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there should be no reason why cplanes are size wise all over the place

sometimes I missed new cPlanes because they were so tiny !!!


users should be able to scale cplanes




make all cplanes the same size


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.43.22 PM.png

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Patch really needs a serious quality update.

The edges of the patch do not match well the sketch profiles it is based on.


with patch command stitching fails below 0.05 mm

you cannot develop more surfaces from the patch edges


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.43.50 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.44.29 PM.jpg


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The most atractive feature of SolidWorks is it's Hole Wizard Manajer durinf 3D design, and Hole CallOut during drawings.

I think that, to compete against Dessault Systems, something similar like Hole Wizard and Hole CallOut would be a usefull feature, making of Fusion 360 a most competitive software CAD/CAM



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Surface to Surface Deviation Tool:
Favorite measurement tool in Alias while freeform sculpting. Shows the closest distance between two objects as well as the furthest.  My team uses these tools constantly when sculpting with incomplete engineering data ensuring we maintain proper air gaps between parts and protect for material thickness.



Fabric and Foam should be no less than 15 mm thick or a maximum of 40mm thick


Other measurements which should migrate to Fusion should include:
Curve to Curve
Curve to Surface
Surface to Surface
Mesh to Surface
Scan to Surface
Plane to Object


Please also allow the ability to have multiple measurements up on screen at a time.  While in sculpt mode, I will take a measurement of one area, then take another measurement.  When doing this, the first measurement disappears.


I currently use Alias for engineering concept work.





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Revolve along path

Status: Archived
by Participant eddelbeck January |

Hi there,


I'm missing a command like the one in Rhino: "RailRevolve": a line/curve is revolved around an axis along a path (two sketches needed).




I tried it in Fusion360 in the PATCH environment as a sweep but didn't work. Any other solutions? Otherwise I am greatfull if that could be added!


PATCH Sweep.jpg











Status: Archived
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Untrim command (DM Mode)

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago |

In NURBS surfacing untrim is a pretty common command.


It would be great if Fusion DM mode would also offer an untrim command.

Extend is not always that useful.


With Untrim I can remove the fillets of a model get the original hard edges back

and create a new secondary surface.


This is a pretty common workflow when working with DM models or fixing

imported designs in low-end apps like Rhino to high-end like Catia.

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I would like to be able to see and edit dimensions associated with a feature without entering the sketch or feature.



Right now in Fusion 360, I have to remember which feature or sketch a dimension is a part of (since they are treated separately), then either double click the feature/sketch in the timeline, or right click and choose edit.  The timeline rolls back temporarily, so you only see what the model looked like when the feature/sketch was created.   Then double click the dimension to edit it.


In Solidworks, I can click on a feature in the tree or on any face that is a part of the feature in the model, and all the associated dimensions will appear on top of the model in its current state.  Then I can edit any of those dimensions with a single click (or a double-click for no rebuild after).  Total of 2 (or 3) clicks, with little to no extra time spent searching for a particular feature earlier in the tree.

268d802a0e5142f886b2cc9d74902ca5 2d715d8eab1f4547be3f96a640ac27ae



To be clear, the main issue here isn't the number of clicks, but the lack of information about a feature within the context of the more complete design.  Solidworks lets you edit a feature early in the tree, without taking you out of the context you're in when you decide to make the change.  Fusion 360 forces you out of that context, temporarily rolling back to the sketch/feature in question, making it harder to predict the downstream effects on the rest of the timeline.


I know that in the example I give here, I can just use the push/pull tool to modify that height in Fusion, and it changes the height within the extrude feature (which is awesome, by the way).  But I think that even on something this simple, it helps to see the other dimensions in that feature at the same time to help you dial in your changes.






(This idea was proposed over a year ago, but it got archived due to having too many ideas in one post:

Status: Future Consideration

thanks for the idea and votes! We have this as an future consideration. In the mean time, you can see your dimensions and edit them when in 3D mode. Here's a gif to show you how to do it. 



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Loft should use surface edges as rail direction

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on a month ago - last edited a month ago |

Loft with rails in fusion using as a blend surface tool is pretty tricky.

