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To have a good offline workflow it would be beneficial to be able to add doc/pic/videos in a project folder even when offline. When the user gets online again it will automatically upload the added data.

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Work Off Line

Status: Under Review
by Contributor john.steck on ‎09-20-2016 02:11 PM

There should be an option to work off-line, not connected to the internet.  A time restricted authorization token could make it work... similar to how a traditional license server lets users 'check out' a time restricted license for off-line access when traveling.  


Additionally, cloud storage is great but it would be better if it could work more like Google drive or One Drive with your project files stored on a local folder that syncs to the cloud in the background.  This would enable off-line modeling until the next opportunity to connect and sync data.



Status: Under Review

@john.steck - are you aware of, or have you ever used Offline Mode today in F360?  Are you looking for something different than this?


The second half of the idea around syncing particular cloud data to your desktop is a project that the team has been working towards, but is a large and complex project that is still pretty far out.

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I am getting tons of error, restarted app, restarted CPU. Horrible terrible lag. Tons of meaningless errors, failures in holding constraints, constraint vectors not respected. Bad. Bad I tell you. Bad.


I will wrap up this task, however long it takes, bill my client extra for the extra time it took to do the task and hope there is an update coming soon to address these issues, otherwise, I am going to loose work and productivity. 


Not Happy.

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Pretty often i got ideas on the run, with only the mobile around, that I want to sketch up directly and use for 3d modeling later when I got home to my computer.
It would be really handy to have possibilities to sketch in the Fusion 360 mobile (android/iOS) apps and save it into the workspace and later when I get back to the computer open up the sketches and continue the work and the 3D modeling.
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Augmented Reality

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer terbeest on ‎12-14-2016 04:19 PM

The topic of augmented reality can be a massive undertaking when considering the full breadth of merging virtual objects with real-world environments in real-time. 


While a full-featured augmented reality built into Fusion 360 would be surreal, I am suggesting a small subset of that capability. I've found myself taking photos of a physical environment for a soon-to-be integrated CNC machined object. I think it would be wonderful to create a 3D object and then showcase the object live with clients in the IoS or Android Fusion 360 app with the background being a live camera. I would love to be able to resize the object and rotate with the changing of the live video.

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reorder components in browser

Status: Archived
by Advocate madengineer13 on ‎07-19-2016 02:16 PM

I think it would be helpful to be able to drag the components up or down in the browser tree.  for instance, if I want to take a component created last, and drag it up to the top of the browser.   This would help with keeping the components organized within the browser.







Status: Archived

Hey there! Quick update on this idea - there are some workflow limitations around why you can't move components. When you create components, they are created in a certain order, when you try to move them in the browser, you may end up breaking the link between the order in the browser and it's relationship to the associated features in the timeline. 

We are working on providing the the capability create folders in the browser so you can better organize your parts, however the issue you are pointing out here is valid: 

If you can't move a component, we shouldn't give you a preview of where you can place it. We will track this issue and get it fixed so that there is no visual feedback. 

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for intended offline work - e.g. doing the CAM program in front of the machine while another part is processed - I wanted to sync multiple parts (like 20) to my offline cache. Unfortunately there's no selection or single-button solution for that.

Instead, I have to open every part so the offline cache file for it is created.


My idea: introduce, maybe on project level, a checkbox which, when checked, syncs the project contents from the cloud to the harddrive of the connecting computer whenever it is logged in.

This way no worry anymore about whether and when the part was last opened, no merge issues, etc. Instead, working offline can prepared properly and syncing back to the cloud will be easier as well.


If this is already requested somehwere else, I am sorry, didn't find it then.





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I would like to find out the state of my cloud simulations and renderings from within Fusion 360 on my mobile device.


