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See these threads for some background:


What is needed is a way to use the theoretical vertex of cone shaped objects as a point of reference for modelling and joint alignment.  A simple use for this would be in joining flat head screws with countersunk holes, such that the screw head stays in contact with the countersink if the hole size or countersink diameter/depth are changed.  There are ways to do this now but none of them are very efficient.  There are potentially many other uses for this as well.




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Can avoid catastrophe if you forget to check every part, and saves a lot of work.


Seems like it might be computationally demanding, but it didn't take all that long in I-DEAS, even with hundreds of parts.

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Thread 3D modeled

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast yanouk73 a week ago |

I am using step to send parts for making, I try to eleminate the need for making 2D cad, it will be great if we can have a kind of counterbore input pre-hole, of a value, ex.: 0.5mm depth and if the thread ends that finish with the drilling hole diameter of ex. 0.5mm


This way, it will be easy to anybody that see the 3D modeled threaded hole to see the drilling diameter and the Thread centered diameter 9ex. an M4 will have a 0.5mm final hole that is 4mm dia), so instead of trying to find the center of the 3D thread (it's look off axis), the last 0.5mm depth will be 4mm x 0.5mm deep.



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To improve the chordal fillet

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate 121183ddp on 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago |




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Long time Inventor user, reccently started messing around with Fusion to try and get ahead of the "curve", assuming that its the future of CAD design.


One thing that frustrates me with Autodesk products, and I say this without hyperbole, is that they are hands-down the worst CAD platforms when it comes to any sort of robust tolerance analysis, either natively or through 3rd party add-ins, amongst the major CAD platforms. With the other platforms I can get:


NX - Technomatix/VSA (Seimens), 3DCS (3rd party from Dimensional Control Systems)

Catia - Cetol 6-sigma (3rd party from Sigmetrix), 3DCS

Solidworks - Cetol, 3DCS

Creo - Cetol, 3DCS


which can stochastically analyze designs in 3 dimensions. Some of these, such as VSA and 3DCS, and also even link with FEA data to provide even more robust design outputs, allowing one to analyze designs as functions of both tolerance and physical effects such as deformation ,thermal expansion, etc.


I think its great that Autodesk has an eye on modeling machining processes, performing FEA, and improving visual qualtiy of 3D models, but lets not put the cart before the horse - without tolerance analysis, none of these things really matter because you can't verify that you can actually build them in the real world. Even if you could build them, how do you intelligently design for cost optimization without tolerance analysis? You can't.


So frustrated by this lack of capability, I contacted 3DCS about making us ("Us" being a major player in the healthcare industry and a fortune 500 company) an add-in for Inventor of thier analysis software (they currently make it for everyone BUT Inventor), and they were open to the idea, but in the end we couldn't purchase enough seats to make it fiscally viable for them (we currently use their stand-alone, CAD neutral platform). My point is, there are companies willing to take on this challenge, they just need to know its worth their time and development costs.


So I implore the good folks at Autodesk - stop worrying about making things look pretty on a screen. Start worrying about making things work in the real world, and incorporate, or partner up with someone to provide, 3D tolerance analysis capabilities in your software.



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This would be super awesome, as sometimes I just need to get a measurement or view some aspect of a model, hide somethings for clarification etc, but then don't want nor need to save it.

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A) PLANE "Parallel to a point", this mean you can select a reference face or plane, then a point, so it create a plane parallel to the original face or plane but at this point for the distance, and it stay linked to the point and face, as it should be.


B) Plane "Normal to a curve" at a point or ratio, the curve can be a line, a spline, an edge from a solid, and a point can be selected or a ratio can be use, like 0.3 (from 0 to 1), or distance...


the best of all, if you can make array of plane at a ratio, this is useful for using these planes to make intersections, splitting solids... imagine you make 20 normal planes on a spline in one function, then you make intersection of these planes with a shape or a solid.


These 3 type of plane exist in an other CAD that i was using and it missing now, the A) is the one I was using all the time, Normal at a point or ratio is great too.





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So I just discovered that while I'm sketching a section to construct a feature I can not dimension an edge of my sketch to an existing construction place (one that is oriented normal to my sketching plane thus showing as a line).  This is unbelievable.  What if I wanted to designate that plane as a datum to locate other features?  then I could move multiple features that reference that datum by simply moving the datum/plane.  Please add the ability to locate off of construction planes.

