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I'd like to have a normal constraint that can be applied between a line and a curve, to make said line normal to the curve at the point of coincidence.


In current versions one has to do a rather clumsy workaround for this, where you first have to add a construction line that is tangent to the curve, and then set your line perpendicular to this construction line.


Should be fairly easy to add, I'd think, as all the maths necessary is already there.

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the submission! We have this captured in our backlog but we are not sure when we will be able to to get to this work. We will keep you posted. 

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specifically when reverse engineering or such you want to be able to quickly show hide selections.


Fusion does not offer a real hot key manager ( this is really crippling fluid workflows)


So here is another incentive idea why we need hotkeys we can define.


while creating the sketches I often have to see the obj mesh.

so I select the mesh body selection and hide


but it would be faster if I could via key combo select the brep bodies and hide them

in reverse when I want to show them a command would be useful that hides what is visible and shows what is invisible


Fusion only has a key for hide - but not show all/hidden.



Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.47.29 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.47.10 AM.png

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If sketch lines are oriented horizontally or vertically, when dimensions are applied to them, that dimensions are also will be horizontal or vertical. So, if I rotate the sketch profile, all such dimensions become wrong. And I have to delete them and reapply aligned dimeansions manually to restore correct shape.



I suggest to add ability to manually change alignment attributes for dimension lines. For example, add corresponding context menu (like it's done for "Toggle Driven"):

f360_dimension_menu_suggestion.png  f360_dimension_menu_suggestion2.png


Also, it would be great to have "Default Dimensions Alignment" settings somewhere in Preferences. Where I could choose between "Horizontal / Vertical" (parallel to axis, as it behaves currently) and "Aligned" (parallel to line, as I would like to see).

Status: Archived
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Hello,  first let me say that I'm enjoying learning Fusion 360.  Being a 20yr Solidworks guy, I've got some habits that are really hard to break.  I'm not requesting that you turn your software into Soldiworks, but I do have an easy enhancement request that would make a lot of sense.


When I model parts, I create sketches and the extrude, revolve, sweep & etc - same as solidworks.  However, in Solidworks I have my preferences set (as well as my designers) to prompt the designer to enter the name of the feature when its created.  Naming your features as you make them is a great way to be able to quickly go back and modify things and understand the history tree better.


I'm sorry, but with Fusion its difficult to understand the history tree, see the second pic below.  It takes forever.  Going back and giving the features names (after the fact) helps, but in order to see them I have to carefull hover over the tree with my mouse and wait 100ms for the tag to pop up.  Why not assign a keyboard key (say n) that when pressed shows the names of all the features.temp_name_labels.JPGdesign_history_bar.JPG




Yes, the text gets int the way of the other icons, but all I need is for them to pop up so I can find my feature, as soon as I realase the n key, they go away.


Thanks and keep up the good work,

Walt Dannhardt

Status: Future Consideration

Hey there! Thanks for your idea. We reviewed it and wanted to share some thoughts. As easy as this seems, it is not an small project. We have plans to improve the usability of the timeline, and what you're describing is definitely something we want to tackle. With that said, you brought up the delay that occurs when you hover over an item in the timeline. This is something we can look at right away and see if we can get rid of that delay so that names popup immediately. 

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Variable feedrate

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor jcsantilli 2 weeks ago |

I would like to suggest a "variable feetrate" on the tool tab with a minimum and a maximum value.

For example in the part that I attached, the tool start cutting a big chunck of material, but when start cutting the dome the passes are very light and would be nice to be able to speed up the process.



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Presently, "S" brings up the Sketch Toolbox- the customizeable tool crib -but that's where the work flow comes to a grinding halt: making a selection requires finding the tool with the pointer, clicking.

Proposal: when the Sketch Toolbox is open, regular hotkeys are deactivated in favor of customized hotkeys assigned to tools user-bound to the Sketch Toolbox.

What this would look like:

type "S"> type any hotkey

Now both hands are free to contribute in tandem- keyboard and mouse - instead of trading back-and-forth between tasks neither is perfectly suited for.

Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezey.

Number of users who want this: 100%.   The number of developers that don't is the mystery.