You need way too often rails to define the result.


In all other surfacing programs this is not needed as the code is smart enough to understand how

the edge condition should be.


you can see the issue loft is positional along the edges

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.48.53 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.49.32 AM.png


to get what I want I have to add a lot of extra steps making sketches trimming and such - this works just blows up the timeline

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.57.53 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.57.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.58.00 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.58.04 AM.png


The additional issue is that besides more work - having to make 3D sketches - in those 3D sketches it is nearly

impossible to create good and consistent aka equal blend curves for the rails



On MOI for example you just select the edges to blend between and the surface fits perfectly

notice how well the edges blend


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.27.21 PM.png

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Stitch command in Fusion still does join/stitch patches that are not even connected into on big uber body.

This is a serious must have! Something I mentioned around 2 years go already!!!


Apps like Rhino will generate individual multi-patch objects based on how patches are sharing edges.



Currently I have to select each patch that belongs to a face carefully to only create a stitched surface that makes sense.


This slows the workflow down needlessly!

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There should be a navigation speed option in Fusion 360.
(1) Pan Speed : It should be increase or decrease as option should be provided for changing this input or output.
(2) Zoom Speed : It should be increase or decrease as option should be provided for changing this input or output. It is quite low in fusion 360 compare to Inventor.
(3) Orbit Speed : It should be increase or decrease as option should be provided for changing this input or output.

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Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.



Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.

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selecting all edges by selecting just a face would be nice when chain select is not possible!



Status: Accepted
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Fillet Blend

Status: Future Consideration
by Enthusiast marlonstark on ‎07-17-2016 08:28 PM

Can be this kind of fillet will be added in the fillet feature

 SO that i have an option instead of this


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Has anybody seen this tech? This would be wonderfull inside Fusion 360.


This means sketching with a tablet directly on the screen, without using image references.


Then use the curves to fill patches and then to solids.

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Loft with rails in fusion using as a blend surface tool is pretty tricky.

You need way too often rails to define the result.


In all other surfacing programs this is not needed as the code is smart enough to understand how

the edge condition should be.


you can see the issue loft is positional along the edges

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.48.53 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.49.32 AM.png


to get what I want I have to add a lot of extra steps making sketches trimming and such - this works just blows up the timeline

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.57.53 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.57.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.58.00 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.58.04 AM.png


The additional issue is that besides more work - having to make 3D sketches - in those 3D sketches it is nearly

impossible to create good and consistent aka equal blend curves for the rails


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New to F360, mostly find it an amazingly pleasant surprise compared to what I previously used (I-DEAS), but really miss a key functionality.


I-DEAS used a single-click of the middle mouse button to variously mean "OK", "done", "done with selection", etc. which saved a lot of the mousing around otherwise required to complete selections, exit a form, etc.

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Model = Solid

Patch = Surface


Fusion offers solid and surface modeling tools.


The terms Model and patch workspace is really often a lingo issue when talking to others or explaining the UI and where the solid and surface modeling tools are.


The logic behind naming it Model and Patch can be understood but I simply think it is not really effective because in model you talk about solids and in patch you talk about surfaces.


In patch workspace I deal wit surfaces while NURBS uses a square patch as a building block.

A patch is also more the sub element of surfaces.


Thats why I propose to use more logical and similar terms for the modes based on the geometry they generate


Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 1.41.47 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-10 at 1.42.03 PM.png

Status: Future Consideration

Yes, this totally makes sense and we are working on making workspace naming more aligned do what they represent. These current names date back to the days of Inventor Fusion. We are working on designing a more logical tabbed workspace experience, which will have these workspace names updated. 

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My kind request is to bring the indent feature in Fusion 360 like in Solidworks . 


Right now achieving the same output in Fusion 360 has some workarounds which is quite long


Kindly watch the above link where I have explained the necessity of the indent Feature and hear it with the audio output



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T-Splines Snapping TS to TS mesh

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on ‎11-23-2016 09:02 AM

T-Splines can snap CVs to existing BREP geometry but not snap to TS mesh inside the same TS feature.


