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many new users (like myself) are daunted by the sheer vastness of fusion , and attempt to focus on actually creating basic parts and sketches, so focusing on creating components eludes them, until they start doing so in the middle of a sketch .


further more most users during normal usage of the software will slowly sink into a way of work that either pushes them to use components or  other types workflows which does not. 


for new users, and users that during the normal course of  work flow are required to use components i believe there should be a preference in fusion that has create a new component and activate it automatically when a new project is created. 


the benefit for experienced users who use components is that they won't be forced to perform a repetitive task which is rather crucial to a beginning of a project , and the benefit for new users, is that they'll be educated with the importance of creating components from the beginning.

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1.       Constraining problem in two sub-assemblies – parts do not remain constrained in main assembly.


2.       Sketch do not show it’s fully constrained even when all the dimension are given.


3.        All constrains are in distances & dimensions which makes assembling difficult.

(Plane to plane/ axis to axis/ edge to edge constrain should be provided for perfect assembling)

4.       Imported parts do not get constrained in assembly.


5.       Even after grounding/ fixing, objects move.


6.       Any changes made in part model do not get updated in main assembly.


7.       Library of standard parts missing. (too short)


8.       Any intersection or error in assembly is not highlighted.


9.       Customized coil (spiral) feature is not available.


10.   Sheet metal feature not yet available.

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One of the most frustrating things about working with Fusion 360 CAM is when I try to create or edit an operation & I get the error "No toolpath created". This means that SOMETHING is wrong in the operation setup.

A simple (and obvious) example is when I try to cut a slot with a tool that is too large to fit the slot. OK, I can figure that one out, but it would be far more helpful if the error said "selected tool too large", or something like that.

Far more often though, I get this useless error message, and have no clue as to where to begin to look. I have wasted hours & hours struggling to get a usable toolpath, with absolutely no help or guidance from Fusion. 

So, my idea/request is for Autodesk to provide error messages that actually provide useful information about what is wrong with the current setup. I understand that this may not be as simple to do as it sounds, but surely the software can produce more information for the user than a message that means "Nope, that didn't work. Guess again."

Alternatively, it would help if there was more complete, comprehensive documentation available on this subject. Currently the online docs provide a generic sentence or two about each available parameter. This is rarely (if ever) helpful when trying to sleuth out a "No toolpath created" error. 

I have watched every video that I can find even remotely pertaining to this subject & while each one may contain a tip or two, this is far from a comprehensive way of dealing with this issue.

The good news is that Fusion 360 already has a built-in mechanism for providing useful, in-contex information about a particular error (ie, the window that now says "No toolpath created").  Imagine how powerful this mechanism would be if it provided a message that pointed to the actual source of the error.....

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Add subtitles to documentation & tutorial videos

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer rb on January - last edited January |

Autodesk makes copious use of videos for documentation and tutorials.  None of them have subtitles.  A lot of the information is spoken. 


I -- along with millions of others -- have hearing loss and trouble understanding speech when I can't see the speaker (or their mouth) and it's about an unfamiliar subject. (Turning up the volume just makes things louder, not any clearer.)


As one of millions of people with hearing loss (half of which are still in the workforce) videos are not very useful to me without subtitles.  Without being able to use the videos as intended, learning is much harder than it needs to be.

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Status: Gathering Support
by Participant mario.saarik on ‎11-25-2016 01:50 AM

I originally wrote this idea for inventor, but as i have started doing more stuff with Fusion 360 and seeing the update frequency for Fusion 360 maybe would be done in fusion 360.  The idea is that Fusion 360 could have a tool or tools for testing out mechatronic concepts and automation.

I think that would be great for testing out systems virtually. It should have the ability to place actuators and sensors, then program them with arduino as in 123Circuits or have PLC Function Block window, where you have modules, inputs and outputs, so you could already start testing out programs and functions. 


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CAM Workflow Improvements

Status: Future Consideration
by Mentor on ‎10-24-2016 04:40 AM

As an active participant of the CAM forum, I would say that hand's down, the most common problem we see is that of "My post failed, it said something about tool orientation"

This always comes down to one thing: People dive right into programming their part, but they never bothered to do a Setup. So when their tool is trying to mill along the Z axis, they think the solution is to turn on Tool Orientation. This is clearly wrong and the tooltip tells you what it's for, but apparently that is ignored or misunderstood.


I propose something along the lines of these options:

1) Grey out all the toolpath icons until a Setup is performed.

2) If that's not desired by the community, perhaps clicking an operation could prompt a pop-up window informing you that you haven't established your WCS yet and would you like to? This box MUST have a button to click for more information, perhaps linking to a very short video or text explaining what the WCS is for and why you need to set it up before programming


I mean, we all love the easy padding of kudos and "Your answer was accepted as solution" but I'd rather just see the community not even hit that problem in the first place

What are your thoughts @Steinwerks @HughesTooling @al.whatmough ?