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There should be an option for word  spacing of Letter as well as Horizontal and Vertical in Text Environment. Gap between letter is constant and is not vary constantly. Add more option for Horizontal spacing and Vertical Spacing in Text Environment.16709517_1881838588727494_1387131506_o.pngccc.JPG

Status: Archived

Thanks for the idea! We're currently focusing on higher priority projects. We are also planning on allowing better interoperability between Adobe products (Illustrator for example) and Fusion 360.  

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How about introducing Injection & Compression mould simulation features from Moldflow over to Fusion 360 - Induction Heating - Controlled Valve Gate Opening - Best Gate Location & MOULD DESIGN!! (Although not technically a simulation feature - haha)

I think this kind of update to the simulation workspace is very much the logical step forward and would further elevate Fusion 360 in what it can do.

Just a quick shout out to the Fusion 360 team, I think you're all doing a great job. Fusion 360 really is getting better and better.

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I would be nice to to have to have an option to keep existing joints when patterning a component.

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Right now Fusion doesn't have a quick way to sketch lead in chamfers. It would be great if the chamfer tool was a little more intuitive where you can select an angle and length then chose what face you want that chamfer to be on. This would help on round parts you would machine in the lathe.


Example would be a 15 degree angle and .200 long. This would be a lead in for a sleeve that needs to be press onto a shaft.

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Status: Future Consideration

Than you for your idea. Yes, it "should", but making that happen is a long way's out because the math + code to make this happen is a huge undertaking. We have higher priority projects we are working on at this time. 

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3D view engine needs to be faster !

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago |

I do not know what causes the slow down in Fusions 3D view but with dense models it tanks

literally reducing the frame rate to a speed that makes it hard to work with.


The same model loaded in Alias provides a fluid and smooth workflow no matter if the model

has 3000 or 9000 surfaces.


So it cannot be my hardware which is why I made the Alias test.


The same model tested on a surfaceBook pro running win10 and using a much weaker GPU

runs dramatically faster than the MacPro I have with 2 GTX 970s.


So it seems that in addition the Mac version of Fusion has a openGL speed problem compared to

the Fusion for Windows.


Even selecting patches in Win is faster - at least the engine showing the patches being blue and selected

runs noticeable faster on the surfaceBook. 


I am not sure if the offenders are:

  • the selection / highlight system
  • the added effects etc in 3d view
  • or the 3D view display engine in general.


However something really is making Fusion unable to deal with dense cad data I tested here in my studio

but also in the engineering department yesterday at work at Wayne State.


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This is a complicated program. The little snippets that appear to show what a tool is used for are great. However, there is often no feedback provided to the user when something is:

 1) greyed out / disabled  - have a little message appearing explaining why.

 2) When you try select an object and drag it and it just doesn't move - have a message that says why it won't move.


There are so many other areas where this could be useful, it would make the more user friendly and much product easier to learn.

In fact, the lack of feedback is pretty much the reason for every one of my posts so far - I know what the Extrude function should do - but have no idea why the profile I want to extrude won't be accepted as a valid selection. There are so many time when a little user feedback in response to a click or drag that yields nothing would be useful.

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Combine components

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matth 2 weeks ago |
What would help my work flow tremendously would be to be able to cut with entire components, rather than bodies. This way I could edit a component pattern feature inside a cutting component adding a patterned instance that automatically cuts.
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Double Clicking on Material Should come into "Material Manager"

There are Drag option to take a material into "Material Manager"

There should be more easy option by double clicking on material. It should come into "Material Manager"

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Hi Fusion. Gotta say F360 is brillant, best thing since sliced bread


I use it with a DIY 3 axis cnc table that works both as router and as a plasma table. Designed using Fusion


When I used Fusion for plasma cutting I have a problem with cutting sharp angles. The issue is that the plasma jet (and I assume water jet) has a lag of about 15 degrees. so when you take a sharp 90 degree turn it take a while for the jet to catch up. This leads to a under cut, negative rake. So when viewed side on the cut is not 90 degree to the Z plane but at an angle of about 75 degrees


The solution appears to be instead of going round the corner you over shoot, then come back at 45 degrees and then start the next edge. See the red line in the image below. 