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many new users (like myself) are daunted by the sheer vastness of fusion , and attempt to focus on actually creating basic parts and sketches, so focusing on creating components eludes them, until they start doing so in the middle of a sketch .


further more most users during normal usage of the software will slowly sink into a way of work that either pushes them to use components or  other types workflows which does not. 


for new users, and users that during the normal course of  work flow are required to use components i believe there should be a preference in fusion that has create a new component and activate it automatically when a new project is created. 


the benefit for experienced users who use components is that they won't be forced to perform a repetitive task which is rather crucial to a beginning of a project , and the benefit for new users, is that they'll be educated with the importance of creating components from the beginning.

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Unfortunately, DXF is not nearly as popular for many software/machines/machine software as SVG.

Please begin an immediate campaign to add SVG anywhere Fusion 360 offers DXF. Intermediate software processes can expend time. Moreover, the conversions can frequently render inaccurate scaling which usually negates the entire purpose of designing the model at all.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Export as 3D PDF

Status: Archived
by Explorer Kyle.Maguire90 3 weeks ago |

Exporting files to 3D PDF would be an excellent addition to FUSION 360's native functions as it allows designs to be shared and presented anywhere with a tablet.  This is particularly helpful when working in the field or discussing a design with a machinist or other craft on a shop floor vs an office.  The 3D PDF Format also allows design models to then be embedded in electronic reports.

Status: Archived
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Better Parts Cloud.

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant EDuffner 2 weeks ago |

Dear Autodesk,


Using Fusion 360 I'd like to be able to import off-the-shelf parts like screws and fasteners etc to save time. F360 currently implements McMaster Carr and Parts4Cad for this purpose. Ok two things:


1.  I don't wish to create accounts with these companies or entities. I live in the UK and postage would be prohibitive.

2.  It gets really frustrating to get part way through searching for an item and then be stopped by the annoying login pages.


Please Autodesk, stop the torment, either take away these features or provide them in full. Parts4Cad is also a very bad search interface.


In view of the above can I please request a free, cloud based parts source to better compliment the user experience?  ...even if Fusion 360 users create some of the content themselves?


Thanks & kind regards,


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      You have an incredible "edge" software package in Fusion 360.  I (like many others), am a non-paying subscriber who is open to a paid subscription if I design and create something which can turn profit.


    However, I find that while you have volumes of other paid suites which are designed for professionals, that this one should focused (not necessarily just on us), BUT that we should be highly on your minds, as we are the ones with the potential for pay conversions and really have no package which suits us.


   Therefore, I urge consideration for tutorials which focus on our "Hobbyist" level CAM machines, Tooling, File formats (SVG), etc as we who are not yet at a point of creating any products or services, need to know how to use your product.



    For Example:

1.) I know six people (not including myself) locally who have either an X-Carve or Shapeoko 3.  All of these use routers which function as the spindle.  NONE of us know how to set the tools, tool holders, or even understand what a shoulder is on a straight end mill, which does not really even seem to be represented. 


2.) None of us is able to export DXF files from the sketches to recreate "accurately scaled" SVG files directly from this software as the source, a format which our local maker space uses for the laser cutter. 


3.) Tormach and other machines are cost and size prohibitive to many of us individuals.  Therefore, we fail to understand why that level of machine is considered above those of us who are:

                                    a.) Just starting out, and only have a slight understanding to begin with

                                    b.) Personally invested enough to purchase the machines to learn if given a solid medium

                                    c.) Without the benefit of shop co-workers, trade schools, etc to begin to operate.



Please pause, take a candid look at your audience (over 25 percent are users just like me), and help us to become successful, so that we can (in turn) push Fusion 360 into a nearly unconquerable share for its sub-market.


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Small labels on origin planes

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate sanguish on ‎12-08-2016 10:51 PM

It's easy to get the origin planes confused from time to time.


I'd find it very useful to have the xy/xz/yz labels on them like below.






Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for your idea! Sometime in the January update we'll be introducing world coordinate system in the viewcube (also stemmed from the IdeaStation) so you can better differentiate between Top, Front, Right and what axis is where as you navigate. We'll keep your idea in mind as we make improvements to this in future updates. Pasted image at 2016_12_13 11_47 AM.png

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Copying a sketch to a new design

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate sanguish on ‎12-08-2016 10:59 PM

Currently there is no straightforward way to copy a sketch to another design


Copy and paste would be very convenient

Status: Future Consideration

This is definitely something we want to get to, and is also closely related to There are some ground work we need to do first before we get to this, so marking this as future consideration. 

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Full T-Spline toolset! Speedform Parity

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor mohsenbehvar on a month ago - last edited a month ago |

 I don't get it, why are some very useful T-spline tools withheld from Fusion360?