Status: Future Consideration

Hey all, great conversation here. Marking this as Future Consideration as something we'll plan for. We need to get our ducks in a row before we can commit to this being accepted. More to come. 

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Form Tool Support for Tool Library

Status: Accepted
by Explorer msheridan523 on ‎08-23-2016 09:02 AM

The "Form Tool" option from HSMexpress to support custom tool profiles; like tread mills, or other odd shape mills. This would be a great benefit to make building a tool library. It can be confusing how to enter tools, especially for new users and those that are new to CAM in general.

Status: Accepted

Thread tools will be added in the November release.


Custom form tool remains in the backlog.


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Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor afulkertGT3TG on ‎11-17-2016 01:28 PM

I see the collaboration is  huge in Fusion 360 but one thing lacking is Drawings and Drawings Templates overall getting better but now custom templates/title blocks are a joke. We have use Autocad to make a titleblock for Fusion 360?  


I don't use fusion 360 as main driver for cad and cam because I can't make quality drawings with my title block and layout. That's what customers approve unless you can go route full blown PMI with GD&T templates need an overhaul.


  • Custom Templates like Inventor for drawings at least (modeling would nice as well for different units and preferences) 
  • Multi Sheet Templates for Bigger Projects
  • Easily Make Title Blocks in Fusion 360
  • Import from title blocks from any major CAD would be major bonus
  • Transparent Logos are a must!

In a nutshell make Drawings like Inventor or Solidworks  



Chief Machining 

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Calculation and automatic part generation for standard parts like
a) Bearing load and life calculations linking for picking a suaitable bearing form library
b) Pulley calculations and pulley and belt generations
c) Spring calculations and spring generations
d) Key and spline calculations Key or spline shaft generation
e) Gear calculations Gear generation
f) Chain and sprocket calculations chain and sproket generation
g) Bolt calculations with torque and loads 
h) Simple Shaft and beam sections generation of shafts
I) different brake and power requirements calculations.


i want these features to be added from an engineer's perspective


i look forward for fusion to be developing as an engineer's tool and every engineer would require these basic tools for deisgn



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I currently teach Fusion 360 at a couple local MakerSpaces and I'm consistently impressed at just how positively the community responds to what they can do with it.  The students are always amazed at how simple it is to get their ideas from their head to being realized as a 3D model on screen.  And being able to edit it after the fact with parameters or history?  They just light up!


Now... the CAM side of things?  Not so much!


One of the top complaints I get from the students is it’s waaaay to complex to actually set up the CAM to use with their personal, hobbyist mills.  I would say a good 80% of them actually gave up trying to get it to work and end up looking elsewhere which is a shame considering how powerful your CAM is.  But it is too complex!!  Heck, even I've struggled with the overwhelming amount of admittedly powerful, but not-for-my-needs settings that are present.


You have to remember while a power-user Machinist will appreciate that, one of the appeals of Fusion 360 is all that power is approachable for the hobbyist, and the hobbyist has no idea what half of those things mean!  My take is set up simple, safe 'Beginners Wizard‘ that configures all of that for you.


For instance, say they have a simple 1/4 four-flute end-mill that came with the hobby mill they purchased off of Kickstarter. They know it's a 1/4" four-flute endmill and that their machine is based on GRBL, but that's the total extent of their CAM knowledge.  Fusion 360 could start by asking about the material.  It asks the type: Wood, Plastic or Metal?  They choose 'Wood'.  Next... Hard wood (give examples), Soft wood (again, give examples), MDF or Plywood. Since they have Pine, they would choose 'Soft'.


Next, ask them simple questions about their end-mill which they can probably answer just by looking at it.  What type is it? Flat, Round, Slot-cutting, etc?  They'd choose 'Flat' What's its diameter? 1/4".  How many flutes?  They look and count four.  How deep can it cut?  They see it will cut about a half-inch deep. How far below the chuck/collet does it extend?  About an inch or so.


You then prompt them to save that in their tool library which should *only* show the tools they have set up, not the ridiculous catalog you have now.  That can still be available, but you need a dedicated 'My tools' area to keep things simple. Also, let them add personal notes about each too. (e.g. 'Use this for Pine' so next time they know to go right there.)


After the above, your software would infer safe settings of everything else.  It doesn’t need to choose the fastest/most optimized/best settings and actually should err on the side of caution/consistency because again, these types of individuals aren’t looking to crank out performance.  They aren't thinking of the most efficient cut depths or speeds... they aren't thinking of how can they maximize tool life by adjusting tool paths or how to shorten job-time for manufacturing.  The *only* thing they are thinking is 'How can I make this doohickey I just designed get cut out of this block of pine I picked up at Home Depot?  I really want to see it work!!'


Don't believe me?  Ask them about 3D printers!  They don't mind staring at a print that takes well over eight-hours to complete their job because they love watching their ideas being created seemingly out of nothing.  It keeps things fun and entertaining, but most of all, engaging, especially when they’re just getting started.