Snapping is such an important tool to have.


Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.01.28 PM.png

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Surface continuity improvement

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor alandmarino on ‎07-07-2016 01:02 PM

Hi, i've found this issue when lofting surfaces. If the option "smooth" is activated, only surface continuity is ok, but not the edges. Here an example:



Thank you!



Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, we have plans to better control edge continuity with our loft tool.  When work gets started this will be changed to future consideration.




Mike Prom


Internal Tracking FUS-18087

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Activate Component Improvement

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant thetechbros2015 on ‎12-16-2016 12:04 AM

Some times when making a Quick part up Or Programming the CAM for a part . I'm jumping between parts editing sketches, features and Operations. I forget to activate the component or operation in CAM and it ends up taking longer because  sketches don't show up for the parts they are suppose to be for. There  just isn't an easy way at a glance to see what part or cam is activated, I find my self hovering over all my parts in large assemblies trying to see were I screwed up and were I was actually editing  .

A Simple improvement could be like not to auto hide the dot that you select when you activate a part that way it will always be visible at a quick glance.


Best regards,


       Logan McCleary


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The idea is to integrate sketchbook drawing in F360 with two modes, "3D Canvas" and "Blueprint Box".


3D Canvas:

Create the raw form of your design then convert the solid/surfaces in a 3D canvas to draw details and variants quickly on the surface or project lines on it:


The raw form:


The 3D Canvas with some sketch lines:


Blueprint Box:

Create a box with editable dimensions, then choose a face and sketch the monge projection. Do the same with the other faces.
Back in model mode, each face should appear in the corresponding orthogonal view with its opacity control.


Editing a face (The other faces for reference):


The box preview with the sketches:


Status: Future Consideration

I'm a big fan of a mixed 2D paint and 3D modeling environments like we did in Alias We will be integrating functionality from Skechbook (paint core).  Release date TBD.

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Currently I have to make 2 versions of every sketch that goes to a Laser cutter, because construction lines will come in as cut lines, If I have to make changes It really slows down the workflow.



Status: Archived



If you haven't turned on the preview for water jet/laser/router, please do.  You have two options for sending your designs to machines if you want more control over what is exported.  One option is to create the passes in CAM and export the G-Code to the machine and the other is to use the dxf export inside of CAM.  




Mike Prom


Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 1.12.14 PM.png

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current array does allow you to divide the distance and position objects there.

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.51.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.51.31 PM.png


what is really missing is being able to array parts with a distance between the objects I can adjust!


as an example I will use Blender here: You can array objects next to each other

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.57.27 PM.png

or define the space between them according to the % of the object width

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.57.38 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.57.46 PM.png

in addition specifically for Fusion using a distance based on a unite value like 1cm or Dimension of an object would be ideal!!!



Status: Future Consideration

Adding to the sketching backlog. Release date TBD.

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Better loft profile options

Status: Future Consideration
by Mentor on ‎05-13-2016 08:05 AM

Fusion 360 is unable to loft 4 profiles when on one side two curves meet while two other curves to not meet.

MOI just crunches through it and builds the surface. Fusion gives up telling you that the surface would self intersect.

In the screenshot you can see the nice result. A sharp tip where all 4 curves meet and a flat edge where only two curves meet.






Another example that shows that Fusion 360 modeling tools are in some serious need for being updated.


Status: Future Consideration

There are a number of improvements for core solid and surface tools, I'll add this to the list.

Relase date TBD.

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Status: Accepted
by Advocate gordonclamp on ‎08-28-2016 11:57 AM

I like to be tidy, I therefore like to delete obsolete designs. Each time I try to delete a design I get "A version of this design has been referenced by drawings or other designs and cannot be deleted". I am the only person accessing these designs so if I want to delete them, regardless of the consequences I should be allowed to, leaving obsolete designs on the desktop can lead to a wrong issue being used.

Alternatively allow easy access to the referenced versions so they can be deleted correctly.

Status: Accepted

We are working on delete with a full recycle bin for restoring / purging of the data.