All of the tools shown below, are present in Speedform (which for some reason has no Education license) but are abscent from Fusion360


[Enlarge image]




Status: Future Consideration

These features are in our backlog.  Release date TBD.

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T-Spline should be in 3 D by bending it like a wire not in a plane. After selecting a Spline it works in a single plane only. Can we expect a Spline in 3 D plane which will act as wire after selecting pipe command along a path.Capture.JPGdd.JPG

Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea - this is an area where we are planning to improve, but not sure when we'll get to it yet. It is a future consideration. 

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What would be very helpful is to allow us to have jogged lines in trail visibility when creating an exploded view. Right now, when you are in the process of moving a component, the trail looks like this: Jogged Line.PNG


But when you hit OK, it turns to this. In my current applications, this is not especially helpful.

Diagonal Line.PNG



For an assembly purpose, a jogged line can be far more useful, and convey the order in which parts are assembled.





Any plans for this in the works? I did some searching, and I didn't see it in the forums already, so I hope I'm not duplicating thoughts here.



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The most atractive feature of SolidWorks is it's Hole Wizard Manajer durinf 3D design, and Hole CallOut during drawings.

I think that, to compete against Dessault Systems, something similar like Hole Wizard and Hole CallOut would be a usefull feature, making of Fusion 360 a most competitive software CAD/CAM



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My previous CAD s/w would report the minimum distance between parts if no interference was detected.


I do this manually every time because just knowing there's no interference isn't enough; you have to have enough clearance to accommodate tolerances etc.

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I like this feature but. . .


The maximum settings seem arbitrary. Not every user's needs match what has been coded in as a maximum for the various settings.


This cap should be removed or raised substantially. Users should be able to determine their own max surface deviation, normal deviation, edge length, and aspect ratio.


Conversely, the maximum edge length can be set so low that the user interface will completely freeze while the program is calculating a very large number of faces. It may be better to provide a warning past a reasonable threshold (probably based on a percentage of the overall model size) giving the user the option to continue, or abort to the previous setting. This issue can be particularly troublesome if 'Preview Mesh' is enabled and the user accidentally drags the 'maximum edge length' slider too low. -Thanks!


Brep to Mesh.PNG

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Surface to Surface Deviation Tool:
Favorite measurement tool in Alias while freeform sculpting. Shows the closest distance between two objects as well as the furthest.  My team uses these tools constantly when sculpting with incomplete engineering data ensuring we maintain proper air gaps between parts and protect for material thickness.



Fabric and Foam should be no less than 15 mm thick or a maximum of 40mm thick


Other measurements which should migrate to Fusion should include:
Curve to Curve
Curve to Surface
Surface to Surface
Mesh to Surface
Scan to Surface
Plane to Object


Please also allow the ability to have multiple measurements up on screen at a time.  While in sculpt mode, I will take a measurement of one area, then take another measurement.  When doing this, the first measurement disappears.


I currently use Alias for engineering concept work.





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Hello,  first let me say that I'm enjoying learning Fusion 360.  Being a 20yr Solidworks guy, I've got some habits that are really hard to break.  I'm not requesting that you turn your software into Soldiworks, but I do have an easy enhancement request that would make a lot of sense.


When I model parts, I create sketches and the extrude, revolve, sweep & etc - same as solidworks.  However, in Solidworks I have my preferences set (as well as my designers) to prompt the designer to enter the name of the feature when its created.  Naming your features as you make them is a great way to be able to quickly go back and modify things and understand the history tree better.


I'm sorry, but with Fusion its difficult to understand the history tree, see the second pic below.  It takes forever.  Going back and giving the features names (after the fact) helps, but in order to see them I have to carefull hover over the tree with my mouse and wait 100ms for the tag to pop up.  Why not assign a keyboard key (say n) that when pressed shows the names of all the features.temp_name_labels.JPGdesign_history_bar.JPG




Yes, the text gets int the way of the other icons, but all I need is for them to pop up so I can find my feature, as soon as I realase the n key, they go away.


Thanks and keep up the good work,

Walt Dannhardt

Status: Future Consideration

Hey there! Thanks for your idea. We reviewed it and wanted to share some thoughts. As easy as this seems, it is not an small project. We have plans to improve the usability of the timeline, and what you're describing is definitely something we want to tackle. With that said, you brought up the delay that occurs when you hover over an item in the timeline. This is something we can look at right away and see if we can get rid of that delay so that names popup immediately. 

