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This may also be available on Windows, unsure.


I've been attempting to map one of the extra mouse buttons I have to "esc" so that I can stop what I'm doing and move onto something else without hitting the keyboard.


This has proven nearly impossible. Being able to change these menu items to something that is more of my workflow work would be a major improvement.

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 Permanently deleting Designs is a poor idea.  All designs should go to a deleted design location from which they can be reloaded or restored to their original location.  A roll off of deleted designs on a calendar basis would be acceptable.  For example, if I haven't wanted to recover it in 6 months, it could be removed.  That should be configurable, with a NEVER option.


The rationale for this is that people make mistakes.  Software makes mistakes.  When a person intends to delete an old design but deletes a new design (not versions) or when the software has a bug, the design should be recoverable.


For example, I had a design that I wanted to move to a better location in my project structure.  The design was unmoveable, apparently because of some not yet implemented feature per an Autodesk authored forum page that I didn't discover until later.  I could have exported it and restored it but instead I loaded the design and Saved As to the desired location.  Then when I deleted the design in the original location after confirming that it was the new location, the design disappeared in both locations, losing about 60 hours of work for me.

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I think the Combine tool should be able to select more than one body as the Target Body when the operation is set to Cut. In the example below I'd like to select the 3 rectangles and cut the cylinder out. I could use Boundary fill set to intersect but that takes twice as many clicks and is not as obvious an option.




Status: Future Consideration

HI Mark,


I think there a number of areas we can improve our boolean functions.  I'm changing this to future consideration as we likely won't get to this in the next year as we focus on improving the depth of our core modeling and sketch capabilities.


I have, however added this request to our backlog.





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Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.



Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.

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There should be an option for importing and exporting a clip and any sound (Music). So that animation tool bar can be become a working environment..ddd.png

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To make Animation tool bar as actual working tool bar. There are few command or tool in animation toll bar 

For clipping there should be a splitting command and Start end time Every clip should move free up down and left right,

Transition option and Text should be there in Animation tool bar....

It should be a working area....



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Double Clicking on Material Should come into "Material Manager"

There are Drag option to take a material into "Material Manager"

There should be more easy option by double clicking on material. It should come into "Material Manager"


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Trapezoidal threads are created with the wrong angle (currently 60° but should be 30°) which makes them unusable in real life. Before the latest update it was possible to change this in the threaddata folder and also create custom threads that aren't available (even multistart threads could be made with a copy and rotation) but since the latest update this folder has disappeared along with the custom threads I had made. It would be great if this could be restored to allow customising or even better allow custom threads to be input directly in fusion rather than having to edit the xml files.
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Include an option or refactor the existing parameter naming to be unique per component not per design. 


Inserting components that are then set to unreferenced (i.e. break link) should not have its parameter names auto-changed to be globally unique if a parameter of the same name exists anywhere else in the design.  Duplicated user parameters could be avoided by prefixing or postfixing the component name with an unused character (e.g. "FooComp:BarParam", "BarParam@FooComp", etc). 


At a minimum...


  • For users, some dialog should be displayed listing those parameters that should be renamed.
  • For programmers, an API should be included to handle the event thrown before the auto-naming action to give the programmer the ability to rename the parameter to something more usable.  Frankly, if we had this event then it would be trivial to create an auto-naming add-in to implement a naming scheme like that shown above - e.g. "FooComp$BarParam" could currently be created via a "Before_Occurrences_addByInsert" event since the "$" is an allowed character in a parameter name.


The current process of Fusion automatically appending a numeric index (e.g. "_1") to duplicated parameter names results in a confusing set of parameters that quickly become meaningless and impractical to reference in assemblies with a significant number of parameterized components.


The current parameter UI is an improvement over the Inventor parameter UI in that all the parameters for all components (assuming they are not referenced comps) are grouped per component.  That organization is helpful.  However, the lack of being able to use the component name to reference parameters limits the complexity that can be effectively managed with Fusion.  A list of "Width", "Width_1", Width_2", ...  "Width_N" parameter names quickly becomes difficult to manage and comprehend... especially when you are trying to communicate design intent to others in your team...

Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration.  From your request it sounds like you are looking for a way to control parameters in a way similar to configurations.  You are referencing how we change the naming, however there is a bigger picture that we are looking to address sometime in the future. When we explore how we are going to solve this problem, we will evaluate this design.