Then later, when they really start to understand the intricacies of CAM and *want* to do that advanced stuff, they can start to peel back the covers by switching to ‘Advanced’ mode which would present your UI as it appears now.  Best of both worlds kind of thing.


But you'll never get there with an 80% attrition rate right at the very beginning.


Just some food for thought.

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Hi Fusion folks,


Early Fusion 360 adopter, student and amateur programmer.

Fusion 360 is without a doubt the future of CAD. But i would really love to see an improvement on the scripting environment.

I recently undertook a project that demanded some scripting. I know python moderately well, so I attempted to work with Fusion 360's spyder environment.


It was less then ideal.


This led me to try Rhino. It was a dream (only in the scripting interface). There was clear documentation right in the script editor, with lengthy documentation available as well, examples and hints, and clear modules for doing vector math, and creating objects in the 3d environment. I didn't even need to look at tutorials or documentation on line.


It seems like the environment caters more to people developing addins than to for people looking to implement small custom scripts directly in Fusion for specific projects.


It would be a dream to see the Scripting environment get some revision and improvement so that people dont have to look else where for this kind of tool that is so close to existing in Fusion. 


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Hi guys,


I was wondering if for future releases you could add another testing feature for more automotive/aerodynamic forms where we could simulate a wind tunnel type scenario to see how smoothly our design travels through the air and adjust the design accordingly. This would be another super helpful feature for product refinement.






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Scrollable popup help

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer erwinvansteen on ‎11-20-2016 10:19 AM

First of all I want to say that Fusion 360 is an awesome product!!!


There's one thing I would like to see improved.

The popup help menu's don't always fit my screen...

Can they be made scrollable (or broken up in smaller parts)?


fusion popups.png

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I get that you want to keep the Mac and Windows versions the same but it seems the result is that neither ever gets to shine. Maybe have a look at some of the greatest apps on each platform: Sketch by Bohemian coding for Mac & Office for PC. They are truly a joy to use because they take advantage of the platform they are on and has modern, native, platform-specific UI. Even old stubborn Adobe has adopted this approach in some of their newer applications. As a Mac-person i have always felt disgust when looking at something like Photoshop but with Adobe Experience Design their newest native app i suddenly feel compelled!


I think that Fusion 360 deserves a much more native, beautiful UI and believe it will do wonders for adoption.

It is probably even much easier to build and maintain a UI that does not try to fight the platform.


So please, please consider going native.

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Gravity Joint

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer josephgelaciojr on ‎10-18-2016 10:53 PM

Hi, i was creating a ferris wheel assembly. But somehow i cannot find the right joint to make the capsule stay upright. i found a solution in a different software called ProEngineer, they have this mechanism feature called Gravity which makes the capsules stay upright during assembly animation. Hope you can add more features like this in Fusion 360. I really like using Fusion 360 in Modeling my 3D projects. Thanks ;)

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Send feedback button for Fusion

Status: Accepted
by Advisor kb9ydn on ‎09-24-2015 12:45 PM

What I would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to see for Fusion is a "send feedback" button.  When you press this button it will:


- take a screen shot

- allow you to enter a description of the issue you are having

- allow you to include other pictures and files if needed

- allow you to fill in an email address or other contact information

- provide a check box for whether you want to be notified of updates regarding the issue (including a ticket number and status changes)

- send all of the above information along with the current and all referenced design files directly to Fusion support


The forum is great, especially when you can share files publicly.  But it does take significantly more work than a simple feedback button would.




Status: Accepted

Yes, this is something we are working on doing. We will most likely roll it out in phases, but the final result will include all of what this idea is addressing. 

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Goodbye fair boolean, who controls 'Component Drag.'


You will be deeply missed. All of those occasions when I accidently drag a component and am forced to revert its position.


Goodbye 'Return' button to go back to CAM workspace, I will miss that one click navigation tool to get me back to CAM.


Is there a chance you can share a plug-in code that enabled these commands? Where my fellow may learn more about the API and gain back the features you have destroyed? Instead of removing without remorse, you celebrate the depreciation and invite your users to participate in the expansion of the system they use day to day???


Rather than alienate those happily adapting most commands consider depreciating commands only when a complementary program plugin exists in Git. Proudly publish the commands once used and offer them as open source to allow them to survive and grow into new and better features.


Thanks for considering.


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I am a Rhinoceros user.


I would like to see a tutorial made for Rhinoceros users like me.


This tutorial should have:


  1. A table with a comparison of each Rhino command and its equivalent in Fusion 360.
  2. Different approaches in Fusion 360 to get the same result as we get in Rhino.
  3. What Rhino can do and Fusion 360 cannot and workarounds.
  4. What Fusion 360 can do better and faster than Rhino.
  5. Comparison between interfaces.