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There should be an option for word  spacing of Letter as well as Horizontal and Vertical in Text Environment. Gap between letter is constant and is not vary constantly. Add more option for Horizontal spacing and Vertical Spacing in Text Environment.16709517_1881838588727494_1387131506_o.pngccc.JPG

Status: Archived

Thanks for the idea! We're currently focusing on higher priority projects. We are also planning on allowing better interoperability between Adobe products (Illustrator for example) and Fusion 360.  

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I would be nice to to have to have an option to keep existing joints when patterning a component.

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Status: Future Consideration

Than you for your idea. Yes, it "should", but making that happen is a long way's out because the math + code to make this happen is a huge undertaking. We have higher priority projects we are working on at this time. 

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Combine components

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matth 2 weeks ago |
What would help my work flow tremendously would be to be able to cut with entire components, rather than bodies. This way I could edit a component pattern feature inside a cutting component adding a patterned instance that automatically cuts.
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Double Clicking on Material Should come into "Material Manager"

There are Drag option to take a material into "Material Manager"

There should be more easy option by double clicking on material. It should come into "Material Manager"

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Import command

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast marlonstark on 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago |

Would it be possible that the IMPORT tab will be added so that i can import models and directly open in the model space


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Allow Sketch Offset to extend + AND -

Status: Future Consideration
by Participant nickiago on January - last edited January |

It would be useful, and eliminate an extra step, in allowing a sketch offset to be bi-direction as it is in SolidWorks (see attached pictures) for extrusions and other features.



Fusion 360 sketch offset.JPG













SolidWorks sketch offset.JPG




Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! This is something we'd like to get to, but we need to get offset from an offset into the Software first. Captured and marking as a future consideration. 

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Revolve along path

Status: Archived
by Participant eddelbeck January |

Hi there,


I'm missing a command like the one in Rhino: "RailRevolve": a line/curve is revolved around an axis along a path (two sketches needed).




I tried it in Fusion360 in the PATCH environment as a sweep but didn't work. Any other solutions? Otherwise I am greatfull if that could be added!


PATCH Sweep.jpg











Status: Archived
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Threaded holes

Status: Accepted
by Advocate jkelindberg January |

How about adding the option to add threads to the hole tool? As it is now, if you want a threaded hole you have first to create the hole and then add thread.

Status: Accepted
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I strongly suggest adding a roller joint or motion link, as used with camshafts, similar to the roller mate in Solidworks. Although rest limits and contact sets could be used for simple demonstrations, in large assemblies, like and engine, all the contact is simply too much for the software and ends up just letting the lobe pass through without contact, or creating massive amounts of latency. 

It's one extra joint, hide it under "advanced joints" if you want, but please, please make it! 
Thanks in advance

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Chamfer on Corners

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor danminson a month ago |

This is to simplify and speed up the current method of using a construction plane through 3 points around a corner. Currently you have to define points by sketching, create a construction plane using these, use the split body function on the plane, and move/delete the 'corner piece' away from the original body. While this is very precise, it is slow when you don't require that precision.


My idea, which I'm sure many have also had, is to simply allow the Chamfer command to be used on corners, no extra command required. Depth of cut and XYZ angle manipulators allow precise control of the chamfer. This would allow very versatile shaping of a form for many different purposes.





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There should be a hierarchy option for Cone and Pyramid in Model Environment of Fusion 360. There are option for cylinder and sphere as hierarchy but not for Cone and Pyramid.

  Add this Hierarchy tool in Model Environment of Fusion 360.16667921_1881833715394648_737278093_o.png 

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Cage Morph

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate a month ago |

So often we see users looking for a way to use the SCLUPT tools to modify a solid. 


The new release of PowerShape includes a tool called "Cage Morph" that is exactly this kind of deformation tool!


This tool would be a welcome addition to Fusion!


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Say I build a model in real-world dimensions, but I want to declare it to be 1/12 scale or 1/1000 scale or whatever, so every dimension in the model will be appropriate for a scale model, by being the real world dimension divided by the declared scale.


It should be a single setting at the top level, that scales the entire model in one shot.

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Currently it is laborious to set the pivot of a Move command to the origin (e.g. moving things around a spherical surface) -- it takes camera repositioning on a complex design, even hiding bodies just to get a clear click on that origin snap point.


My idea is to add a button next to the existing Set Pivot toggle, called Set to Origin. Huge time saver!



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For people who know PRO-E, Toroidal bend is a God like option in it. I would definitely want that kind of a feature in Fusion 360. 