Mike Prom

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only works in the browser


but I mainly work in the timeline and not the browser


so ideally I want to be able to show hide those in the timeline via the RMB menu


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.05.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.05.23 PM.png

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Hide Login name

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer thelophius 3 weeks ago |

Hi I have a small suggestion, possibility to hide full name.I would like to make tutorial but i don't want to show my full name in top right corner when uploading to Youtube and I feel like more people would make videos if there were a possibility to hide name. I know this software is marketed for professionals/artist/makers where you don't care if your name is known. But if i have small Youtube channel  i don't want for my subscribers to know my full name. 

MS paint example (I'm not an artist).





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Fusion Team,


A recent update introduced the ability to create stacked text in drawing annotations.


Unfortunately, there is no ability to edit the stacked text unless you include deleting and retyping. That is not difficult for some fractions, but can mean extra typing if editing a tolerance.




For a reference, you could use the stacked text editing tools in AutoCAD or Inventor.


If you feel that editing for stacked text could be improved, I welcome your vote.





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One extra option that Inventor has more that Fusion 360 is the ability to wrap on a cylindrical Surface . Though the extrude in Fusion is way beyond inventor . Still Fusion cannot beat the ability to wrap the text along a surface .And the option that is missing is .. The wrap sketch along face in the 3d sketch tab of Inventor that is not available in Fusion 360


Kindly see the below image where you will get an idea of what option will enhance text wrapping in Fusion 360. 


wrap option in Fusion 360.jpg


This option will be useful to engrave with 4 axis strategies using the 2D contour wrap tool path where we will select the trace to trace the path . Finally helping us to achieve cylindrical engraving

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Hide a single face or other geometry

Status: Under Review
by Advocate carloquinonez on ‎11-28-2016 12:06 PM

I'd like to be able to hide a faces on a body. For instance, if you're designing a manifold for multiple solenoid valves, it would be nice to hide one of the faces to see all the internal ducting inside the valve manifold.Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.58.09 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.57.19 AM.png





 The way this was implemented in CATIA was, basically, by having an alternate display layer. Normally, the view only showed what was on the default layer, but you could also show the hidden layer or both if you wanted to. CATIA only had a 2 layers, but I'm sure multiple layers would be useful. Beyond just hiding, you could assign sketches/construction geometry to their own layers and if you could easily toggle between the different layers, it would eliminate much of the hunting through sketches and construction geometry to find what I need. 

Status: Under Review
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When I designing a 3D printer I noticed fusion 360 have no joint/ motion belt/pulley...




I think it would be a good idea to integrate these motions.


Have a nice day.

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It would be helpful to be able to use the keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+C = Copy, CTRL+V = Paste to copy text boxes when in the drawing environment. 


I am currently putting several small parts onto one drawing and wanted to put a similar looking note below each part indicating the part name, material, and scale.  Right now I have to make a new text box each time, type the text and format it.  


It would also be nice to be able to left/centre/right justify text in text boxes.




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Right now, when a fillet / rule fillet / shell fails, a window pops up saying that the fillet could not be done, but there is no feedback exactly where the operation failed.  99% of the fillet could be OK but that 1% is what makes the entire operation fail.


Please highlight where that failure is (I think you already have that red highlighting in the Sculpt environment when a sculpt object self-intersects, for instance).


Here is an egregious example where (of course) the fillet would fail...but many times the failure is on some very small part of and edge that is not easily seen.  I am also confident that there are other operations like this, but fillet / rule fillet / and shell come to mind (maybe Thicken? Chamfer?).


The priority for me, though is the fillets!



Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, I want to be clear that there are two ideas here and this is being changed to future consideration for the fillet fail.  We are looking at improving the fillet tool and will explore this idea being a part of the solution.




Mike Prom

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It would be really great if Fusion had a module for motion study. In which we can find out the velocities accelerations at required points in the mechanism.

I dont know if this is too much to ask but a multi body simulation module as a package would be ultimate .

Thank you fusion team
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It would also be useful if PLA and ABS and other filaments used in FDM printing were available in materials. As well as others from Shapeways, etc.. useful for simulation


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Our team communicates via Trello and Slack, and as such, it would be good to be able to send either a text Hyperlink or a file alias/shortcut which allowed the file to open locally in Fusion360. The only people receiving the link/file would already be part of the project in Fusion and so would have permission to open and edit files.


At the moment, we are manually typing out the nested folder structure but as the jobs become more complex and the nesting gets deeper, this becomes quite a chore.