Dave Whiteley

Envisage UK Ltd

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 Please add the "Description" custom property to the file name. This is a small enhancement,but will go a long ways :)




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Send feedback button for Fusion

Status: Accepted
by Advisor kb9ydn on ‎09-24-2015 12:45 PM

What I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to see for Fusion is a "send feedback" button.  When you press this button it will:


- take a screen shot

- allow you to enter a description of the issue you are having

- allow you to include other pictures and files if needed

- allow you to fill in an email address or other contact information

- provide a check box for whether you want to be notified of updates regarding the issue (including a ticket number and status changes)

- send all of the above information along with the current and all referenced design files directly to Fusion support


The forum is great, especially when you can share files publicly.  But it does take significantly more work than a simple feedback button would.




Status: Accepted

Yes, this is something we are working on doing. We will most likely roll it out in phases, but the final result will include all of what this idea is addressing. 

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Disable forced updating

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer sean.cusack on ‎01-23-2015 02:30 PM

There should be a way to delay updating Fusion 360, or at least be able to run an outdated version when required. Currently, if there is a new update available, Fusion users are only given the option to "update now" or "quit". This makes the program nearly unusable if you are onsite with a client, and trying to show him or her your design since you are now completely locked out of the program until you find a wifi connection and wait for the massive update file to be downloaded and installed.

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forceeffect motion app in 360

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor hendrix8 on ‎06-25-2016 11:57 PM

i use force effect motion / flow app , and it has inside app in 



can it be add to  Fusion 360 ?  

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I like that you can import a sketch to work with, but it would be great to start a sketch drawing and do a basic sketch right in Fusion.


You can have a model partially built then come in and sketch an idea to scale with what's already there.

Drawings can be created within the desktop package or as an added comment from the cloud model. This would help to include tablets.

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Idea is to allow cloud selection of canvas instead of always looking up your local drives i.e.desktop. As you can see in the image attached when you select to add in a canvas the only option is for local drives. Ideas for improvement are:

  1. allow cloud storage as an option for loading canvas such as:
    1. Fusion 360 data panel
    2. A360 (allow to select from a browser but also to inject in from within A360 itself)
    3. Dropbox, Google Drive or other accounts such as this
  2. Drag and drop from the Fusion 360 data panel as you can with a model/mesh

This cam e about because I went to the effort of capturing an image to use as a reference in a new design and after loading it from my mobile phone through the Fusion 360 app on Android I found this then didn't give me any more benefits in workflow than if i had saved the image to my desktop from my phone. 



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I would like to suggest that the Joint animation feature that is available within the Fusion 360 app is also made available with the mobile app.

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Status: Gathering Support
by Observer malikhader1UUPX7 on ‎10-05-2016 01:08 PM

I have and idea,if you could make the designer view the model 360 degrees on vr headset to analysis it better .



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Ipad Manual

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer pauljblum on ‎08-09-2016 12:51 PM

Include On-Line Help Manual from web application in the iPad Application. It would be very useful to be able to read the Help File included with the web Fusion 360 when using my iPad when my pc and internet are not available.

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It would be great if you could save the comments from a live review session or email directly to the participants.
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When inviting people to share your project in Fusion 360.  It would be beneficial to invite by email address OR Autodesk ID name.  Part of this is a request from within Autodesk as our usernames are the same as our forums names so customer know right away how to add these users to their projects for technical support.


The byproduct of what we have now is that we are giving out our email address fairly openly which as Fusion 360 grows could result in emails coming in through wrong channels and customers not getting the support that they need.

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Sabemos que hay Autodesk Training Center y Academic Partner en todo el mundo. Pero lo que es curioso, es que cada centro imparte capacitación a su conveniencia, a su estilo y bajos sus criterios.

Mi idea consiste en estandarizar toda la capacitación mundial del software de Autodesk Fusion 360 en todas los ATC y los AAAP de manera que cualquier usuario pueda hacer un nivel básico en cualquier país y seguir con niveles avanzados en cualquier otro país.

Mi idea se extiende a todos los software de Autodesk.


Pero por otro lado comento también, que si se expone una idea, es porque se ha detectado un problema o debilidad a lo que esta idea, generaría la respectiva solución.