2017-01-29 19_10_35-Autodesk Fusion 360.png


By overshooting the corner and then have a new lead in allows the jet time to catch up


The corners look sharp when looking at the Z plane. But when looking at the X or Y plane a distinct angle is visible


Happy to wait since I generally only cut 3mm steel and its not to noticeable


Keep up the great work




Status: Accepted

Godo news, the team has agreed to add this.  

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Import command

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast marlonstark on 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago |

Would it be possible that the IMPORT tab will be added so that i can import models and directly open in the model space


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Allow Sketch Offset to extend + AND -

Status: Future Consideration
by Participant nickiago on January - last edited January |

It would be useful, and eliminate an extra step, in allowing a sketch offset to be bi-direction as it is in SolidWorks (see attached pictures) for extrusions and other features.



Fusion 360 sketch offset.JPG













SolidWorks sketch offset.JPG




Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! This is something we'd like to get to, but we need to get offset from an offset into the Software first. Captured and marking as a future consideration. 

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checkmark-on-opacity.jpgIt would be great if when selecting the Opacity of a body, that the current selected opacity was indicated in some manner. 

Like a checkmark or something as shown in the mockup. 

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Revolve along path

Status: Archived
by Participant eddelbeck January |

Hi there,


I'm missing a command like the one in Rhino: "RailRevolve": a line/curve is revolved around an axis along a path (two sketches needed).




I tried it in Fusion360 in the PATCH environment as a sweep but didn't work. Any other solutions? Otherwise I am greatfull if that could be added!


PATCH Sweep.jpg











Status: Archived
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Some times I feel like arrow...



sometimes I feel like a dot...


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It would be great to prompt the user with an "Are you sure" before commencing with the PLAY all history feature in the timeline.  I've been stuck waiting too many times because I've hit the button by accident.   I have a project compiling as I type this feature request ;)



Thank you

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Threaded holes

Status: Accepted
by Advocate jkelindberg January |

How about adding the option to add threads to the hole tool? As it is now, if you want a threaded hole you have first to create the hole and then add thread.

Status: Accepted
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I don't know if anyone noticed the amazing 3D wood textures. I use them almost exclusively given my trade, please consider allowing us to choose them as a default material in our preferences dialog.


Thank you,


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Currently, I can't change the mass units independent of the length units in modeling.  For example, I can't set my length units to inches and view the mass of my model in pounds.  Simulation has a variety of measurements with different units that can be changed in Preferences, but those units don't apply to Modeling or CAM, etc.  Also, there is a different set of units for how properties are displayed for Physical Materials.


We should have a consolidated and comprehensive set of units that can be set in the Preferences that apply to entire application, then allow me to override the units for each possible measurement in the context of each workspace.  For example, let me set my application Preference for mass = g, but then in the Simulation workspace let me change mass = kg.

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I strongly suggest adding a roller joint or motion link, as used with camshafts, similar to the roller mate in Solidworks. Although rest limits and contact sets could be used for simple demonstrations, in large assemblies, like and engine, all the contact is simply too much for the software and ends up just letting the lobe pass through without contact, or creating massive amounts of latency. 

It's one extra joint, hide it under "advanced joints" if you want, but please, please make it! 
Thanks in advance

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I understand that variations on this idea are peppered throughout the forum, but it seems like an easy win for your CAM engineers. 


Fusion needs the capacity to add non-cutting arbor features below the teeth of a slitting saw. The editable parameters of the slot mill do not go far enough to describe what amounts to pretty common tooling. 





Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! We are marking this future consideration since we are currently focusing our efforts on higher priority projects. We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

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Chamfer on Corners

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor danminson a month ago |

This is to simplify and speed up the current method of using a construction plane through 3 points around a corner. Currently you have to define points by sketching, create a construction plane using these, use the split body function on the plane, and move/delete the 'corner piece' away from the original body. While this is very precise, it is slow when you don't require that precision.


My idea, which I'm sure many have also had, is to simply allow the Chamfer command to be used on corners, no extra command required. Depth of cut and XYZ angle manipulators allow precise control of the chamfer. This would allow very versatile shaping of a form for many different purposes.