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Move tool

Status: Accepted
by Enthusiast lacrimacz January |

Until a recent update, I could combine multiple move types in one operation. So I could move a part to its approximate location using Free move, then zoom in and finish fine positioning with point-to-point (e. g. without having to first zoom to object 1, pick the first point, zoom out and pan to destination, zoom in there and pick the scond point...). 


In the new version, when I try to switch the move type during the operation, the object being moved returns to its original location. To do what I used to do before, I have to close the Move window and then open it again. Putting it very mildly, this is extremely annoying.


The original behaviour was much better in my opinion. If returning to original position is really something that is necessary (it certainly is not for me), I would say a local undo within the move dialog would make more sense.

Status: Accepted

Changing to Accepted - we'll be re-adding this capability soon.


For now, after the Free Move stage of the move, if you hold the right mouse button, drag up and release, it will directly Repeat the Move command, which will essentially apply the first step and allow you to switch types and perform the point-to-point move. This should make this workflow easier than manually re-invoking the Move command.

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What ails me so far on my Fusion journey, consistently has been when editing a sketch my view often goes zooming off to a seemingly arbitrary position and zoom level. This event, unfortunately, results in me hastily navigating back to the same location, time and again when editing any particular sketch. 


Now I am not exaggerating the level of waste that this action has on, I can only imagine, everyone's workflow. This seemingly minor inconveniences surely have some aggregate effect on us Fusion users. 


Please consider adding a command for capturing the canvas' camera's pose to use as the default pose of a particular sketch.


Kind Regards,

Matt | MSH

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Please, make an checkbox that appears when creating a new component that says "This Object is a Parent Component" or "No Parent" or something else. This would make my job SO MUCH EASIER!  Keep up the good work!

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At the moment we cannot render section analysis results, this would be a very powerful presentation function.

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Be able to move folders

Status: Archived
by Enthusiast roberto January |

If everything was synced locally as a dropbox folder then one would be able to move and organise files 100x faster.
Right now I noticed I cannot move subfolder to a new location.

Status: Archived

We are working on something call Autodesk Drive which will be similar to what you are asking for but not exactly the same. I'm archiving this for now. Please open a new idea once you have had a chance to explore autodesk drive in the next few months.


Are you moving the data between projects and do you own both projects? If one of the projects are actually owned by others, this is blocked by design today.



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Select entire area enclosed by a profile

Status: Implemented
by Explorer astorsanden on ‎09-19-2016 10:43 AM

The way geometry is selected is really frustrating, especially when you need to select 15 ridiculously small areas to extrude that circle you've just sketched because of underlying geometry. Having the ability to override this by selecting a contour profile would save a lot of time and frustration.






Status: Implemented

This is now possible with the new sketch selection filters!

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     In my design there are a lot of joint and it is quite large file with 125MB of .f3d file 

     There should be an option for file size reducer.

     Due to joint and constrained my PC is not correctly working on this project.

    After giving a command One option of "Send Report" comes and whole fusion file close up 

     can we solve this issue.

    I am still unable to solve this issue of File Size.

    I have already loose my some design  Data of Project which I have done within 5 Minutes or less. Due to 5 minutes file saving time    

     automatically in Preferences of User Interface.

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Couldn't this hot key serve double duty based on the mode one's in when typing it?


Status: Archived
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There is a big market about fluid mechanics and electromechanical stuff, using design functions, and boosting "kind of" routing generator/part converter/integrator as special environment as is done in CAE/FEA module, this brings the professional market to F360 usage, I am a Inventor, ACAD MEP and Plant 3D user, and "boosting" this specs into F360 design filosophy, will atract mechanical/process/plant designers from the conceptuelization of component/part design, to functional enginering parameters scenario, this being the real productive goal.

In syntesis: "Routing options, ex. Electrical, Piping/Plumbing, and P&ID generation in it."

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I've given up using sketch mode for anything but the simplest drawing tasks  (like for instance a plumbing fixture).  


This is the principle source of loathing - Auto constraining;  often unpredictable and has at this point has negated hours of work.   Auto-constraining of lines the instant they're drawn and/or come in contact with another line makes more work than it saves as one must hunt around and unconstrain them.  Then even after that the GD lines are re-constrained!!


This is not automation in the sense it makes for more efficient designing - its more like the opposite of automation.  


I'l like the application to stop helping me.  Leave my lines alone until I decide it's time to place a constraint!