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Add a Particular type of joint  in Assembly Environment of Joint which can relate two component by providing a path or curvature... In Slider joint component has straight line  joint they move only straight line path.. We need component should move along a path..


Particular joint along a curvature profile relate between two components


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I've been a design engineer for 25 years now and one thing that is critical are Datum planes.  All features should be located relative to a datum structure.  It would be very helpful if a construction plane could be designated as a Datum plane with a tag attached to it and have it showing on the screen.  I'm at a loss why this isn't already standard operating procedure.  These datums plane could then just be shown on a drawing instead of having to create them manually.  Datum Targets for castings, forgings etc., would also be really helpful.

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When using the Hole feature in Model, after selecting a face or plane to put the hole in, as soon as I rotate the view using the mouse wheel, or even just pan the screen using Ctrl + mouse wheel, I cant select a reference to accurately place a hole in from an edge. This is incredibly frustrating. Also, why cant I select another hole to reference from??


Why is it that when you select a plane or face to sketch on, that the view shifts/rotates to some other completely different face? Im already looking at the face I want to sketch on, that's how I was able to select it, yet the view flies off to somewhere else???


In CAM, when creating a new setup or sometimes editing an original setup, why does flip axis always move the box point? I think the box point should remain where it has been selected by the user.



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Please can we have BA and BSF threads available in when modelling in Fusion 360.

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Equation Editor for Parameters Dialogue Box

Status: Archived
by Explorer edreisch on January - last edited January |

Having an equation editor in the parameter dialogue box would be incredibly useful.  The linear style of typing equations is insufficient for accurately entering complex mathematical expressions. 


While designing a crank-rocker four bar linkage and specifying the length of its coupler link, I found that correctly sorting out parenthesis errors took nearly as long as deriving the equation for the length of that coupler!  Having the ability to type expressions as they might be written by hand (especially for fractions and exponents) would save time, increase clarity, and avoid mistakes for the designer.



Formatted Equation.PNG

Parameters Dialogue Box.PNG    



Status: Archived

This is something we'd like to get to eventually, but it is a ways out. In the mean time, we recommend you use that add-in app. We'll keep the community updated on our progress. 

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I would like to be able to see and edit dimensions associated with a feature without entering the sketch or feature.



Right now in Fusion 360, I have to remember which feature or sketch a dimension is a part of (since they are treated separately), then either double click the feature/sketch in the timeline, or right click and choose edit.  The timeline rolls back temporarily, so you only see what the model looked like when the feature/sketch was created.   Then double click the dimension to edit it.


In Solidworks, I can click on a feature in the tree or on any face that is a part of the feature in the model, and all the associated dimensions will appear on top of the model in its current state.  Then I can edit any of those dimensions with a single click (or a double-click for no rebuild after).  Total of 2 (or 3) clicks, with little to no extra time spent searching for a particular feature earlier in the tree.

268d802a0e5142f886b2cc9d74902ca5 2d715d8eab1f4547be3f96a640ac27ae



To be clear, the main issue here isn't the number of clicks, but the lack of information about a feature within the context of the more complete design.  Solidworks lets you edit a feature early in the tree, without taking you out of the context you're in when you decide to make the change.  Fusion 360 forces you out of that context, temporarily rolling back to the sketch/feature in question, making it harder to predict the downstream effects on the rest of the timeline.


I know that in the example I give here, I can just use the push/pull tool to modify that height in Fusion, and it changes the height within the extrude feature (which is awesome, by the way).  But I think that even on something this simple, it helps to see the other dimensions in that feature at the same time to help you dial in your changes.






(This idea was proposed over a year ago, but it got archived due to having too many ideas in one post:

Status: Future Consideration

thanks for the idea and votes! We have this as an future consideration. In the mean time, you can see your dimensions and edit them when in 3D mode. Here's a gif to show you how to do it. 



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   There are only single option for animation in Animation tool Bar "Transforms Component"

  This tool only transforms component as treating there is no relation between components as we have already given in Model Environment of Assembly.

  What about those joint we have given in Model Environment.  There should be an animation tool in animation tool bar which can provide component motion as per given in Model Environment of Fusion 360. We can read a motion of joint in Model Environment only.

  These Joint relation should be maintained in Animation Environment also. So that previously Known Relation of joint can also be animated in Animation Environment of Fusion 360...

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There is a supress command in Inventor in the environment of Drawing. But it is not in Fusion 360. It should be to supress a part of Drawing in Fusion 360.

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It would be really nice to be able to add a counterbore or countersink to the backside of a hole not just the front of it. This can be especially helpful when adding a hole from a flat face through to a curved face that need a counterbore for a fastener. The only way I have found to do this is to add a construction plane where you want the counterbore to start and model it manually.