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Just like you have CAM workspace for subtractive manufacturing. Could you create or develop a workspace exclusive for 3D Printing? rather than have an external software like meshmixer and print studio to prepare the 3D Model for 3D printing. It would be more convenient if you can prepare and send the 3D model to a 3D printer directly from Fusion 360. Thanks.

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Provide tutorials for known issues of confusion

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate smallfavor on ‎11-22-2016 01:03 PM - last edited on ‎11-22-2016 01:05 PM |

I continue to forget why I can't simply copy a component from one design and paste it into another.  I'm sure there's a very good reason for this due to other features, but I'll once again have to go and check how to get this done.  And that's the rub - The copy and paste function is 30 years old and is one enduring bit of the interfaces of every friggin application.  But in Fusion, that's no longer the case.  Is there a vid that explains why and a best practice method to accomplish this?  If there is I've not come across it.   Trippy helped my out on this and I"ll have to search through the forum posts to find it.  


I think if you're going to change such fundamental interface procedures you should make sure explanations are ubiquitous and readily available for new comers rather than letting them struggle along trying to figure such things out.  There's plenty of learning to be done as it is without such obvious gaps

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Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate punking315 on ‎08-10-2016 08:22 AM

This is from a response I added to a discussion earlier:





"Beside the above topics, Yes, there are a lot of other resources spreaded around:


*Fusion 360 YouTube channel

*Tips & Tricks board

*Learn section

*Autodesk University

Maybe there are more...


They are all good stuff, which need to be consolidated into one place (max. 2 places). :)"



Possibly, since Fusion360 is a semi-cloud application, maybe there can be help files attached to each aspect of the program much like the pop-ups that exist right now. The difference I suggest, have in addition to the popup a link to a wiki of sorts that users and moderators and developers, can document current solutions and methods ,workarounds tips etc. to that aspect of the program.

For instance, say that the area in CAM where you assign stock boundry, one has a special situation. (I learned a great tip from John Saunders recent video on NYCCNC where he constrained the adaptive cutting area by using an overlaying sketch. This is a brilliant tip, I would have never known to search for that type of solution. 


By attaching that video via a wiki of sorts to that exact operation in the program gives the solution context, instant context.


remember... learning is helping those that don't know what they don't know.


Without context, solutions hang out "there" in an abyss without being generally referred to.




I posted this earlier:

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onverting to a Component Add Sketch

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate harvid22 on ‎06-10-2016 05:12 PM

I can't see any reason why the sketch isn't following when you are converting to a Component !

if it was made that way, you didn't have to make a new component in the Start of each session.

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I am trying to model a body that has a threat in it for an ACME shaft and create a motion link.
The body is fixed and when the thread rotates if moved not only around but forward and backward but cant seem to be able to find any tutorials on that. Everyting I have seen seems to require a separate body as a fixed point for the shaft part to rotate around.

If any one has seen something that i can take a look at i would appreciate a pointer as to how to achieve this.

IN addition I have a bearing that i would like to run on a curved surface, when it is pulled along the surface it pushes the curved surface outwards link of like a cantilever. 

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Like you can in Inventor to flip a plane, this should be implemented into Fusion 360.


see the case number CaseNo:12292482 fr further details

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Copy referenced drawing without making new

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast Remy185 on ‎02-17-2016 12:45 AM - last edited on ‎02-17-2016 12:46 AM |

When making a copy of a Drawing this copied Drawing stays linked to the first design. If there were a 'pack and go' idea for copying a design with his drawing, this would save a lot of time. Instead making new drawings again for designs with minor changes from copied previous one.


It seems there's is a workaround for this. With a single drawing linked to a single component it seems to be possible to copy the design with his drawing, rename it and use it without the link to the design copied from. 


This would be the scenario... Part A with Drawing A you want to copy without making a new drawing from copied Part A. To do this:

(There is the possibility to save a copy of Part A and rename it to Part B. This isn't possible for the drawing made from it)


1. Download Drawing A as a Fusion 360 Archive from the A360 hub making sure the latest Part A version is updated.


2. Rename this Drawing A.f3z Fusion archive to Drawing B.f3z to clarify the difference.


3. Upload Drawing B.f3z tru the Data panel in the Fusion360 app.(it does NOT work uploading to the A360 hub). This way Fusion 360 extracting the Drawing B.f3z archive to a new 'Part A.f3d v1' with a referenced 'Drawing A.f2d v1'. (you won't see the file extensions)


4. Rename 'Part A.f3d v1' to 'Part B.f3d v1'

5. Rename 'Drawing A.f2d v1' to 'Drawing B.f2d v1'


6. Now you have a new set 'Design with Drawing' without the link to Part A where copied from.


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fusion youtube vid's

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎07-11-2016 01:43 PM

can a sticky to the fusion youtube vid's be added to the top of each forum page, and added in to the when you first start fusion popups.


a lot of question people have are answered in them if it's in there faces they might look at them more.


but as the saying goes there are no stupid questions so ask anyway if you are not sure

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I find that the Fusion360 videos are a great help, but I'm not always aware there is a video about the current problem I'm having. It would be great if the tools tips had a "play video" feature that would link to the relevant video(s).