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After the latest update the move function in fusion 360 does not support Move to a face anymore. How should I assemble anything now? Only workarrount that works sometimes is to move from point to point and move a known length in the direction I need my part.

Status: Accepted

This was a unexpected issue introduced with the recent Move tool update - we're aiming to fix this as soon as we can!

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I really like the concept of design intent, however for me before I get there I need to experiment and play around with ideas, graphically.  I would like a mode in sketch that turns off all the constraints and rules.  I would like to freely move things around, change and edit unfettered. Also add more editing/trimming tools.


I could not afford the full Autocad packages so I use Autosketch which you sunset a number of years ago.  But it is a  great low cost 2D CAD tool and it is still available but not updated for a long time.  I still use it because it is the fastest 2D cad tool I have ever found.  I would like to see many of these tools added to the sketch environment.  Once the design concept is complete, turn off the sandbox mode, and add all the constraints etc for a solid design.   Right now I am deleting constraints which were automatically added which prevents me from doing what I want.  So right now I do this conceptualizing in Autosketch.


Basically in sandbox mode is used as a rapid design prototyping environment before any intent is solidified.   What I am asking for is simply turning off all the automatic constraints.


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Home View Shortcut

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor dialsc a month ago |



Could we please have a shortcut to move the view area to the home position just like when you click to the little house beside the orientation cube?


I've got a 3D mouse, a SpacePilot from 3Dconnexion and been using it for quite some time. I got used to also use one of the buttons on that mouse to go to the home view position and I'm missing this one very much within Fusion 360 which I started to use just recently. Having this additional short cut we would be able to map it to a certain key on the 3D mouse.


I think this would be one small step for [a] software, one giant leap for SpacePilot users... ;)

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In T-Splines for Rhino it was able to use a bunch of curves to create a T-Spline surface. Something similar in Fusion 360 would be nice.


Status: Future Consideration

We have this on our roadmap for T-Splines.  Release date TBD.


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Quick Name Dimensions

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer cole.smithU95GB on ‎12-16-2016 09:47 AM

In Autodesk Inventor, you can quickly name a dimension for parametric modeling by entering "totalWidth = 15in" into the Sketch Dimension toolbox in place of just "15in" - this doesn't work in Fusion. The only way I have found to do this in Fusion is open up the Parameters dialog and manually edit the spreadsheet, which becomes time consuming and tedious!


Attached is a photo of how this feature works in Inventor.

Status: Future Consideration

This is important for us but we have some more critical sketching projects such as getting fully constrained sketches out of preview, improvements on sketch solver and performance, CV splines, as well as number of other things in sketch you current just can't do. Hopefully we can get to through our list quickly and get to this soon.

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Precisely that. I often nest components to simplify and keep the Browser "short" and facilitate other tasks like making patterns (e.g. nesting joint components within the section on which they will be inserted). The problem is that when I create a parts list in the drawing, I only see the parent components.


When the file contains nested components, the user should be allowed to:

1.- Include the nested components in the parts list

2.- Select which parent components are to be expanded for inclussion their nested components in the list


Maybe a nut/bolt set needs not be separated into two but a section with several of these needs to be expanded to account for all nut/bolt sets you will have to buy.




Status: Accepted

This is on our 2D drawings roadmap and is slated for sometime mid-year. 

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Fusion 360

Status: Archived
by Explorer S3Custom January |
After yet another workday/work hour server outage, I think it would be a great time to add a (perhaps optional) local autosave archive. It KILLS workflow when the file you need is inaccessible in the cloud. Local export of files is possible, but painfully slow and cumbersome.
Status: Archived

Thanks for your idea! We're working on a project that lets you choose while projects you want to make available offline. You can read more about it here:



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I am working in a region where there are lots of valve companies and people repeatedly ask me for a flow analysis to be done in Fusion 360. Cause solutions like Simulation CFD are a very costly tool. 


So my kind request is to atleast bring some limited flow capabilities in Fusion 360. 

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It would be nice to have a command to create a slot of a certain width along an open-ended sketch curve.


It is possible to create it ourselves using two offsets of the curve and two connecting arcs, but it would be nice to automatically "thicken" the curve into a slot.

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the submission! We have this in our backlog, but currently are focusing on higher priority sketch projects. We will keep you posted on when we get to this. 

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I would LOVE to have a mode where I can just model with T-Splines (preferably with history) and without losing my T-Spline mesh to an auto-convert-to-nurbs and not being able to easily keep tweaking my T-Spline mesh!

