'm sure multiple layers would be useful. Beyond just hiding, you could assign sketches/construction geometry to their own layers and if you could easily toggle between the different layers, it would eliminate much of the hunting through sketches and construction geometry to find what I need. 

Status: Under Review
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Many designs involve motors powering rotating components.  Why not have an option when assembling rotating joints to simply cause the joint rotate at a selectable speed.-- in essence a motorized joint.  I already model devices with motion links, then couple them (using more motion links) to a manually-rotated crank modeled near the edge of the screen.  This usefully animates the whole device in the model space, but is hand-cranked!   Almost everything to do this is already in the program, since joint animation is part of the preview in joint assembly. 


Status: Under Review

Thank you for your idea, the team is reviewing the requirements and will change the status once a decision is made.




Mike Prom

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Work Off Line

Status: Under Review
by Contributor john.steck on ‎09-20-2016 02:11 PM

There should be an option to work off-line, not connected to the internet.  A time restricted authorization token could make it work... similar to how a traditional license server lets users 'check out' a time restricted license for off-line access when traveling.  


Additionally, cloud storage is great but it would be better if it could work more like Google drive or One Drive with your project files stored on a local folder that syncs to the cloud in the background.  This would enable off-line modeling until the next opportunity to connect and sync data.



Status: Under Review

@john.steck - are you aware of, or have you ever used Offline Mode today in F360?  Are you looking for something different than this?


The second half of the idea around syncing particular cloud data to your desktop is a project that the team has been working towards, but is a large and complex project that is still pretty far out.

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I've been hit up by this a handful of times over it seems like at least a few months. Is anyone working on Ideastation ‽ I still can't tell that I've up-voted things without mouse-overing them


Capture d’écran 2016-12-30 à 08.01.25.png

Status: Under Review
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Angle falloff material

Status: Under Review
by Contributor BartsGarage on ‎10-18-2016 06:17 AM - last edited on ‎10-18-2016 06:26 AM |

This is my first post on IdeaStation and was advised by @colin.smith Community Manager.


In this thread I was asking about multicolor iridescent material (basically based on angle falloff map). Such materials are used commonly in car-paint shaders but I am rather interested in coated lens like material (used e.g. in modern sunglasses).




































Anyway it could be a simple two color angle based shader with adjustable transparency and reflectance. I believe It would help a lot in visualization coated lenses and other iridescent stuff.

I hope you like it and vote for having it built-in in next versions of Fusion 360!


Status: Under Review
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New Design - Auto Create Component

Status: Under Review
by Collaborator TMC.Engineering on ‎06-14-2016 12:38 PM

When creating a new design mt very first step is to create a component then activate it.  I would like to have this happen automatically.  I would like a prefence setting that I can check on to have this happen by default.  The picture shows what I mean.  you could do in a pull down too if there are mulltiple flavors of the idea (ie. create component, create component and activate, do something even better)




Status: Under Review
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color codes for HEIGHT panel

Status: Under Review
by Participant jhs44 on ‎02-25-2016 08:26 AM

 Depending on the viewing angle, I often have trouble reading the height-level labels. I think color coding on the HEIGHT panel would help.


Status: Under Review

This is a good idea that can be leveraged not only in CAM, but also throughout Fusion 360 where color coding is needed and improved. We are looking into this right now to see what are some things we can work on right away. 

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Further to a conversation elsewhere on the forums, here's the issue.


When double-clicking and using the V shortcut key to hide components, it is possible to accidentally single-click and end up hiding the body instead. Currently, there is no way to know if a body is hidden unless you pop open the component in the browser and also open the Bodies group within it. If you have a large number of components in your design, as is typical when you're modeling an assembly complete with all the fasteners, it is easy to end up in a situation where you may have accidentally hidden a few bodies, but since they may be physically inside the assembly it is really difficult to figure out whether this is happening and, if so, what components may be affected.


There is already a top-level right click menu option that turns on the visibility of all components. I propose that an extra menu item is added that turns on all components and bodies.


Since sometimes there are cases where this might not be a good solution, I suggest a UI change. Currently, in the browser tree view, light bulb icons only have two states: on and off. I suggest adding a third state, perhaps showing as a half-illuminated bulb or a bulb with a line through it or some such. From a clicking perspective, the bulb is only on or off (i.e., clicking an on or third state bulb turns it off, clicking an off bulb turns it back on), but the third state would be used when a body within the component is hidden. This makes it visible at a glance when bodies are hidden without needing to pop open the component's subtree. The third state would essentially mean 'hidden by something else, so look elsewhere to turn me back on'. It could therefore also be used for turned-on bodies within a component when the component is turned off at the top level. This wouldn't change functionality in any way, but would make the underlying logic visibly explicit rather than implicit, reducing mode confusion from the point of view of users.

Status: Under Review
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A good quick feature to add that makes for better user experience and model development speed is to add model parameters and user parameters to the dimensions.  This is present in Inventor but not Fusion.  I use it a lot and miss it now that I am a Fudion 360 user.

Status: Under Review



We have implemented the ability to type in a parameter name and as you start typing a list of parameters (user and model) that start with that letter appear and can be selected.  Does this solve the intended workflow of your idea?


Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 11.50.40 AM.png




Mike Prom

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