Status: Under Review

We're investigating this and discussing this with the team. We'll keep you posted on what we find. 

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I have come from blender which has a feature for people without a middle mouse button (scroll Wheel) so Alt>Drag - pans view, Shift> alt>Drag - shifts view and Alt>Ctrl>Drag - zooms in and out


I am a quadriplegic that can only use a on screen keyboard and my mouse only right and left clicks oh and drags


any help would be great




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Change Axis of Extrusions

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor RyanLange on ‎11-04-2016 09:44 AM

It would be great if you could extrude/cut from a plane/surface along a specified axis rather than on the axis of the plane that the sketch is on. You can do this in Solidworks. I put the picture below to show what I mean. The red dotted lines show a simple example of what this would look like in context. I'd like to extrude/cut in a direction that's goes along a separate axis of the plane.




Status: Future Consideration

 Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration.  It will be a while before we are able to get to this idea based off of current priorities.  When work is started, the idea will be changed to future consideration.  The current workflow is to use sweep and choose the axis for the path.



Mike Prom


For internal tracking FUS-28836

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There is require to add Text option in animation tool Bar. So that text can be added and animated. 

Fade in or Fade out option should be there to add more clipping. There should be an option for call outs which include a

lot of call outs. Today in Fusion 360 has no such option in Animation tool bar.  It should be provided a working user interface 

in this Environment.


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There should be a navigation speed option in Fusion 360.
(1) Pan Speed : It should be increase or decrease as option should be provided for changing this input or output.
(2) Zoom Speed : It should be increase or decrease as option should be provided for changing this input or output. It is quite low in fusion 360 compare to Inventor.
(3) Orbit Speed : It should be increase or decrease as option should be provided for changing this input or output.

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Standardized Hole Sizes

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor 3dprinteraction on ‎09-08-2016 02:35 PM

Right now holes are pretty customizeable, but there is one big problem that I have, which is that there is no standardization. For example, if I wanted an 8 mm counterbored clearance hole in a part, I have to manually look up how oversize the hole should be and enter that information. What is missing is that all of these dimensions - clearance holes, counterbores, etc, are standardized! A much simpler workflow would be to select from the hole standard and then it would automatically generate a clearance hole for an 8 mm bolt, with options to counterbore said hole to the standards that it complies with. 



As shown in this image, all of these dimensions are essentially freeform right now, so I either have to guess or look up counterbore dimensions.



This would make the usability of the hole tool much simpler and quicker - instead of looking up counterbore and clearance depths and diameters for a 10-32 or for whatever bolt I am using every time I need to make a hole, this feature would function just like the threads feature, which has all the standards listed as shown below. Then it is just a matter of assigning all the other parts of a hole to those standards, other than just the taps.



Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration, as it is a part of our plan to combine the hole and thread tools.  Once work is started, this idea will be changed to accepted.




Mike Prom

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Please allow us to control visibility of a components features from within and assembly for linked or internal components.

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Right now, when I have to create a bunch of circles at random positions that are all the same size, it takes much longer than it should. I'd love to see an option where we could enter the radius or diameter of a circle before creating them. This way, if I had to create 20 3/8 holes, I wouldn't have to type in "3/8" 20 times. This would definetely speed up work flow for me when sketching.

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I think the Combine tool should be able to select more than one body as the Target Body when the operation is set to Cut. In the example below I'd like to select the 3 rectangles and cut the cylinder out. I could use Boundary fill set to intersect but that takes twice as many clicks and is not as obvious an option.




Status: Future Consideration

HI Mark,


I think there a number of areas we can improve our boolean functions.  I'm changing this to future consideration as we likely won't get to this in the next year as we focus on improving the depth of our core modeling and sketch capabilities.


I have, however added this request to our backlog.





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Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.



Car (Body) should move along a path in Animation tool Bar like turning of a body. There are so many clipping which is able to do this activity.

Can we add a single command or tool which will provide animation of a body along a path. Simultaneously can we provide a translation as well as  rotation of a body along a given path.

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There should be an option for importing and exporting a clip and any sound (Music). So that animation tool bar can be become a working environment..ddd.png

7 Kudos

To make Animation tool bar as actual working tool bar. There are few command or tool in animation toll bar 

For clipping there should be a splitting command and Start end time Every clip should move free up down and left right,

Transition option and Text should be there in Animation tool bar....

It should be a working area....