I just want T-Spline modeling without losing my T-Splines and without it being exclusive to a separate mode where if you exit it, you lose all T-Splines.



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Hi Guys,

I could use some help with this - i am using a cnc gang lathe CMS GT27 with 8025 Fagor control

So i have been having this issue for a long time and have asked about it in the past and the response is it is in the post processor. I have tried to make changes and all looked ok for a little bit but when i started trying to cut a radius is where the issue happens the worst. so for the most part i have given up and i come to the realization that it is not the post processor and here is why


1) when setting up the lathe tool holder in edit tool  i select Counter Clock Wise direction but the tool just flips over then i select the orientation to the way it is installed on the Lathe that would be from the X- to 0 not the normal X+ to 0 and then the path generation is unable to create a path. it gets path error and it trying to generate the tool path from the X+ to 0 direction 


2) when i leave the tool oriented from the X+ to 0 but CCW selected, then it creates the code but it uses  G03 and all positive X values.


3) i change the G03 to a G02 and also change the X values to be negative but the radius is still not correct.


So you might ask please upload a the drawing but that is not needed, just make a .5 cylinder 4" inch long and a .25 radius on the end and you will have the drawing also use any post processor that comes with fusion - i use Haas Lathe same issue


use any tool you want. but fusion 360 will not be able to  produce the code to use the tool from the negative X direction. only works good as long as the tool is from the X positive direction.


It would be nice if the Fusion group would address this issue instead of claiming it is a post processor issue. It is not - it is related to a core limitation in the software it self !!!!!


Then you guys say -> fix this in the post processor.


So to fix this in the post processor is the wrong place and could also be dangerous. if you make the mods and get used to using it that way and then add a tool from the other direction and  crash. (yes you should verify the tool path every time but if ignored could cause some issues.) so then have different post processors for each tool variation. pain in the ..


So the root of the issue is located in the Lathe Tool Edit page under the setup tab and it lets you select witch way the tool is pointing but if you select the lower arrow (X- ) it will still put the tool above the center line of the material. It should drop the tool below the center line to be correct and then generate the tool path in the Negative X. otherwise that selection in that menu is useless  and should be removed. also to add a picture of a peace of material in the middle of the arrows for orientation would be good.


as far as The clockwise or counter clock wise checkbox, It should be changed to read tool facing upright or upside down - the spindle direction should be derived from the direction the tool is pointing at the material and if it is upright or upside down to do it correctly, and then place the tool in the drawing in the correct orientation.


i wish the fusion group would address the issue instead of passing it off as a post processor issue - it is  a fusion issue and needs to be fixed, so far it looks like you know it but do not address or

maybe have never used it to machine anything and don't see the importance.. I guess if your market is just hobbyist then who cares  whether it is correct or not but if you are trying to compete with real professional software then it should be fixed. 


Its funny, i have seen a lot of the help vids put out by people from autodesk and showing how to use the software, how to use the CAM processor And it has been very helpful, But i don't think they have ever cut a single chip with the code it generates. it would be nice to see if the developers that made the Videos could Actuality use to make a part from the generated code.


So please fix the issue in Fusion, it is not in the post because that is not the correct way to fix a programming error.   



I need a crow bar to pry with but i could use a screw driver to do it, Is that the right way ?    No!


Please let me know if any other ideas to fix this issue

Thanks for any input


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Right now I have to calculate manually the number of instances I need  to fit in my total angle.


When I design my first feature I know from it what's the angle it represent but I don't necessarily know the total angle and number of repetitions I need for the the features to fit together. You can see in my picture I did my first rib in the center of this case and then patterned it but I had to fiddle a while around to find the total angle and then calculate the number of them I needed.

It would be good to add the option to input the angle between feature and number of instances like you can do in many other software.

Screenshot (40).png



Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! The team reviewed and think that this is something we can get to close to first half of next year. A lot of our teams are working on Sheet metal, so it's hard to pull them away right now. We have this captured in our backlog and will let you know when we start work on this. 

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For reference:







I'm currently drawing some components to be formed and cut by stamping and I need to identify in what direction I want the burr and how much of it is acceptable and currently there are no symbols for this in the Drawings feature.

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This idea was originally posted here:


...but was archived due to there already being an equivalent functionality in Fusion.   However, the suggested equivalent function uses mouse gestures, which I (and some others) don't really like.  Particularly I find mouse gestures difficult to use due to the style of trackball that I use.