Basado en este criterio, informo que nosotros @ATCAbstract hemos estandarizado la capacitación en Inventor, Fusion 360, AutoCAD y Revit. y a todos los ATC y AAAP que lean este post, le ofrecemos la voluntad de apoyarles para unificar criterios de esta filosofía de capacitación mundial.




Si les pareció útil esta información, por favor dar clic en Kudos (Los kudos son fuentes de motivación para seguir aportando en esta comunidad)

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Inspection Capability in Online Viewer

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Big_Mak on ‎12-17-2015 12:05 PM - last edited on ‎12-17-2015 12:06 PM |

Can we get Inspection capabilities in the online viewer?


Customers really like the ability to view their models that we are working on, but I'd like them to be able to inspect the model and give feedback to the results that they get.  Would be really handy.

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Mobile Application

Status: Archived
by Observer hudsonburke01 on ‎09-08-2016 10:43 PM

I use an iPad a lot, and I would love to be able to edit my designs from there. There already is an app, and I think an edit feature would be a HUGE improvement. 

Status: Archived

We are working on a browser version of Fusion 360 that will work with mobile devices. ETA is TBA.

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The Android/iOS app is really nice and fluid, but desparately need a measurement tool.  It is next to impossible to do any collaboration or model validation if you can't measure anything.  Also, using my phone or tablet to pull up a model for checking dimension or for verifying hole locations when out in the shop would be a lot more convenient than dragging out my laptop. 

Status: Implemented
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Browser based CAD/CAM

Status: Future Consideration
by Observer currentresident on ‎03-07-2016 08:08 AM

I know Autodesk has expressed and aggresively repugnant view of Linux. Similarly, at our makerspace we have a similar view towards the DRM embedded systems produced by Microsoft and Apple. If Fusion 360 was converted to a browser based system instead of a tethered one both issues would be solved. Going forward it would be far easier to maintain code that works in an OS agnostic browser than separate repos for the same program.

Status: Future Consideration

As @HughesTooling mentioned, Project Leopard is our browser version of Fusion. 

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JIT Rendering Environment pipeline

Status: Future Consideration
by Employee on ‎07-27-2015 01:57 PM

With the new update, we have the ability to render in the environments now, to place a car in the plaza, to import our own HDRI environments! This is SO COOL! What about enabling the Fusion 360 mobile app to create HDRI environments that are automatically added to you or your teams Fusion 360 account for JIT rendering?


Machinists, Want to render your new bike parts at your favorite park, or on the shelf at your local shop you are trying to sell to? Go ahead!

Startups, Want to render your new Big Area Additive Manufacturing 3D printer idea on you target customers factory floor you just toured before your big pitch? Go ahead!

Designers, want to render your new concept for a wind farm in the Colombia gorge, or your concept for a new fashionable dining set in a local restaurants best table before you meet with the owner? Go ahead!


1) Take the pictures (fusion app, other Autodesk app)

2) Send to the cloud for a HDRI stitch using credits.

    2i) When completed, import/add this HDRI environment automatically to fusion 360.

3) Send off your part for cloud rendering using credits

   3i) Have the ability to create an Fusion 360 (A360) render straight from a mobile OS, on top of others ideas to view renders in the mobile app


Or share the environments on a gallery like space, perhaps similar to the downloadable materials functionality for HDRI environments, create a pipeline for sharing custom environments in the community? just a thought :)

Status: Future Consideration

This is in our backlog. 

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It would be really nice for showing and discussing new renders. Currently on Android.
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Windows 10 Mobile App

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer HaythamMohsen on ‎05-31-2016 01:21 AM

We need an application for Windows 10 Mobiles and Windows 10 PC

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Status: Archived
by Advocate Sandflo on ‎12-18-2014 12:50 AM

Hi "fusion Team"

I'm not sure where to post this so i do it here!

Is there a chance that you will add tapatalk support for this forum?(its i app for smartphones to easaliy read it on small screens)

I know that you have a mobilefriendly site, but its still not the same.

Thank you!

Your are doing a great job on this forum, very active and quick with responses and solutions


Status: Archived

Thank you for idea - this is getting archived due to lack of votes.