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Animation from Timeline

Status: Archived
by Employee on ‎09-13-2016 12:33 PM

Everybody loves seeing how a design was created by clicking the play button in the timeline. It would be great to be able to save that out as an animation.

Status: Archived

Can you provide some more detail around how you would use the animation? Are you referring to video format or an animation like the animation workspace? 

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Right now if components are too dark you have to adjust their individual appearance

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smarter hole tools

Status: Archived
by Mentor on ‎07-12-2016 01:20 PM

it would be great if the hole tool could:


know where the circle center is when drilling out a pipe


for each pipe I have to do this by hand with 60 pipes a pain to do


second it would be great if like with the fillet could select multiple faces (disks) to perform the hole command onto ONCE.


so much time saved


Status: Archived
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Fusion needs to have a tool to check if two surfaces are truly G0 G1 or G2 like for example Alias offers



there is the curvature comb tool but that one is not very ideal for how it works

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I need to do a lot of pipe work and it would be wonderful if Fusion finally would be able in 2016 to add pipes to many sketch edges at once with one command.


for this type of work the current workflow is painfully slow and expensive time wise.


Status: Archived

Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to archived due to the nature of the request.  It may make sense for this to work in one sketch that is complainer, but there are restrictions that prevent us from using multiple non plainer sketches.




Mike Prom

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We need to be able to set the normal of the construction plane so that sketches be reassigned to a new plane don't get flipped, or splits being redefined via a new plane aren't flipping body identities. 

Status: Future Consideration

This is something we like to get to, but it is far out. We have some higher priority projects that need to happen first like Sheet metal and better core modeling functionality. We have your idea captured and will keep you posted on it's progress. 

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Hi all,


Im having some issues during my experience with fusion, such as in loft, patch, wrap/emboss tools. 



Loft- It would be useful for users if the command has the possibility to choose the condition of the rails ( Tangent, Free and Smooth), 


Patch- The patch command should have the option to choose the condition for each edge. 


Wrap/emboss tool- this command doesn't exist in fusion, it would be nice to have it.


In my opinion you should apply the same modules that exists in Inventor. 


Thank you






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please allow professional users to import and place CAD data like STEP etc inside a base feature via the insert menu

and not the dashboard.


We have now new design from file - great!


Being able to insert CAD data right into a Fusion design is still more than needed for a fluid and fast workflow

and not having to deal with upload and process time before a designer can continue.


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Need display toggles

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast PTERRY on ‎09-29-2016 11:45 AM

We need to be able to toggle between display modes.

If you're working on a tspline surface and making subtle changes, you need to be able to toggle between "shaded" and "shaded with visible edges" or similar. Look at "toggle model" in Alias.

This needs to be done fast, preferably with a hotkey (really we need to be able to map our own hotkeys for everything).

By having to do this with menus, it takes an enormous amount of time as I literally have to do this hundreds of time a day.

It's not possible to get decent visual feedback on a surface with the wireframe in the way.

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All in One Construction Plane Creation

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate mark2t on ‎07-14-2016 08:58 AM

I would like to see the creation of all "Construction" types be under ONE creation dialogue for each of the Construction tools. One dialog for creating Planes, one for Axis, and one for Points. You click on "Create Plane" and then the dialog offers all the different methods to do this.


The big advantage of this would be when you need to redefine a plane by a different method than what you originally used. As of now, if you want to redefine a plane as "Plane at Angle" and you had made it an "Offset Plane", you have to delete it; create the new one; and then reroute any sketches or splits that used it to the new plane. A time suck.

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Assign color to bodies

Status: Archived
by Advocate on ‎05-01-2016 10:32 AM

It would be nice to be able to assign color to bodies ( as well as automatic color toggle similar to one that works for components). It's similar to appearance but is different in a way that you are not changing the material. It's just a tool to help read the design better.


Status: Archived

Archived due to lack of votes.