I realized the need for this after contacting Autodesk technical help and they referred me to a copule of videos. I think it would both save users time and also reduce the workload for customer support. The videos are great, so we might as well put them to work! :)  

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IdeaStation inside Fusion360

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate matth on ‎11-29-2016 04:31 AM

A GUI pallet inside Fusion360 for submitting to the idea station. Maybe include screen shot/cast. Heck, I would love if we can have the Fusion 360 Community at my fingertips while in the thick of it. I think this would make us all a bit more aggressive in our learning potential.

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If the shoulder length is entered wrong, the OK button becomes disable but there is no indication what feild caused the OK to disapear.


Suggest you highlight the feild in error so it is obvious (see attached picture).


Also, no definition for "Overall Length" or indication for what this corresponds to.  If length of tool holder plus  tool, then calculate this using other parameters.


Status: Accepted
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Add SketchUp to navigation options

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer Seth789 on ‎05-29-2016 08:07 PM

Can you add Sketch Up to the list of navigation options?


I noticed Alias, inventor, and Solid Works navigation options in preferences.  However, they are all equally horrible if you're coming over from SketchUp to learn Fusion.  


Orbit : Hold down middle mouse button, drag mouse.

Pan: Hold down middle mouse + left mouse button, drag mouse.

Zoom: Roll the wheel (no change here)


No need to hold shift, just the mouse, just use one hand.  Trust me this is way better!




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for any engineer he would deside what bolts to come at what pitch and the tools job on the whole is to represent his neeed on screen

so i would like to have a tool for bolt, counter hole and threaded hole or nut generation for productve design



there are many design accelerating features w.r.t CAD

Intuitive concept development features to be automated like Bearing-shaft to suit the dia



Frames and standard sections Assembly Interference-part optimization features Automatic fillet, chamfer with one click relief grooves Automatic bolts, free holes and tapped holes at defined pitch between selected parts in assemblies with one click Surface matching features for shaft, Bearing Housing, flanges etc,.

assembly interference recognition and chopping of the interfering part is a very intuative feature which i found on a pipe clamp webinar from fusion 360

i am looking for many such features to come up on fusion in the near future


these are features which accelerate the design process


if they are not being added to the platform then fusion would just be any other CAD toy

but not an engineers platform for engineering his designs.

looking for a potential revamp in engineering assisting features.


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Sabemos que hay Autodesk Training Center y Academic Partner en todo el mundo. Pero lo que es curioso, es que cada centro imparte capacitación a su conveniencia, a su estilo y bajos sus criterios.

Mi idea consiste en estandarizar toda la capacitación mundial del software de Autodesk Fusion 360 en todas los ATC y los AAAP de manera que cualquier usuario pueda hacer un nivel básico en cualquier país y seguir con niveles avanzados en cualquier otro país.

Mi idea se extiende a todos los software de Autodesk.


Pero por otro lado comento también, que si se expone una idea, es porque se ha detectado un problema o debilidad a lo que esta idea, generaría la respectiva solución.


Basado en este criterio, informo que nosotros @ATCAbstract hemos estandarizado la capacitación en Inventor, Fusion 360, AutoCAD y Revit. y a todos los ATC y AAAP que lean este post, le ofrecemos la voluntad de apoyarles para unificar criterios de esta filosofía de capacitación mundial.




Si les pareció útil esta información, por favor dar clic en Kudos (Los kudos son fuentes de motivación para seguir aportando en esta comunidad)

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Please allow deep-linking into the documentation.


When directing new users to "Learing->Function->Build Assembies->Bodies and components" it would be so  much easier to deep link directly to this or other sections in te manual.


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Securing components with screws

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Zephyr958 on ‎06-10-2016 09:09 PM

Making multiple holes in fusion 360 is a very satisfing function, select your location, decide the type ,size, depth, hit enter and done. I would Like this trick apply to installing multiply screws with the proper animation of righty tighty and lefty loosey. The current animation shows install screws turning anti-clockwise ( should be clock-wise). I would like to select multiply location select my screw type, size (especially if the screws are all the same size) and have them all installed at the same time. Seeing the animation of a screw installed for the first time is amazing, doing that a hundred times and the fun turns into enough already I am done with this. Thanks   

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Learning suggestion

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate smallfavor on ‎10-27-2016 09:53 AM

I'm watching an instructional on LinkedIn today that's explaining how to use a visual programming app called dynamo.  The explanations of the nodes is making the underlying function of a modeling program more understandable.  I think there's some benefit to be had for designers to have a fundamental idea of what they are actually doing when using a CAD application.  What struck me is the term 'patch' being used in the programming environment and it's use as a category/work space in Fusion.   