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I'd like to be able to do this.  Nice that your team can do it from a web browser, but even more useful from phone or tablet as well.

Status: Future Consideration

We will be adding functionality that will allow you to move rendered images from the gallery to your project.

Once the images are in the project you would be able to see them on the A360 or Fusion360 App.



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Cloud Rendering

Status: Implemented
by Observer lrossetti7 on ‎12-08-2015 04:31 PM

I think it would be grate if there was a way to integrate the cloud rendering more with the app. For example notifications on completed renders and maybe being able to view renders directly on the app.

Status: Implemented
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Autodesk portable

Status: Archived
by Observer aidan.hall on ‎11-18-2015 03:03 PM

I am a college student and I work mostly on lab and library computers where I cannot install software.  I would love to be able to use Autodesk and boot it from a USB drive.  I already do this with other programs such as LaTeX and Python, so a CAD software would be great!

Status: Archived
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Integration into Autodesk 360 Mobile

Status: Implemented
by Contributor pmcfadden on ‎08-09-2013 01:51 AM

Recently found the Autodesk 360 Mobile app. I would LOVE to be able to access my Fusion 360 data directly through my phone.



Status: Implemented
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iOS Design Module

Status: Archived
by Participant christianlagares on ‎03-16-2015 07:29 AM

Developing a light, but powerful module for 360 that enables full offline use, without forcing too much load on the GPU, should be essential. The development of a design suite that uses offline toolboxes, and saves models offline, would open a whole new world of possibilities for Fusion 360. By creating a light-weight module that could be used on any CPU and GPU combination could open the market towards adapting the module to iOS. By implementing Apple's recently launched METAL API, the application would be powerful, but lightweight, and could enable a true Hand-Off experience. Being able to translatate the lightweight API from the iOS F360 App to OS X's Full F360 graphics engine is definitely a must for Autodesk. 


The iOS app could be a completely independent F360 Engine (name that could be used for the mobile engine: "FusionMetal"), and could employ iCloud as syncing mechanism for models designed on OS X and models designed on iOS. Being able to bring a model truely to life on my iPhone is something I look forward, and I know that Autodesk is capable of unleashing a Fusion Revolution.


This simple approach towards capturing an idea on-the-go, and being able to use the power of an iPAD or iPhone 6 Plus, will revolutionize the current envisionment of the iOS devices in the engineering, architecture, and design business. 

Status: Archived

Archieved due to lack of votes.

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User Control over UPDATE Downloads!

Status: Archived
by Advocate tdtwohy on ‎08-26-2013 02:27 PM - last edited on ‎08-26-2013 02:30 PM |


For some STRANGE reason... you left out the control over when and where these updates occur... which is JUST A BIT rude and dictatorial. *grumble*

Mobile users need to be able to control when and where these updates happen... having the program suddenly decide it's going up update things cost me MONEY last month as I keep very slim margins (ok, I just watch to many vids but GEEZ, at least I know it's me hurting the account).

User Control... even if it's only this minor aspect of when and where... make a big differance to us POOR FOLK.


Status: Archived
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Wood does not cut similarly to non-linear materials, such as metals or plastics where the material properties are equally distributed. 


Both way cutting doesn't work so well when cutting wood. In my experience climb-cutting is where it is at, this and a combination of logical tool choice along with feed engagement patterns, are critical.


When cutting wood, you have to be mindful of the material's hardness, grain direction, geometry, moisture and on and on. 


Wood holds a lot of energy, and it releases it almost as harmoniously as it changes in moisture content and orientation to gravity.  I mean, think of it on a microscopic level, Wood grain is somewhat LINEAR tubes. Forces on it behave differently, almost always. Like if you can imagine a long tube with water on both ends and air between, if this wood flattens out or stretches, it will pull a vacuum on the grain, so when you cut it the workpiece will end up being smaller than you intended after it sits!


A man has once tried to tame wood. "The end to warping" they called it, "let's pressure treat it," they said, so they fill the wood veins with so many toxins until the potential for movement subsides.