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Send feedback button for Fusion

Status: Accepted
by Advisor kb9ydn on ‎09-24-2015 12:45 PM

What I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to see for Fusion is a "send feedback" button.  When you press this button it will:


- take a screen shot

- allow you to enter a description of the issue you are having

- allow you to include other pictures and files if needed

- allow you to fill in an email address or other contact information

- provide a check box for whether you want to be notified of updates regarding the issue (including a ticket number and status changes)

- send all of the above information along with the current and all referenced design files directly to Fusion support


The forum is great, especially when you can share files publicly.  But it does take significantly more work than a simple feedback button would.




Status: Accepted

Yes, this is something we are working on doing. We will most likely roll it out in phases, but the final result will include all of what this idea is addressing. 

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While most functions are there how they can be access and how they influence the workflow is a mixed bag.

Most common problem is a lack of certain options that would relieve the timeline from many extra added feature entries.


Trim surface allows you to remove surface parts. Good!

Split Solid only splits, but would be great to have the remove ability. 

>> This results into more remove features added to the timeline


Combine allows to keep the tools. Good!

Boundary fill should if desired remove input surfaces.

>> This results into more remove features added to the timeline


Fillet/Stich/Move and such can deal with multiple edges surface and bodies. Good!

Remove command only creates for each removed body a new feature in the timeline.

>> This results into more remove features added to the timeline



8 Kudos

Loft needs surfaces to be stitched to chain touching edges as one edge for a profile.


it would be great if Loft allows the user to select all the edge segments that should form one profile

and then move on with the next segments for the next profile

8 Kudos

Currently Patch only offers the user to skin a surface along boundary edges.


Sometimes it would be good to have the ability to make the patch surface also follow along a center like

Rail spline than can go along U or V similar to Curve Network in Rhino or fill surface in SolidWorks

8 Kudos

sweep has a nice set of and quarter and mid points

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.24.44 AM.png

Fusion loft shows 2 points at random positions

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.38.34 AM.png

so it would be great if in addition the user could snap to existing fit points so that I can position

the loft spline accurately where I want it to be

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Align feature in timeline

Status: Gathering Support
by Mentor on ‎07-12-2016 11:55 AM

align command does not result into an align feature in the timeline


editing it just opens a move tool dialog with no align options inside ...



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Loop edge select for TS crease

Status: Archived
by Mentor on ‎05-22-2016 10:12 AM

Add loop seelct for the NGON faces. Currently in Fusion you have to select edge by edge with this mesh.


This is very slow and painful to work with


In Maya Blender Modo it is a click click crease and you are done task.


Status: Archived

This can be achieved with a box select around the curve segments.


5 Kudos

while I love the simplicity and orderly approach of the UI having to switch constantly between patch and model space is often a nuisance when you have to work fast. specifically when you work in a process that combines both types of geometry.


In Onshape you have only one space and can switch between extrusion solid or surface which for there limited toolset is also fine.


In Fusions case I would love to be able while in model space  be able to call the surface stitch command and apply that to the

selected surfaces to turn it into a solid.


But currently the toolbox filters appropriately also the possible tools for the current mode.


Maybe add the ability to do both!


Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.30.13 AM.png

10 Kudos


in a curve network the tool should be able to understand were lines intersect and thus

provide the segments for patch edge input!

3 Kudos

I use the Patch environment quite a bit. Having a background in Catia, somethings just drive me crazy, which may be why the Patch environment is so underrated. One in particular is having two intersecting surfaces and wanting to fillet them together. In Catia you can select the two surfaces and an arrow pops up for each surface indicating which direction the fillet should go on the surface so you essentially have four options depending on which way you face the arrows. In Fusion you need to first trim both surfaces, then stitch them together then finally fillet the edge. Working with surfaces this makes the Timeline way longer than it needs to be by adding three more commands than I see necessary before you can even fillet.


I can provide some examples if anyone is interested.

3 Kudos

I've been struggling working with meshes ... costing me tons of wasted time and frustration ... watching videos where they had menu items (like "merge" and "mesh to BRep" and such where I didn't.  I couldn't figure out why they would remove such valuable functions ... and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.


Eventually someone was nice enough to answer my posts about why those were removed, or how I could get them.  They said I had to enable Direct Modelling ... well I had no idea what that was but apparently it means turn off design history (why don't they just say that).  Ouilla!  I always use design history so I would have never discovered that otherwise.