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Double Clicking on Material Should come into "Material Manager"

There are Drag option to take a material into "Material Manager"

There should be more easy option by double clicking on material. It should come into "Material Manager"


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Trapezoidal threads are created with the wrong angle (currently 60° but should be 30°) which makes them unusable in real life. Before the latest update it was possible to change this in the threaddata folder and also create custom threads that aren't available (even multistart threads could be made with a copy and rotation) but since the latest update this folder has disappeared along with the custom threads I had made. It would be great if this could be restored to allow customising or even better allow custom threads to be input directly in fusion rather than having to edit the xml files.
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Include an option or refactor the existing parameter naming to be unique per component not per design. 


Inserting components that are then set to unreferenced (i.e. break link) should not have its parameter names auto-changed to be globally unique if a parameter of the same name exists anywhere else in the design.  Duplicated user parameters could be avoided by prefixing or postfixing the component name with an unused character (e.g. "FooComp:BarParam", "BarParam@FooComp", etc). 


At a minimum...


  • For users, some dialog should be displayed listing those parameters that should be renamed.
  • For programmers, an API should be included to handle the event thrown before the auto-naming action to give the programmer the ability to rename the parameter to something more usable.  Frankly, if we had this event then it would be trivial to create an auto-naming add-in to implement a naming scheme like that shown above - e.g. "FooComp$BarParam" could currently be created via a "Before_Occurrences_addByInsert" event since the "$" is an allowed character in a parameter name.


The current process of Fusion automatically appending a numeric index (e.g. "_1") to duplicated parameter names results in a confusing set of parameters that quickly become meaningless and impractical to reference in assemblies with a significant number of parameterized components.


The current parameter UI is an improvement over the Inventor parameter UI in that all the parameters for all components (assuming they are not referenced comps) are grouped per component.  That organization is helpful.  However, the lack of being able to use the component name to reference parameters limits the complexity that can be effectively managed with Fusion.  A list of "Width", "Width_1", Width_2", ...  "Width_N" parameter names quickly becomes difficult to manage and comprehend... especially when you are trying to communicate design intent to others in your team...

Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, this is getting changed to future consideration.  From your request it sounds like you are looking for a way to control parameters in a way similar to configurations.  You are referencing how we change the naming, however there is a bigger picture that we are looking to address sometime in the future. When we explore how we are going to solve this problem, we will evaluate this design.




Mike Prom

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One extra option that Inventor has more that Fusion 360 is the ability to wrap on a cylindrical Surface . Though the extrude in Fusion is way beyond inventor . Still Fusion cannot beat the ability to wrap the text along a surface .And the option that is missing is .. The wrap sketch along face in the 3d sketch tab of Inventor that is not available in Fusion 360


Kindly see the below image where you will get an idea of what option will enhance text wrapping in Fusion 360. 


wrap option in Fusion 360.jpg


This option will be useful to engrave with 4 axis strategies using the 2D contour wrap tool path where we will select the trace to trace the path . Finally helping us to achieve cylindrical engraving

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Hide a single face or other geometry

Status: Under Review
by Advocate carloquinonez on ‎11-28-2016 12:06 PM

I'd like to be able to hide a faces on a body. For instance, if you're designing a manifold for multiple solenoid valves, it would be nice to hide one of the faces to see all the internal ducting inside the valve manifold.Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.58.09 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 11.57.19 AM.png





 The way this was implemented in CATIA was, basically, by having an alternate display layer. Normally, the view only showed what was on the default layer, but you could also show the hidden layer or both if you wanted to. CATIA only had a 2 layers, but I'm sure multiple layers would be useful. Beyond just hiding, you could assign sketches/construction geometry to their own layers and if you could easily toggle between the different layers, it would eliminate much of the hunting through sketches and construction geometry to find what I need. 

Status: Under Review
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Right now, when a fillet / rule fillet / shell fails, a window pops up saying that the fillet could not be done, but there is no feedback exactly where the operation failed.  99% of the fillet could be OK but that 1% is what makes the entire operation fail.


Please highlight where that failure is (I think you already have that red highlighting in the Sculpt environment when a sculpt object self-intersects, for instance).


Here is an egregious example where (of course) the fillet would fail...but many times the failure is on some very small part of and edge that is not easily seen.  I am also confident that there are other operations like this, but fillet / rule fillet / and shell come to mind (maybe Thicken? Chamfer?).


The priority for me, though is the fillets!



Status: Future Consideration

Thank you for your idea, I want to be clear that there are two ideas here and this is being changed to future consideration for the fillet fail.  We are looking at improving the fillet tool and will explore this idea being a part of the solution.