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There should be a hierarchy option for Cone and Pyramid in Model Environment of Fusion 360. There are option for cylinder and sphere as hierarchy but not for Cone and Pyramid.

  Add this Hierarchy tool in Model Environment of Fusion 360.16667921_1881833715394648_737278093_o.png 

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- Even stepdown box to select for Face Milling when using multiple depths.

- 'Spiral' cutting strategy when Face Milling in Climb or Conventional direction, so that the tool doesn't lift and rapid from one side of the job to the other between cuts to maintain cutting direction with multiple passes.

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Referral A360.JPG




OK, if you do maintenance...

But it would be nice if we would know this before you start, cause we can have an important issue, a meeting or something else, where we want to use the system...

And also it would be nice it the system wouldn't tell us that we are not part of any A360 team, since we are, but perhaps the system could tell us that you were doing maintenance... Cause you are, do you understand?


And I guess the reply to this will be that it is in the wrong forum to do so, since this seems to be a Fusion 360 forum, not a BIM A360 Team or whatever forum, but hey guys, this is the place where the system told me to go...

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Cage Morph

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate a month ago |

So often we see users looking for a way to use the SCLUPT tools to modify a solid. 


The new release of PowerShape includes a tool called "Cage Morph" that is exactly this kind of deformation tool!


This tool would be a welcome addition to Fusion!


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Untrim command (DM Mode)

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago |

In NURBS surfacing untrim is a pretty common command.


It would be great if Fusion DM mode would also offer an untrim command.

Extend is not always that useful.


With Untrim I can remove the fillets of a model get the original hard edges back

and create a new secondary surface.


This is a pretty common workflow when working with DM models or fixing

imported designs in low-end apps like Rhino to high-end like Catia.

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Say I build a model in real-world dimensions, but I want to declare it to be 1/12 scale or 1/1000 scale or whatever, so every dimension in the model will be appropriate for a scale model, by being the real world dimension divided by the declared scale.


It should be a single setting at the top level, that scales the entire model in one shot.

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Let Me Offset an Offset

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate ARTHUR-HM on ‎09-27-2016 06:01 AM

I've come across quite a few prints from clients where they dimension a line off zero lets say 1.50in, and then another line at 2in dimensioned off of that 1.50in line. So when I'm making my sketch in Fusion, it's much easier for me to offset a line line at 1.50in and then offset that line 2in, but Fusion wont let me.


Obviously this is a very simple example, and I could very well just offset the second line 3.5in, but the parts I work with are very precise and never that easy to add up. I could just add them up in fusion when I'm dimension the lines by typing in 1.5+2.0, but that still gives me a different dimension compared to the print. And I like to have my sketch dimensions match the print so I can easily go back and double check my work.


Another one of those feature requests from me that isn't at all necessary, but would speed up workflow.

Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, this is being changed to future consideration.  For now I would suggest adding the two number in the equation (1.5+2).




Mike Prom


For internal tracking FUS-27941

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Currently it is laborious to set the pivot of a Move command to the origin (e.g. moving things around a spherical surface) -- it takes camera repositioning on a complex design, even hiding bodies just to get a clear click on that origin snap point.


My idea is to add a button next to the existing Set Pivot toggle, called Set to Origin. Huge time saver!



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Allow the abbreviation of lbf for lbforce, as well as lbf in and lbf ft for moments.

This would follow Inventor and other simulation abbreviations.

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Very often in design, we have references that are NOT solid geometry. For example, F360, does not allow us to create dimensions to user created work planes or to non solid entities from other sketches such as curves, points or planes. This would be a HUGE step forward for F360, in my opinion.

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A backside chamfer tool is needed. It can be faked by using a Dovetail tool

A double sided one is more useful and cannot be faked.

See this link for an example.

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Glaring omission from the Options section of the Sketch Palette.  Since not showing constraints does not remove dimensions, even though a dimension is a form of constraint, why not have an option to Show/Hide dimensions?


Since dimensions do not shrink linearly when zooming out, they overwhelm a Sketch when looking for an overall view.


Please give us the option to hide the dimensions when desired.