Perhaps a short tutorial on how various geometry is created and manipulated by math formulas (recipes) would be worth developing.


Here's a link to what's mentioned

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Improvements in sketch module

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant vittalss47 on ‎07-27-2016 04:57 AM

i am sorry for directly comparing the features of different other packages.

its just that i cant write down all the features here.
My sincere request to the Developers is to have a look at other parametric molding tools and also the Creo Direct modeling express tool, their Sketching modeling is so very intuitive to use to makes sketches and use them for 3D and make it more user-friendly.

Please improve the sketching module from parametric aspect as well as the from snaps point of view, there are soo many snaps which fusion Sketcher has missed out on.

please look into it to develop fusion as a free form modeling tool as well as engineers geometry driven tool with snaps prompting the dimensions. this would improve the productivity of an engineer and help make fusion real fast and leave solid works behind in-terms of hybrid modeling functionality.


i am not asking you to do directly what other competitors offer,

My intention is to show fusion the features they lack and ask them to add features more intuitive and more functional to do things in a way exclusive for fusion and set a trend in the market.


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I would like to give part constrains such as co planar or perpendicular concentric circular etc,. with reference dimensions and define the tolerance in the assembly module itself between parts creating relationship handles

where chance in dimension of the reference parameter of a part can be linked to different child parts this can be real advantage in parametric design

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This thread is the main reason for this idea.

There are other threads that are like this too. 

I think it would be useful for AD to gauge the interest and need for a user testing group to be formed. 

I suppose its a bit like distributed computation groups that organisations like S.E.T.E use to look for aliens. 

I love the fusion concept. AD is a big company. But fusion is only a small part of its portfolio. 

If us users can help make it better we should. 

Please vote if you share this ideal. It would be useful to show AD that we would like to help improve the update process. 

it would be better for all of the interested parties. 





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Creating a vornoi vase

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer fdoepke on ‎10-12-2015 11:23 PM - last edited on ‎11-10-2015 01:50 PM |

 In your app store you have the Vornoi tool that creates a nice Vornoi sketch. I would like to wrap that around a pipe and use the sketch to create holes.

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I spent hours trying to figure out how to import a component from a file into a new design.  The main reason this took so long was that in the early days, or maybe still on PCs, not sure, there was some other menu command, and that is still today  the most common result in google searches (e.g. "fusion 360 import component").  These old videos and forum posts need to be deleted or notated.


Here is what I finally found:  Go to the top level of the data panel and RIGHT-CLICK on the letters of the file name you want to get the menu that allows import (the letters don't highlight and appear active, and I believe if you click on the file's image it doesnt' work at all).  


Why is this action not present on any obvious pull-down menu? I'm sorry, I know I'm supposed to civil, but really, how COULD you s/w engineers have done anything so obscure and non-intuitive as to require a right click on something not normally visible when you are designing?


It is intuitive that design import commands should be on the file> and insert> menus.  Please, please add them there and please keep in mind the goal of making the software more easy to use and intuitive. A command should NEVER be off the main menus, thatmakes your software impossible to learn and discover. (They are fine as Shortcuts.)





import - contextual menus - insert menu - import design - import component - easy of use - intuitive interface

1 Kudo


Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer on ‎10-07-2016 05:04 PM

Hello Autodesk, first of all i would like to say that i truly have a Great Respect and Admiration for you guys, you really give to us (Designers) great tools that without them, we truly won't be able to create what is actually possible to create in our modern days.

I can assure you that the day i'll be earning pretty much, i'll make a great economical donation towards you (Autodesk) =)

*So, the problem of the SO CALLED: Data Panel Black Glitch, is that if... IF ! The Power Cable is attached to the Computer (Notebook), the BLACK Data Panel BUG happens, if it ISN'T, the bug doesn't happen.

These are my Computer's INFO:

[GPU Information]
GPU Device: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics
GPU RAM: 1024 MB
GPU Driver API: DirectX 9.0
GPU Driver Version:
GPU Driver Date: 07/25/2016

[Graphics Effects Settings]
Anti Aliasing: On
Ambient Occlusion: On
Object Shadow: On
Ground Shadow: On
Ground Reflection: On
Selection Display Style: Normal
Transparency Effect: Better Performance

[Limit effects to optimize performance]


So i truly hope this problem gets fixed because for now, i always have to unplug the AC Power, start the Program (Autodesk Fusion 360) and then plug the AC Power back to work avoiding the Bug.

Please, please fix this. Thanks a lot Autodesk ! :')
In truth i've noticed the program have lack of some type of content, but for now i think one problem to fix is enough. Have an Awesome Day and Goodbye ! :)

CEO at Nörthstat Group™ Inc. | NÖRGRU™
Metalmechanical & Unconventional Conceptual Designing Corporation. - Montebelluna, 31044 - Italy.

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It would be great if I could make an entire project public so third party people would have the ability to fork or duplicate it without the need of invitation. Their changes would not affect the original project though (Something similar to the 123D Circuits funcionality).