Sorry, personally I feel that if we can make a responsible coating to preserve the wood beautifully and protect it, maybe it won't let it one day buckle, twist or cut. Hopefully.


To the beauty to marvel that is the character of the wood. Knots, Sap-lines, young and old growth. Each characteristic owning disparate differences in force effect. 


The future of wood machining is per workpiece recognition of character and tool path patterns chosen to engage the workpiece to get the best result in machining. 


But we are worlds away from that.


Instead of choosing a manufacturing pattern that avoids the character of wood maybe we can then start to embrace every bit of it. Scrap wood could be almost non-existent.


But then you must consider all of the big wigs wanting consistency in the way that the wood presents staining each unit the same color even when it is the same species, complaining when a little bit of pink or green shows up in Maple. Ugh. Embrace our differences I mutter, like wood I find these people also lack embracing diversity in people. -Though not all.


So I also want to say, how about an idea where we stop staining or painting wood and stop asking our customer what color do you want your wood and instead say what character? It is funny that woods with 'defects' often are cheaper. Seek out a non-yellowing clear coat! Let the native and predictably random character of the wood excite you! I mean have you seen how beautiful Walnut, Cherry, and Maple are?


Any, who


In the future, if we can get segment level control of toolpath I am sure that woodworkers, CAM-oriented, and design ready with Fusion will concur the cutting of wood materials with grain based cutting strategies that can be 'ad-libbed' until Software Engineers get around to understanding the complexities of cutting these systems.


Wood tears out when cutting it wrong.


Cutting forces parallel to the grain split the wood like a knife that a cutter is. 


Dry wood behaves differently than wet wood when cutting on a CNC.


Sorry again, this is Idea Station, allow me to summarize my Idea.


I feel like if I can treat the tool paths generated by your CAM package much like a sketch, I can get more experimental with cutting patterns and practices in a linear, grain, type tool engagement, i.e. cutting Wood. I feel like there could be some patterns that may be lean in machine time that requires switching between climb & conventional by turning the cutter away from the workpiece where trouble is occurring, moving down the part and then changing the tool engagement based on grain & geometry conditions. I would like to test that on a few parts, I have hit 'acceptable' but not perfect results regarding machine time vs. part quality. I can solve this by tooling to sketches, but I don't want to sketch out an entire operation. 


Please know, I don't claim I am all that in cutting wood. I took my years of drafting, modeling, and some design/engineering experience and was given a 3-axis Onsrud Pendulum beast and let loose. It was the rants from skilled and passionate individuals online and at the workplace that led me to understand and learn to love the predictably unpredictable world of cutting wood. These expressions are of my own, I may be wrong, and I should be told so, after all, I have been machining wood only for two years in August.


Wood is maybe one of the only material that with care and time you may be able to source from your back yard. Like days of old. 



MSH | Matthew Harrison


While I was writing this, I realized I should create some drawings to illustrate further, many of the points i have made above. If you are wanting to get more information about what I have said above please let me know what areas need clarification. 


In expressing your undestanding you truely test your knowledge, this is when change happens, as sometimes you learn something new or perhaps more importantly learn that you have been wrong all along.



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Subscribe to Email for each Post in Ideastation

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matth on ‎12-22-2016 01:44 PM - last edited on ‎12-22-2016 02:04 PM |

I love sharing my Ideas, shamelessly sometimes. But, I also like to know where everyone else stands on their Ideas and cheer them on. And help turn it into a discussion to help provide clarity to it if needed and keep the momentum on great ideas.


I love the concept of this type of collaborative event and workspace.  


I would like to remain informed that some other 'genius' contributed to the pool of 'ideas.' 


I feel it fair to the participants in this community that we enable ourselves to subscribe to an email notification.


If the email contained the body, I would be more productive with your email. Hits to your site from this email do not measure your effect, but that of the body of the email.  Keep it simple, make it secure and make it happen!


Ahem! Not so fast! -Please.


An email that's easy to read, plain text, and where the content, the idea, is the only thing that tells you to drive in and contribute. 