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For people who know PRO-E, Toroidal bend is a God like option in it. I would definitely want that kind of a feature in Fusion 360. 

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My idea is as follows:


Add the ability to add a 'free sketch' on plane similiar to Autodesk Sketchbook with a pencil.



This will allow users to create plan, side and concept sketches that they can model around instead of having to import and scale images.


The sketches are to be freehand and just used for rough ideation. A pencil with stylus should be sufficient.


This adds a valuable missing step to Fusion 360.


Have a rad day further.



Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for your submission. This is in our backlog and is a future consideration project since we are focusing on higher priority projects right now. We'll keep you posted on our progress. 

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Add a Particular type of joint  in Assembly Environment of Joint which can relate two component by providing a path or curvature... In Slider joint component has straight line  joint they move only straight line path.. We need component should move along a path..


Particular joint along a curvature profile relate between two components


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I think it is very dangerous practice to automatically place the copy on top of the original.  It can cause undetectable duplicates.  Instead allow the user to select the position to paste the object by using the mouse.  Typically an icon is display by the mouse pointer indicating there is something to paste.


The user then select where to paste the object.  


Include the option to simple hold the ctrl key and drag a copy to the grid.

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I've been a design engineer for 25 years now and one thing that is critical are Datum planes.  All features should be located relative to a datum structure.  It would be very helpful if a construction plane could be designated as a Datum plane with a tag attached to it and have it showing on the screen.  I'm at a loss why this isn't already standard operating procedure.  These datums plane could then just be shown on a drawing instead of having to create them manually.  Datum Targets for castings, forgings etc., would also be really helpful.

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make only one new component from selected bodies and put all bodies into the new component


currently Fusion creates for each body a component !

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea Claas, adding this to the backlog and will keep you posted on the progress. 

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When using the Hole feature in Model, after selecting a face or plane to put the hole in, as soon as I rotate the view using the mouse wheel, or even just pan the screen using Ctrl + mouse wheel, I cant select a reference to accurately place a hole in from an edge. This is incredibly frustrating. Also, why cant I select another hole to reference from??


Why is it that when you select a plane or face to sketch on, that the view shifts/rotates to some other completely different face? Im already looking at the face I want to sketch on, that's how I was able to select it, yet the view flies off to somewhere else???


In CAM, when creating a new setup or sometimes editing an original setup, why does flip axis always move the box point? I think the box point should remain where it has been selected by the user.



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Is there not some way to make a distinction between control points and the ends of spline handles????


It's positively asinine that I lose control of a 'control' point if I get too close to a line.  Or as I'm reminded I can hold a modifier key to suspend snapping.  Shouldn't it be the other way round?   Why can't it be both ways as per user preference.  For all the raving about the brilliance of parametric history being controlled by preliminary sketches, I'd think more attention and refinement would have been put into the sketch mode.  Not only is the sketch mode a general nuisance, importing curves created in other programs is a major pain in the ass.   Why can't Fusion play nice with other applications?   If I could actually achieve what I wanted in Fusion Sketch, I'd stay there, but it's a major downer every time I try to do anything more complicated than a couple  of fillets.   


Dude!!  Even manipulating control handles is a friggin drag!



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I think it would be great idea to be able to define and save view from which I want to render the scene. 


Often, I do little modifications, and then I need to create the angle alll over again. Be able to save it would save me a lot of time.And I think that not only to me.


What do others think? :)




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Please can we have BA and BSF threads available in when modelling in Fusion 360.

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Can we please have a tick box which will allow sketch dimensions in the Model Workspace to populate in the Drawing workspace.


It seems backward that we have to dimension twice.... I know Inventor has this feature, can it be implemented in F360?


Thanks in advance


Grant Nicholas

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Multiple windows

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Ezekiel12 a month ago |

I think that this would be really great feature. A lot of programs in this day allow you to use multiple screens. Because, let's face it, what designer has only one? Surely not me. So it would be great to be able to use those monitors even for CAD. One for drawing, second for model space, or multiple models opened without need to switch in the fusion...


What do you think? Who would also like that idea?




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Searching for a similar topic before posting this one to avoid duplication, I found members asking for auto constraints since 2015.