Anyway, the requested functionality is an "apply" button for commands that typically require many selections to be made (like fillet), or are repeated frequently (extrude, move, etc.).




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Coming from a background in Catia, one thing I seemed to ALWAYS use, especially in large assemblies, was the ability to toggle on or off visible/hidden workspaces. This is important primarily with large assemblies as you start to hide surfaces, bodies, components/etc searching thru all those drop downs becomes extremely tedious especially if its a small patch, or screw/etc that was hidden for CAM/etc. 


I'd love to just be able to toggle visibility to see everything that is currently hidden then show or select what I need that's hidden then toggle back to my visible view as normal. This would be ideal if it were available over all workspaces, but primarily the Model and CAM. 


Attached is something I've been wanting to make for a while. Found a decent model but has over 60 components. I've hidden a couple parts of the main housing, but none of the components are named they just have a part number. Right clicking the body hides the body not the component so now I need to go thru every single component and open it, then open bodies to see if its turned off which is going to take way too long most likely. This is just one example of why this would be beneficial. 

Status: Future Consideration

We are investigating how we can do this. It won't be in-product any time soon, but we've heard this come up enough times that we need to look at what we can do to make this better. More to come. 

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I would like the ability to create Pulley belt system:

  • V-Belt (Multiple or single groove pulleys)
  • Timing Belts
  • Flat Belts



 or Chains/Sprockets:

  • Roller Chain and Sprockets
  • Conveyor Chains (electrical conduit)


This feature would allow me to create and animate mechanisms with realistic movement. See the below discussion for reference.



Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for this good idea, due to resources and other architectural dependencies it will be a while before we can work on this.  Once work is started the idea will be changed to accepted.


Tracking using FUS-24729




Mike Prom

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To select line command by pressing space bar from key board like in Inventor or Autocad. It is a habitual to press space bar in inventor or autocad so we want to add select a line by pressing space bar and deselecting this command by Esc... To repeat a command by Spacebar

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Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.

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Currently there is an inconsistency in the UI showing or not showing the origin cPlanes.


You can see that Section view does not while Mirror does show the cPlanes.


It would be great if the user could decide if they always should show or not by default (in preferences)

or make them show up anyway by default.


Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 9.39.59 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.52.09 AM.png

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With a cylinder primitive I can only extrude into one direction - that is limiting when for example you need symmetry.Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 7.19.29 AM.png



With a sketch as a start and then extruding it I can extrude into both directions.

 Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 7.19.14 AM.png



So ideally the primitive should grow into both directions.

Currently I would need to extrude the other side by as much as I defined the length of the cylinder

adding an additional modeling feature to the timeline.

Status: Archived

In this case, we recommend users to start with sketch instead of primitives. We currently have no plans to improve primitives and are focusing on higher priority projects. 

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Often, I find I am creating duplicate geometry accidentally with sequential clicks on an object when projecting geometry. This unfortunate event often results in multiple instances of the planned line in the sketch. It would be best I believe to have it prevent a projected geometry edge from being projected into the sketch multiple times. 

2 Kudos

After working with the CAM in Fusion 360 a bit I found one thing which really bothers me a lot. It is the fact that when-ever you make a change to an operation or the setup the operation(s) are marked invalid and need to be recalculated.


I think there are some common situations where I do not understand why operations need to be recalculated. For example:


  • Change the program name/comment at the setup
  • Change the spindle RPM or the feed rate for an operation
  • Change the cooling settings for an operation
  • (Maybe) change the Saftiy Hight of an operation
  • If you use surfaces as blocking surfaces you often change the visibility of them, e.g. hide them. Every time you do that, all your operations are marked invalid.

So, it would be cool if you could improve the logic to decide whether or not an operation really is invalid.


11 Kudos

The essential ability to select multiple splitting tools is non existent for example when using a sketch pattern each and every individual of the pattern must have its unique split face feature, although there is a way to get around this, it is time consuming, and this is a basic feature that should be urgent in the next update.



7 Kudos

Add a split command to splitting a clip into two part as per we can split a clip and able to delete unnecessary clip.

1 Kudo

Please allow us to scale the bubble size or allow us to specify a block for the symbol.

22 Kudos

Branched\multiple Pipe

Status: Future Consideration
by Mentor on ‎12-14-2016 03:38 AM - last edited on ‎12-14-2016 03:59 AM |

It would be useful if you could select multiple paths with branches for the pipe command. Also allow selecting multiple paths that don't touch. It would help laying out waterways and runners in mould tools.