This seems like basic UI101 ... but anyway ... better late than never, yes?  Let's gray those menu items out and add context-sensitive help to instruct the user how to enable those functions.


Are there any other menu items that get hidden at various times?  I don't know, but sure would be nice to know.  Thanks!

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Find in Timeline

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate mark2t on ‎07-22-2016 06:52 AM

I would like to add "Find in Timeline" to the dropdown list when right clicking. I know that sometimes a series of hash-marks will appear above the feature when selected, but not if the body you are inquiring about has been paced into a component. I would like the feature to scroll across into view along the timeline.



5 Kudos


Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast jburns on ‎10-18-2016 12:42 PM

I would like a way to record ideas or details related to a model in modeling mode.  It could be implemented any number of ways, but I would like to see something like a text leader in drawing mode which could be turned on and off easily. It would point to a fixed location, and the text would always be oriented to the viewer regardless of the model viewing angle. A traditional "text box" would also be nice.


I do most of my work in "traditional machining" so I'm pretty good at designing things like holes and fillets in blocks. But every now and then i have to design something using a design tool that takes me a lot of time to understand. For instance, recently I designed a complex surface using lofts. It took many hours to get right, and to be honest my understanding of it is still pretty tenuous. I'd like to be able put reminders in the model as to how I got it to actually work so I can come back up to speed quickly if I need to make changes in the future.


Other application for this could be:

To note part references for un-modeled components that may attach to the model: "bolt pattern for control rod"

To note some feature that was changed relative to another drawing: "changed handle material"

To remind the designer of some critical circumstance :"this surface exposed to high heat!"

To document source material: "this profile transferred from Julie's sketch"


Having something similar in the Patch and CAM environments would also be very useful for me.



2 Kudos

Images can be designed with help of canvas tool.

 Place the image and start sketch and go to patch mode extrude.Add thickness.

This sketch can be engraved in machine or 3d print in a frame.

Marshal W


11 Kudos

The Coil tool will likely primarily be used for modeling helical springs in compression, extension, or torsion applications. Although it might be used for other purposes it still feels incomplete. How about adding some functionality for designing thre three common classes of helical springs. Perhaps a whole new featire called the "Spring Tool "can be added that uses the coil tool.


For helical compression springs there are two common end features that should be added as options:
1. Closed, pitch adjusts at end coils so that they touch.
2. Ground so that the end coils are flat perpindicular to the main axis of the helix.


For helical extension springs a few features might also cover all common configurations:
1. Open loop ends
2. Closed loop ends.

2. Flexibility in position and orientation of loops.


For helical torsional springs there are again many configurations that can be covered usually with just a few smart features:
1. Sraight ends for the legs.
2. Flexibility in position and orientation of legs.


General functionality for all compression spring types:
1. Permit direction of winding.
2. Permit special geometry for cross-section of wire.
3. Permit ends to be easily modified for special end types such as custom loops or other shapes.

4. Permit special positoning and orientation of ends by permiting bends in any direction. 


Additonal Features:

4. Permit manual adjustments of end coils for pitch.
5. Create a library of common end types for non-compression springs.

7 Kudos

when I want to use a mesh to reskin / rebuild it in Fusion then seeing all the mesh points and edges is not a good idea always.


I would prefer to be able to show hide the polygon edges selectively!

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Mirror function

Status: Archived
by Advocate gordonclamp on ‎03-04-2016 03:18 AM

Allow the ability to mirror a body offset from the original and then delete the original. This gives the ability to produce the opposite hand of the original quickly and efficiently.

Status: Archived

Instead of selecting "delete" from the browser, select "remove". This will get rid of the mirrored or original body. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.52.24 PM copy.png

10 Kudos

When thickening a surface into a solid, the option exists to chain surfaces or pick an individual surface. In Inventor, the user has the ability to pick mulitple surfaces (which are tangent) without picking the entire chain.


A use case might be during the development of an overmolding process where the base geometry is offset up and away to give the overmold a uniform thickness. The overmold may not need to be a true offset from the surface and may have other details - so the need is there to offset many parts but not necessarily the entire surface.