4 Kudos

I've seen some other suggestions related to features that would make this software more intuitive for people who are not machinists. I had a suggestion.


Apple used to do something very neat when evaulating how intuitive or easy to understand their products were.   When they introduced an interface change, they had a room where they would take users, give them a list of tasks to complete, and then film them (or watch through the 2 way mirror).  They had a lot of really amazing revelations with this approach (it's actually why the Apple symbol was upside down on laptops for so many years - when put in the room, customers would always turn the apple towards them and try to open it the wrong way.  Ultimately the fact that it looked stupid on TV trumped that, but there you go.)  


What I'm seeing with F360 is that you have a community of engineers and machinists who are already using similar tools in similar ways and are pretty much looking for specific refinements to the product, they already know what they are doing and what they want.  And then there are the other groups like me, coming from sectors like desktop publishing and are really having a hard time understanding how to do the simplest things (today I'm trying to bang out 16 different name plates for Christmas, something that would take me 20 minutes in photoshop, and I haven't finished on yet because I can't figure out how to select the top of my recessed text to make a chamfer on those edges...well, a way that doesn't involve me command clicking 20 times for each S in a name.)



I think it would be amazing if you brought in new users from different industry sectors and watched them, see what are the particular points and concepts that are causing roadblocks.  There's a whole world of people eyeing those 3D printers and CNC routers, with a whole universe worth of ideas.  Anything you can do to make the tool more accessible to us would be amazing.

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Help Reference

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate BrettClausen on ‎03-10-2016 02:06 AM



How about including a searchable off-line help reference? For example - this morning I could not find the volume of the component I have been working on. All I needed to know was where to find it, and it seems silly to go to the comunity to ask essentially dumb questions.


Can you include a reference of where/how to find/do things in fusion360? Possibly between "My Profile" and "Work Off".






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Fully define Sketch

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Rafmongelos on ‎01-07-2016 04:22 AM

Defining constraints can be very tedious process. Fusion gives a new way to define sketchs, and it is great. But I think, it can be more functional, if Fusion integrates the SW funtion "Fully difine Sketch". Is a little annoying seeing, that almost all lines of a sketch are defined correctly, but one not, and the user don't know which constraint felt on the sketch. A "Fully define sketch" can accelerate and make a more user friendly system.



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preliminary warning

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant southridgecnc on ‎03-26-2016 12:51 PM

It would have been nice to have a warning ( for Noobs) that would have informed me that all the "files" created while evaluating and trying out the software will become in-accesible after registering. The files are saved on my computer but I can't seem to access them in any way shape or form. All those hours of work LOST!

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Browser based CAD/CAM

Status: Future Consideration
by Observer currentresident on ‎03-07-2016 08:08 AM

I know Autodesk has expressed and aggresively repugnant view of Linux. Similarly, at our makerspace we have a similar view towards the DRM embedded systems produced by Microsoft and Apple. If Fusion 360 was converted to a browser based system instead of a tethered one both issues would be solved. Going forward it would be far easier to maintain code that works in an OS agnostic browser than separate repos for the same program.

Status: Future Consideration

As @HughesTooling mentioned, Project Leopard is our browser version of Fusion. 

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I came from a 2D illustration software called CorelDraw, I have used it as a CAD program and I think it is very intuitive, I cannot say the same of Fusion 360 while drawing in 2D (sketch mode).


I have tried Fusion 360, to draw some 2D geometries, I clicked in a cube to select the Top Plane, and I started a 2D sketch, I think it is a good way to learn it. It was very frustrating.


In CorelDraw:

  1. While you are drawing a line and the mouse cursor get the boundaries of a screen, it continues. In fusion 360 you need to press the middle button mouse and there is no tip to help a beginner user.
  2. After you have drawn an object, you can click inside it and drag it. In Fusion 360 you cannot and, again, there is no tip to help a beginner user.
  3. You can click in any object and open a window where you can see and change a lot of properties, like width, height, colours, etc. You can easily scale this object. I cannot see these features in Fusion 360.
  4. You can send an object to front or back of an other.
  5. You can perform boolean operations with these 2D objects to create new ones.
  6. You can block an object. 
  7. You can group objects.
  8. There is a lot of options to move an object exactly to where you want. In fusion 360 I try to drag an object and nothing happens.
  9. There are guide lines and rulers to help.
  10. The toolbox is at hand to pick any tool. In fusion 360 you need always two or more clicks to access a tool.
  11. The tools used to draw lines and curves are very powerful and flexible, not in Fusion 360.
  12. There are many keyboard shortcuts.
  13. If you make a big drawing  and have no plotter you can print it in many A4 sheets and glue it together after.


There are millions of users of CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator that, like me, wants to learn a 3D software, but these software are not intuitive.


My suggestion is:

I would like there is a software so intuitive like CorelDraw or Adobe illustrator for 3D designers.