Screencast example done in Rhino.


Status: Future Consideration



Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration.  Right now you can select multiple segments when using the pipe tool inside of T-Splines.  The modeling pipe tool is actually limited by our chaining selection capabilities, which is something that we are working on improving in the future.




Mike Prom

2 Kudos



It seems that I cannot adjust the distance the splitting tool extends out when I select the 'extend splitting tool'.  Sometimes this will extended splitting tool will run through other parts of the body I do not want to include in the split. If I could adjust the length of the splitting tool, i could solve for this.




26 Kudos

Spiral along curved path

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer hoh0003VA6MC on ‎12-01-2016 03:03 PM

Currently you can only create a spiral along a straight line, it would be extremely useful to allow you to use a curved path, such as to make a spiral cord. This is a feature SolidWorks has but Fusion seems to lack.

Status: Future Consideration

Hey there, thanks for the idea. This is something we want to do and is in our backlog, but we are not sure when we will be able to get to it since there are higher priority projects we are currently working on. Looks like there are a couple of work-around below. We will keep you posted on when we begin work on this.  

24 Kudos

WIth todays server outage and the apparent frustration of your customers and no useful offline solution on the horizon I find it would be very, very good to have some server status in fusion, perhaps pushed by a dedicated service and not through the A360 pipelines. As it is now, I spent a good hour trying different ways to get online, looked on the forum and after a while a thread appeared with the information. 


Also, you need to have much more redundancy than this if you expect serious users to jump aboard. I love fusion, but when these things hit, SolidWorks looks mighty tempting and the price point isn't huge compared to F360 Ultimate. I've lost this days work now and I'm figuring I'm not alone in this frustration. Would be a shame to see Saunders or other big proponents of Fusion leave due to your cloud not being up to standards.

Status: Accepted

Yes, we are working on this, but don't have an exact date on when the project will be done. This is a high priority and will keep you guys posted./ 

120 Kudos

True 3D sketching

Status: Future Consideration
by Collaborator yoshimitsuspeed on ‎05-19-2016 10:55 AM

Fusion 360 desperately needs true 3D sketching. The ability to create a sketch not associated to a plane. The ability to connect a couple tangent arcs to get from one sketch to another. The ability to sketch something like the runners of an exhaust manifold that aren't planar.

Status: Future Consideration

This idea is getting changed to future consideration.  We have plans to add 3D constraints and dimensioning to 3D sketch capabilities.  Our team is working on getting fully constrained out of preview and a few core sketch requirements before we can start on this.  Once work is started the idea will be changed to accepted.


Thank you,


Mike Prom


Internal tracking FUS-8588

1 Kudo

Creating a new component from part of an existing component

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer udaikp on 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago |

Recently, I was working on a design for a mold. After creating the cavity with the runner and gate, I wanted to make the gate a separate insert so that it can be replaced to counter wear and tear. I understand that this is fairly standard practice in mold designing.Image_1.pngImage_2.pngImage_3.png


























As you can see from Image 1 and 2, I constructed the required planes to split the original component according to the dimensions of the insert I wanted so that I could identify the gate insert as a separate component.

The problem comes in Image 3. The new component,Gate Insert,shows up as a component within the Cavity Insert, which has been changed to an assembly now.

It would be a lot easier to find in the Browse window if there was an option to make the new component independent of the parent component.


14 Kudos

Pipe needs the ability to define


also a start position




length with using a dimension



Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea Claas - we are marking this as a future consideration idea and have it captured in our backlog. 

18 Kudos

Apply Button in various commands dialog boxes

Status: Archived
by Advisor Beyondforce on December - last edited December |

Hi Guys,


Adding an Apply button to various commands dialog boxes, will allow us to keep using the tool instead of reopening it over and over again.




Cheers / Ben
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Status: Archived

Thanks for your idea. You can do this today by doing a right-click and drag up. This activates the repeat command, but when used in the middle of a command, it acts as the apply action. See the gif for a better idea. 


apply action.gif

14 Kudos

When using the 2D > Engrave tool in the CAM workspace, generated paths are very far from optimal.  Some paths result in 90%+ unnecessary movement.  This is most obvious when engraving text.