13 Kudos

New free form measurement tool

Status: Archived
by Explorer kevyad on ‎03-15-2016 11:07 AM
A great new tool that designers would use often is a free form measurement or ruler tool. The idea would be that initially one end of the measurement tool is anchored to a body or vertex or even any arbitrary point and the other end would be moving freeform in space snapping to the closest body or vertex or if nothing close, just moving freely in 3D space, and as this end moves realtime measurements are called out - specifically X, Y, and Z distances as well as the hypotenuse distance.
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make a copy of an object creates a move feature

align the copy adds another move feature


you can actually delete the first move feature after the paste of a copy


so why not combine move and align into one command anyway


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I am working right now on a research project for an MRI replacement and need to create pipes

into which later sensors will be placed and it is a major pain that each time the pipe command resets the settings.


this is for example just version one and you can see how many pipe commands I have to run here.

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Direct Integration of common 3D scanning and acquisition platforms and devices would greatly add to Fusion 360's continued place as the central software from which all CAD activity can take place. Directly being integrated from Scan to print and scan to CAM would be an amazing achievement. Though there are many devices out there, Microscribe, Faro, NextEngine, David Scanners and others are some of the leading devices. 



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When will the ability to use a guide surface or collection of tangent surfaces as a guide to control the orientation of a profile so it remains perpendicular to the guide surface and not twist randomly up the path curve its being swept along?.






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this is obviously a hard shape:


But the current solved surface with the fillet command produces not very usable surfaces.

1. the surface deeps

2. the surface even inverts - is not only convex

3. the G2 status is not true with the top curvature comb while the lower curvature comb shows good G2


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it is highly annoying when the scale is too high that the curvature comb breaks

giving you the visual indicator of a G1 transition while in fact it is G2.



Could you please make it that even with a bigger scale the combs flow correctly into each other?


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so many individual remove features making the timeline a pain to use ...


would it be possible if desired to simply combine them into one remove feature!?


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The Loft tool is one of key modeling operations in F360 for my work but there are some features that are missing.


For now I will talk about the most important one that you should add as soon as possible... The possibility to control the curvature continuity of the rails and not just the profiles.


Most of the times I perform lofts inside a surface patch layout in which all sides are edges (not curves) and all sides should be tangent.


Currently I'm faced with many cases in which I have the rails sides breaking the curvature continuity even if I add many profiles whose curves are tangent to projected curves on the targeted surfaces. The result is not aceptable because even small breaks will be noticed if the part is prototyped or a mould is made to manufacture it.


Best regards,



Status: Future Consideration

This is in our backlog for loft/Surfacing improvements.  Release date TBD.

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faster way to select face or body to call remove

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by Mentor on ‎09-09-2016 06:02 AM - last edited on ‎09-09-2016 06:06 AM |

if you want to call the remove command you need to select bodies


you have three ways:


select bodies in browser

select bodies via long press mouse and select body from parent context menu

switch to body select and select bodies



The browser can get filled with long lists and thus is not ideal.

Context menu is great for one object but takes too long for many.

Switching the selection type requires you later to switch you selection again.


So I would propose that via a key combination or shortcut we can either switch to certain selection types

or since bodies is very common switch to a temp body select so I can all remove.


Or include Remove in the main menu so I could call it like delete with an UI that then allows me to select

the bodies to remove.


 Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 8.54.35 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 8.54.46 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-09 at 9.01.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-09-09 at 9.01.35 AM.png

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Improvements to the Measure tool

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by Explorer joeldodich on ‎09-04-2016 06:28 PM

I feel like these would be some simple and straightforward enhancements to the inspection tool:


- If you measure a filet in a STEP file it doesn't give you the radius, only the line length. Not very helpful.

- Measuring between lines gives you the distance between the points you select, but that isn't necessarily the normal distance. Selecting two lines should give the normal distance between them (i.e. measuring thicknesses and lines are // but not directly in line vertically)

- XYZ differences would also be nice


The inspection tool is underrated but is used extensively in reverse engineering and quoting machining jobs



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Parts/components/assembly  rotation and manipulation should always be set at the center of the screen (we never really actually work on one corner of the screen) at a depth corresponding to the closest point of the geometries (intersection between a virtual axis perpendicular to the screen crossing the geometry).   This way, the rotation point would never have to be adjusted along the zoom. 