Well, here you go guys you got what you wished for but it should have been added as a simple option that can be enabled or disabled on the Sketch Palette.


Yes we can hide constraints and overpass them by pressing the Ctrl key but in many situations, pressing the Ctrl key becomes impractical especially when mirroring and fine tuning points/lines.


"click" enable auto constraints : "click" disable auto constraints. Simple, doable and very nice to have.


"In Autodesk We Trust"

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Equation Editor for Parameters Dialogue Box

Status: Archived
by Explorer edreisch on January - last edited January |

Having an equation editor in the parameter dialogue box would be incredibly useful.  The linear style of typing equations is insufficient for accurately entering complex mathematical expressions. 


While designing a crank-rocker four bar linkage and specifying the length of its coupler link, I found that correctly sorting out parenthesis errors took nearly as long as deriving the equation for the length of that coupler!  Having the ability to type expressions as they might be written by hand (especially for fractions and exponents) would save time, increase clarity, and avoid mistakes for the designer.



Formatted Equation.PNG

Parameters Dialogue Box.PNG    



Status: Archived

This is something we'd like to get to eventually, but it is a ways out. In the mean time, we recommend you use that add-in app. We'll keep the community updated on our progress. 

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Right now we have to go to A360 portal, search there for the project and update icon and description there. It would be great to do it directly from the application.



Moreover, it can be absolutely great to have the ability to choose pre-rendered images from designs of the project or from individual file icons (which automatically assigns to individual f360 files) as the icon to whole project.



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I would like to be able to see and edit dimensions associated with a feature without entering the sketch or feature.



Right now in Fusion 360, I have to remember which feature or sketch a dimension is a part of (since they are treated separately), then either double click the feature/sketch in the timeline, or right click and choose edit.  The timeline rolls back temporarily, so you only see what the model looked like when the feature/sketch was created.   Then double click the dimension to edit it.


In Solidworks, I can click on a feature in the tree or on any face that is a part of the feature in the model, and all the associated dimensions will appear on top of the model in its current state.  Then I can edit any of those dimensions with a single click (or a double-click for no rebuild after).  Total of 2 (or 3) clicks, with little to no extra time spent searching for a particular feature earlier in the tree.

268d802a0e5142f886b2cc9d74902ca5 2d715d8eab1f4547be3f96a640ac27ae



To be clear, the main issue here isn't the number of clicks, but the lack of information about a feature within the context of the more complete design.  Solidworks lets you edit a feature early in the tree, without taking you out of the context you're in when you decide to make the change.  Fusion 360 forces you out of that context, temporarily rolling back to the sketch/feature in question, making it harder to predict the downstream effects on the rest of the timeline.


I know that in the example I give here, I can just use the push/pull tool to modify that height in Fusion, and it changes the height within the extrude feature (which is awesome, by the way).  But I think that even on something this simple, it helps to see the other dimensions in that feature at the same time to help you dial in your changes.






(This idea was proposed over a year ago, but it got archived due to having too many ideas in one post:

Status: Future Consideration

thanks for the idea and votes! We have this as an future consideration. In the mean time, you can see your dimensions and edit them when in 3D mode. Here's a gif to show you how to do it. 



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I use Inventor Professional at work and it is hard to believe that Fusion 360 is from the same company...


Beachballing on even the simplest of operations; regular crashes, horrible sketching environment that is completely unreliable when working with parameters, ridiculously limited drawing environment, which doesn't even allow dimensioning isometric lines, an ugly UI that is as uneficcient with screen real estate as can be, jumping dialog boxes that drive you crazy when trying to enter values...


Please, please, PRETTY PLEASE, Autodesk, don't just dismiss this idea, and stop pushing Fusion 360 as your most important product. It's slow, ugly and horrible to use and makes Autodesk look very bad... I get the 'cloud' part... I do, but we have iCloud Drive and OneDrive nowadays, so why try to reinvent the wheel???


Oh yes, it's not my computer that's too slow, misconfigured, defect. I can run Inventor Professional in PARALLELS (i.e. in a Virtual Machine) FLAWLESSLY. No slowdowns, no crashes, the only downside is having to use Windows but that's it, while Fusion 360 running NATIVELY is a COMPLETE JOKE.