I make some simple signs with names on them.  Below is a small screenshot of part of the tool path (I don't want to include names, so I can create another screenshot with generic text if needed). Just for some perspective on the cost, the word "Always" is about 5 inches long and the body is roughly 30 inches.  Each time it does an unnecessary movement, it's not just a little movement, it's traveling in some cases 20 inches just to come back to where it was!


Let me summarize the movements below (sorry if i missed any):

  1. In the word Always, it enters on the y
  2. Goes off and does another letter y on the other side of the body 
  3. Returns to Always and engraves the comma
  4. Moves up to the letter l (L) and engraves it
  5. Goes off and does a letter L on the the other side of the body, followed by another letter near that one
  6. Moves down PAST Always, to another word, engraves one letter
  7. Moves up PAST Always to another word engraves one letter
  8. Moves up to Always, engraves the letter A
  9. Moves down to another word engraves one letter
  10. Moves back to Always and engraves A followed by W (enters W from the middle...)
  11. Engraves the letter S


Please optimize these movements, or provide us with a method to optimize them manually.

Thank you so much! 




P.S.  I love Fusion, this is just my one gripe!

Status: Archived
8 Kudos

I am having no end of difficulty getting my sketches fully constrained.  It would be nice to have a feature like the one in Inventor that "auto constrains" the geometry in the sketch. 

12 Kudos

It would be really nice if that when you open the constraints panel on the right hand side and right click on one of the constraint icons that a little help box would appear that gives you a quick and concise explanation of exactly what it does without having to leaving the sketch environment.

Status: Accepted

Thanks for your idea - we can improve the tooltips to include a brief description. We'll look into this and keep you posted on when the improvements go live. 

2 Kudos

This would be a great tool to have. I feel if a program allows you to extrude text you should be able to fine tune the text.

22 Kudos

Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! remove or disable the default orthographic renderings. They are absolutely disruptive to my workflow and serve no purpose and slow down my wok flow and clutter up my thumbnails..Gosh they are awful!


When I delete them they are regenerated, just an agonizingly horrific user experience!!!


Make a button to turn it off or disable this so called feature.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.20.54 AM.png




Status: Future Consideration

Adding this to the backlog. 

3 Kudos

Opacity Control

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer jtodd313 a month ago |

Fusion 360 opacity control is too limited in scope.  Opacity control should be available for all bodies, components, and faces.  Why it's not is just unimaginable.  There is also one other frustrating shortfall.  If you have a top level model with multiple linked models, like printed circuit boards, heatsinks, brackets, and an enclosure you loose opacity control over all the linked models.


1 Kudo

In drawings, It would be extremely helpful if we could locate hole centers and points based off of the zero Origin 

126 Kudos

Custom shortcuts / mapkeys

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer srosendal on ‎04-24-2016 02:39 PM

It would be very nice to be able to set your own customized keyboard shortcuts (mapkeys / shortcuts / hotkeys) !


I find personal shortcuts to be extremely powerful, and use them in Inentor a lot.

Status: Future Consideration

Hi srosendal,


we hear you loud and clear.  We have a backlog item for this, but we do not have a current prioritization for when we can realisticaly deliver this.  We have provided a number of shortcut paths with our Toolbox (S-key) and search.  


backlog reference:  FUS-19636





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Foam cut

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer rideonbeat a month ago |

It would be great if we can use fusion 360 to generate g-code for wire foam cutting, or if we can control the path inputs and outputs maintaining the plasma/laser/water cutter on.

7 Kudos

Press brake CAM

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast bryan5 February |

With sheet metal just around the corner and the CAM features to cut and nest on water jet, plasma, and lasers being added as well; I wanted to know if there is a future plan to add bending CAM to Fusion for press brakes.


In my opinion this is the logical next step for the sheet metal work flow.


Thank you

1 Kudo

There needs to be a setting in the drawing preferences dialog to set the default units to fractional inches and the precision selection needs to change to fractional increments to match.



2 Kudos

Hello, please, add the feature to remove the ribbon, or make it smaller, like this:


And please, give the option to remove this useless line.


Also, add the option to scale the windows of the features, that pops-out.

Thank you.

6 Kudos

Fusion Team,


When you toggle of the visibility of a sketch, the light bulb changes from yellow to blue.



When you toggle off the visibility of sketch dimensions, the light bulb remains yellow. Only the text toggles between Show or Hide.


That is confusing and inconsistent. Will this be addressed in a future release?





4 Kudos

Ability to order Sketch Palette items

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer skubie on a month ago - last edited