This is super annoying when working on a long part and/or a large part with many small details.

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Hello Team,


I have idea which will be very useful for 3D curve creating!


Fistly, creating 3D curve by combining two 2D curves as many other CAD softwares can do. It's like extruding two 2D curves and the intersection of those two surface will be the desired 3D curve.


Sedcondly, extract 3D curve from edges of surfaces.



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Fix the measure tool so it gives accurate length for 3D splines & model edges

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by Advocate CarlFrischmuth on ‎07-31-2016 01:35 AM - last edited on ‎07-31-2016 01:42 AM |

please fix the measure tool as it just gives one value for multiple edges that are obviously different lengths.








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Loving Fusion 360 so far!


One additional feature that would be helpful is the ability to hide individual faces of a solid body in order to peer inside the solid and permit easier selection of smaller internal components, which are often overlapping from various viewpoints. Similar functionality is present in other 3D geometry building packages (such as ANSYS Workbench) and it is supremely useful on complex geometry builds that cannot be separated into smaller individual bodies.




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At least in certain joint configurations, dragging a component may cause other components to jump far out in space. If that happens, working on the model may become impossible as at least some display drivers cannot handle geometries with a very wide span of dimensions (e.g. details on millimeter level while model extents span over one kilometer).

There should at least be a warning if a component is about to move very far out compared to the rest of the model. In addition as a means to removing problems with outlying components, there could be an easy way of selecting or removing components outside a given distance from the origin.

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Fill Surface

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by Contributor michael_s_garman on ‎01-27-2016 08:05 AM

Need fuctionality within PATCH to create an nSided tangen or smooth fill surface with constraint curves. This would be a surface with 5 or more sides as well as just 3 sides. The need for this is more common than you might expenct. 5 sided surfaces are common in fillet intersections. The fillet tool is an example but would not be a sucessful way to create a 5 sided surface. Other systems offer unlimited sided surfaces.

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 Hey guys the UNIVERSAL GIZMO for translate, rotate and scale could use the good old RED BLUE and ORANGE color values inorder to identify them better. 

 The current visual cues are so subtle that they are forgettable. I find myself jumping around several different applications only to come back to Fusion and pull on the TRANSLATE handle when trying to SCALE. 



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I think it would be nice if you could extrude a non-closed profile.  basically,   sketching a line or series of connected lines, but not closing the ends together.   When you select the extrude body option, and select an open profile, I would like to see an additional menu item that would add thickness in either direction, or centered on the line.  Then this thickness could be extruded using the standard settings.


I use this in SWx all the time for thin profiles  it saves a lot of time just having to sketch the surface I want and be able to extrude and thicken it all in one operation.


Right now in Fusion I have to extrude a surface and then thickent it.  Its not a huge deal, but it would eliminate a step and a feature tree item if it were combined.

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lofty seems only be able to use full splines


in Alias you can use part of a spline when surfacing making it very handy

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"Unroll" command

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by Contributor benlorimore on ‎06-26-2016 03:50 PM

This is similar to what someone posted a while back about bending bodies, but the opposite. This command would be used to "unroll" bodies or surfaces with 3d curvature to what they would be as a flat shape as if they were laid out on a table. I posted screenshots below of an instance this would be used for. The black body is a piece of leather. As you can see it has 3d curvature, and if I were to make this, I would need to CNC the leather into this shape. There is no way for me to know the exact shape as a flat piece of leather though because it is currently curved. The unroll command would determine this for me. 

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you make one body

round the edges

split the body into two.


now with offset face you can:


offset - change the sides of the body individually


But you cannot:


with offset adjust the just the fillet radious of a split body

it will adjust in the timeline the first fillet value for the complete body





this is really needed when you want to shrink a body including the fillet - currently with fusion I cannot make correctly smaller edges.

when rounded edges are at an angle