To the employee who will delete this idea: sure, it's your job, but at least bring it up in some meeting or while drinking coffee with your colleagues.


Kind Regards


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as you improve the drawing enviroment (thank's for that, appreciate it very much) I now come to the point, where I start to use the drawings to fully describe the parts/assemblies also in regard to the finish/imprints.


As decals/imprints are very often present on parts, it would be very convinient to show rendered pictures of the parts inside the drawings.


Currently I can insert one picture using the title block insert picture feature. But this is only one picture and positioning is a bit inconvenient. However, I found, that pictures of the final product help to understand how the final part shall be like. It is great that now multiple drawing sheets can be used. So for me, more pictures, showing the finished part, would be great and as written, will help the person who looks at the drawings to get a complete idea of the final part and finish at a glance.


Thank's for improving Fusion.




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Loft should use surface edges as rail direction

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on a month ago - last edited a month ago |

Loft with rails in fusion using as a blend surface tool is pretty tricky.

You need way too often rails to define the result.


In all other surfacing programs this is not needed as the code is smart enough to understand how

the edge condition should be.


you can see the issue loft is positional along the edges

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.48.53 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.49.32 AM.png


to get what I want I have to add a lot of extra steps making sketches trimming and such - this works just blows up the timeline

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.57.53 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.57.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.58.00 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.58.04 AM.png


The additional issue is that besides more work - having to make 3D sketches - in those 3D sketches it is nearly

impossible to create good and consistent aka equal blend curves for the rails



On MOI for example you just select the edges to blend between and the surface fits perfectly

notice how well the edges blend


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.27.21 PM.png

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   There are only single option for animation in Animation tool Bar "Transforms Component"

  This tool only transforms component as treating there is no relation between components as we have already given in Model Environment of Assembly.

  What about those joint we have given in Model Environment.  There should be an animation tool in animation tool bar which can provide component motion as per given in Model Environment of Fusion 360. We can read a motion of joint in Model Environment only.

  These Joint relation should be maintained in Animation Environment also. So that previously Known Relation of joint can also be animated in Animation Environment of Fusion 360...

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I can understand that if I want a step export or OBJ export that the file has to be generted first


but sometimes you wait some time for the fusion archive download link to arrive via email


thats when you are under time pressure not ideal.



Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.50.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-02 at 3.58.46 PM.png

Status: Future Consideration

Hi Claas,

If you are working with individual designs (parts), you can export it locally using the File->Export command to generate a F3D, SAT, Step or IGES file without any wait.


The email workflow is primarily for F3Z (distributed assemblies) or other file formats (like IPT, OBJ) that we can only translate in the cloud asynchronously today. I'm sure we can improve the workflow, and the comments have great suggestions.

However I'm making it a future consideration because I know that there are too many higher priority data management projects ahead of this (like Delete/Recycle bin, Cross project distributed designs etc.) so this won't get worked on in the next couple of months.







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It's fine that F360 takes a bit of time to startup, but grabbing focus without my intervention during that delay just made it capture a command-q that was meant for another app, triggering it to quit when it finished launching, and forcing me to wait through another protracted launch


Why not just keep it in the background (like more or less every other MacOS app) while it's launching / until the user manually summons it ‽

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There is a supress command in Inventor in the environment of Drawing. But it is not in Fusion 360. It should be to supress a part of Drawing in Fusion 360.

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if you are in model workspace you can use user defined parameters e.g. for sketch dimensions, dimensions of objects etc..

This is very comfortable. But unfortunately parameters are not available in the CAM workspace.

Even if I create parameters in the model workspace I cannot access them in the CAM workspace e.g. inside toolpath settings.

Lets say I have 8 toolpath. 4 with Lead-In radius 4mm and 4 with Lead-In radius 6mm.

If I later want to change the 4mm to 10mm I have to to it 4 times - for each of the 1st 4 toolpath one time - this is really time consuming.

Better would be to use the parameters. Then I can just change the parameter and all toolpath that use this parameter will update.


BTW: I know the 'multi-edit' feature where I can edit multiple toolpath at once, but this sheet is very big und uncomfortable to use.