Mike Prom

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It would be really great if Fusion had a module for motion study. In which we can find out the velocities accelerations at required points in the mechanism.

I dont know if this is too much to ask but a multi body simulation module as a package would be ultimate .

Thank you fusion team
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Move tool

Status: Accepted
by Enthusiast lacrimacz January |

Until a recent update, I could combine multiple move types in one operation. So I could move a part to its approximate location using Free move, then zoom in and finish fine positioning with point-to-point (e. g. without having to first zoom to object 1, pick the first point, zoom out and pan to destination, zoom in there and pick the scond point...). 


In the new version, when I try to switch the move type during the operation, the object being moved returns to its original location. To do what I used to do before, I have to close the Move window and then open it again. Putting it very mildly, this is extremely annoying.


The original behaviour was much better in my opinion. If returning to original position is really something that is necessary (it certainly is not for me), I would say a local undo within the move dialog would make more sense.

Status: Accepted

Changing to Accepted - we'll be re-adding this capability soon.


For now, after the Free Move stage of the move, if you hold the right mouse button, drag up and release, it will directly Repeat the Move command, which will essentially apply the first step and allow you to switch types and perform the point-to-point move. This should make this workflow easier than manually re-invoking the Move command.

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What ails me so far on my Fusion journey, consistently has been when editing a sketch my view often goes zooming off to a seemingly arbitrary position and zoom level. This event, unfortunately, results in me hastily navigating back to the same location, time and again when editing any particular sketch. 


Now I am not exaggerating the level of waste that this action has on, I can only imagine, everyone's workflow. This seemingly minor inconveniences surely have some aggregate effect on us Fusion users. 


Please consider adding a command for capturing the canvas' camera's pose to use as the default pose of a particular sketch.


Kind Regards,

Matt | MSH

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Select entire area enclosed by a profile

Status: Implemented
by Explorer astorsanden on ‎09-19-2016 10:43 AM

The way geometry is selected is really frustrating, especially when you need to select 15 ridiculously small areas to extrude that circle you've just sketched because of underlying geometry. Having the ability to override this by selecting a contour profile would save a lot of time and frustration.






Status: Implemented

This is now possible with the new sketch selection filters!

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     In my design there are a lot of joint and it is quite large file with 125MB of .f3d file 

     There should be an option for file size reducer.

     Due to joint and constrained my PC is not correctly working on this project.

    After giving a command One option of "Send Report" comes and whole fusion file close up 

     can we solve this issue.

    I am still unable to solve this issue of File Size.

    I have already loose my some design  Data of Project which I have done within 5 Minutes or less. Due to 5 minutes file saving time    

     automatically in Preferences of User Interface.

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There is a big market about fluid mechanics and electromechanical stuff, using design functions, and boosting "kind of" routing generator/part converter/integrator as special environment as is done in CAE/FEA module, this brings the professional market to F360 usage, I am a Inventor, ACAD MEP and Plant 3D user, and "boosting" this specs into F360 design filosophy, will atract mechanical/process/plant designers from the conceptuelization of component/part design, to functional enginering parameters scenario, this being the real productive goal.

In syntesis: "Routing options, ex. Electrical, Piping/Plumbing, and P&ID generation in it."

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After the latest update the move function in fusion 360 does not support Move to a face anymore. How should I assemble anything now? Only workarrount that works sometimes is to move from point to point and move a known length in the direction I need my part.

Status: Accepted

This was a unexpected issue introduced with the recent Move tool update - we're aiming to fix this as soon as we can!

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I would LOVE to have a mode where I can just model with T-Splines (preferably with history) and without losing my T-Spline mesh to an auto-convert-to-nurbs and not being able to easily keep tweaking my T-Spline mesh!

I just want T-Spline modeling without losing my T-Splines and without it being exclusive to a separate mode where if you exit it, you lose all T-Splines.



31 Kudos

Right now I have to calculate manually the number of instances I need  to fit in my total angle.


When I design my first feature I know from it what's the angle it represent but I don't necessarily know the total angle and number of repetitions I need for the the features to fit together. You can see in my picture I did my first rib in the center of this case and then patterned it but I had to fiddle a while around to find the total angle and then calculate the number of them I needed.

It would be good to add the option to input the angle between feature and number of instances like you can do in many other software.

Screenshot (40).png



Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! The team reviewed and think that this is something we can get to close to first half of next year. A lot of our teams are working on Sheet metal, so it's hard to pull them away right now. We have this captured in our backlog and will let you know when we start work on this.