Lastly, please include after the body of the text, a few paragraphs down and smaller a link to unsubscribe.




<a href="youradresstothepost">IdeaSubject</a>

<a href="unsubscribelink">Unsubscribe Here</a> 

But wait there's more! ; )


I think you guys got it from there. I hope this is a fairly easy task and one that gets good traction and support. I would like this project of community driven development to evolve maybe to start with an idea, make it happen and let the format become democratic. We need to show these young kids who can make change

Everyone. Together.


 And if I missed it in the UI, I apologize for my dumbassery, just point it out. Thanks for reading, this one gets all the labels to get Maximum Exposure!



Another Ideastation comment on subscription email format.

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app for Apple IOS iPad and iPhone

Status: Archived
by Contributor ORybin23 on ‎05-03-2016 10:53 AM

Can you make Autodesk Communty app though all the software for example fousion 360, Inventor HSM 2017, and Auto-cad and more. Whittin the app. In the Communty there should be News feed from Facebook and Twitter,Video channel though YouTube, forms so you ask quations and comments, and base knowledge of the software of use. In Resource there should be build in Mashist Calc Pro 2 and all types off Calculated Industries in filed off all software within Autodesk. Also add tutorials all the softwares in Autodesk Inc has to offer. It must be free to use and everyone need to use the Autodesk account to use all the stuff with in the app.

Status: Archived

Thanks for your idea. we have your concerns captured and are archiving this due to lack of votes. There are opportunities to improve the Fusion 360 app on mobile to include more resources, and we'll keep you posted when we get to adding them. 

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Full feature Android Fusion 360 please?

Status: Archived
by Participant JonnyDeath on ‎11-02-2015 07:46 AM

It would be great to see the PC version adapted over to Android.
I have a couple of the new league devices running 64-bit octa core CPU/GPU and DDR3 but even on my older devices I've run many versions of CAD and other resource hungry programs like multitrack recording applications without a single issue to date. 


I'm struggling to get Fusion 360 to stabilize on both my PC and laptio but if it comes down to it I'll build a PC based on hardware known to support this gem. 

10 minutes with fusion 360 and the thought of ever training with Sketchup again turned my stomach. 

Status: Archived

Thanks for the submission.  We are archiving due to lack of votes as outlined here:

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Encouragement Accolades... Now Get On IT!

Status: Archived
by Advocate bverboort on ‎02-05-2015 06:36 PM

Deja (Stinkin') Vu


Is it just me or am I the only one having flashbacks of the days when Inventor was still in its "Rubicon" stage?...


Many of my posts from that time could be "CTL-C" ---> "CTL-V" 'd here in the f360 forums... er.. "Idea Station"


And many of the Inventor "early days" posts could have been "CTL-C" ---> "CTL-V" 'd from the (even earlier) days of Mechanical Desktop development (yup... I said it... MDT).


There must be an easier way.


Let's hear from that still small voice in the wilderness that I know must still be there... hidden somewhere in a dark cube inside the Autodesk "SkunkWorks".


The ones that have been here (many times) before... the ones that know what we need from this amazing new cloud-based technology!!


C'mon boys!! BRING IT!. Your voice counts!!! I encourage you... Implore you!!... Empower you!! LET YOURSELVES BE HEARD!!


Don't be afraid. Your "Street Cred" might be a bit dusty, gray, balding, beer bellied... But it still counts for something. Work with this new breed, with these crazy kids and their (amazingly valuable) wacky ideas! Their “Insane” ideas... Temper it, embrace it!


Fire this f360 thing up with some Old Skool (dare I say "OG"?) knowledge and flare!!


Get loud!... Go out on a limb. Press for what you _know_ is needed. Spend some of that political capital... What are you saving it for anyway!!

Time's a wastin!



Status: Archived
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quick cut tool and insert tool

Status: Archived
by Explorer darcvizer on ‎01-20-2015 05:36 PM

Ordinary knife how, in sketchup, for fast cutting surface. Often have to create an sketch for an extra offset tool.




Status: Archived
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