I would prefer parameters for CAM as well.



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Unless I am missing something, I can't do an internal chamfer with a boring bar (unsupported tool). Any way we could add support for this?

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It would be really nice to be able to add a counterbore or countersink to the backside of a hole not just the front of it. This can be especially helpful when adding a hole from a flat face through to a curved face that need a counterbore for a fastener. The only way I have found to do this is to add a construction plane where you want the counterbore to start and model it manually.


Status: Under Review

We're investigating this and discussing this with the team. We'll keep you posted on what we find. 

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I have forgotten my password and I need to reset to a more memorable password. who do I need to contact before I log out.

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Stitch command in Fusion still does join/stitch patches that are not even connected into on big uber body.

This is a serious must have! Something I mentioned around 2 years go already!!!


Apps like Rhino will generate individual multi-patch objects based on how patches are sharing edges.



Currently I have to select each patch that belongs to a face carefully to only create a stitched surface that makes sense.


This slows the workflow down needlessly!

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This is Super simple. 


When you hit save, it asks for some text describing what you did. But the cursor is at the end of the text. In should already be highlighted. If you are fine with the current text, you just hit enter. If you want to change it, you just start typing.


This Should be the case really for Any dialogue. When it pops up, the very first field should automatically be highlighted so you don't have to hit backspace, or use the mouse. 


Just removing clicks. 

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I have come from blender which has a feature for people without a middle mouse button (scroll Wheel) so Alt>Drag - pans view, Shift> alt>Drag - shifts view and Alt>Ctrl>Drag - zooms in and out


I am a quadriplegic that can only use a on screen keyboard and my mouse only right and left clicks oh and drags


any help would be great




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I am officially using Fusion 360 for mechanical engineering daily - I am really enjoying its power and flexibility.


I realize there are updates coming to the Drawing Module, but the inability to export a PDF with typical drawing line weights is very frustrating.


The exported PDF drawings from Fusion look like a 2nd graders coloring book. Having to export a DWG, then open it in DWG TrueView, changes layer line weights and re export as a PDF is very time consuming and frustrating.


Can you please change the default drawing layer line weight from .50mm to something like .15mm when exporting PDF?





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Change Axis of Extrusions

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor RyanLange on ‎11-04-2016 09:44 AM

It would be great if you could extrude/cut from a plane/surface along a specified axis rather than on the axis of the plane that the sketch is on. You can do this in Solidworks. I put the picture below to show what I mean. The red dotted lines show a simple example of what this would look like in context. I'd like to extrude/cut in a direction that's goes along a separate axis of the plane.




Status: Future Consideration

 Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration.  It will be a while before we are able to get to this idea based off of current priorities.  When work is started, the idea will be changed to future consideration.  The current workflow is to use sweep and choose the axis for the path.



Mike Prom


For internal tracking FUS-28836

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Hello Autodesk Experts!


Paul Claus suggested that I submit another idea based on one of my Fusion 360 CAD inquiries.


I would be just super if while simulating in the CAD environment there was the option to have the simulation wait after each tool path (like an M01).


This gives the programmer a bit to look over the results of the tool path that just simulated before moving on to the next. It makes simulation a bit more manageable.





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When creating a line, Fusion 360 makes you zoom way in to place the end point. It is impossible to be exact. It should stop once the begin point is set and let you set exact dimensions and angles. An OK can ask for the next start point. This one problem alone wastes huge amounts of time and created inaccuracies that show up later. This feature alone makes the product unusable for exacting work.

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Hello all:

I often find myself wishing for the ability to edit the color of the wireframe -- it's often difficult to see surface edges on dark parts, or against dark backgrounds/shadows. See the mock-up attached. I suppose a global setting would be nice, but a by-component setting or "inverse" would be gravy.







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The Architectural/Feet-Inch unit is available for models but is missing from Drawings of those models. All units that Fusion 360 supports should be available in Drawings.

Status: Archived

Thanks for your idea! We have this in our backlog but not sure when we are going to get to this since we have higher priority projects currently in the works. Since we aren't confident of when this will happen, we are archiving this idea for now.