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Many really good ideas get lost in the board time line. 

If a idea gets voted for then it should rise to the top of the board. That way we would get a good idea of what would be popular. 

As some ideas that users submit get a few votes before they are implemented but others despite being popular get ignored. 


The top of the board method would see a lot of ideas being show cased. 

Then the fusion team would be able to see what the user really want! 


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Fusion 360 Learning Guide/ Material

Status: Accepted
by Collaborator CGPM on ‎11-04-2014 08:59 AM

Autodesk really NEEDS to provide a comprehensive learning guide to help everyone learn Fusion 360.  Something along the lines of what is provided at  They use text along the left side of the screen and screen shots to help explain the text.  I is far better than the videos that Autodesk had made, which barely start to cover using the program.  I recently went through the learning material that Autodesk provides, again, and at best I would describe it as lame.  I have been using Fusion 360 for 10 months now and the learning material available is disorganized, not complete, and found in many places.  I believe 10% of the learning material is at, another 10% is found in posts on the Autodesk community forums, 20% is at, and the other 60% doesn't exist.  Please, please, please provide organized, in depth, learning material for all levels of users. 

Status: Accepted

Hey CGPM, thanks for the idea. We are actively working on providing a more in-depth learning experience that walks a user through the various workspaces and get them the training they need to go from beginners to experts. 

Provided below are 3 links. Here are the instructions of what to do with them: 


1. Click on Dataset to download the zip file of all the sample files associated with each Module. Upload them in Fusion 360.



2. Begin the training by going through each module in ascending order (01, 02, 03, etc). You can view them in the browser or download them locally. 

PDF Modules

01 Introduction

02 Sketch

03 Sculpting

04 Model

05 Manage

06 Assemble

07 Render

08 Drawing

09 CAM


3. We also have a YouTube playlist of videos associated with each module. They should complement the modules as you go through the training. 

Video Playlist


This project is still in beta phase, so feel free to give us feedback on it. We'll continue to refine the experience and make it more streamlined, added to our learning site, as well as expanding the level of expertise. 


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text commands

Status: Accepted
by Explorer someonelseiam on ‎09-05-2015 04:09 AM

-Mouse is nice if you have to point at something or you don't know what to look from menus (help files too).

-Keyboard shortcuts are nice if you want to use a frequently used feature.

-Text commands are nice if you know what you are looking for but don't know a keyboard shortcut for it. Then you could just type in a command name or abbreviation of it. Ie. if align would be the only command starting with "al", it would be expanded to "align" automatically, and user could just hit enter then to invoke command. Easy to run any command without point and click all around.

Status: Accepted

Hey @someonelseiam, great feedback!


We have some functionality coming out in the November update that will allow you to utilize text commands that will satisfy what you're looking for. Keep your eyes on the Blog to get more information on it as we approach the November release. 




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Hole function snap points

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Rafmongelos on ‎01-08-2016 03:44 AM

The Hole function on Fusion 360 is a good tools, but it need some "weapons".


One of the basic should be the snap option for the holes. One choose the face of the object, and the Hole appears on it, but it need references ponit to snap on it, like middle pont, edges, etc. Maybe is possible now to edit this adding constraints after doing the hole, but a snap funtion on the hole wizard will improve the work.



Another "weapon" should be a Hole wizard as SW, with ISO dimensions and forms.




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I've spent about 3 days barreling through support, docs, tutorials and videos to get to the point where I can start my first test job.  That is a long time to wait to see your CNC machine working.



I think it would be HUGE for those of us who are novices to have a quick, basic tutorial to get the circle/square/triangle test or something basic from end to end.  Not something that teaches all the points, but something you can follow through and produce something on your shiny new machine.  It would have been so rewarding to be able to run a simple test job the night I had my Shapeoko3 set up.


Personally I think the 3D market is going to be the next silicon valley boom, so if you can make that first run something simple, I see a lot more people going to F360.


I'd also suggest you folks get someone to monitor the Shapeoko Forums, they are going to grow, and if I had seen a thread when I was searching telling me there's a free hobbyist license that is incredibly well documented with tons of videos and great support, I'd have been all over it.  Instead I wasted a week banging my head against a wall with MeshCAM.

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Fusion 360 for Chromebooks?

Status: Future Consideration
by Explorer triops124 on ‎06-03-2013 07:52 PM

Is it possible to add a capability for Fusion 360 to run on chromebooks, as opposed to just Mac or PC?

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Training videos playlist

Status: Implemented
by Alumni kat.ingalls on ‎03-28-2013 02:26 PM

It would be great to have one playlist for video training and tutorial videos to get up and running in Fusion 360, maybe on YouTube for easy access and sharing?

Status: Implemented
1 Kudo

Create a transitioning from MasterCam to Fusion 360 CAM cheat sheet. You have a cheat sheet, of sorts, from SolidWorks CAD to Fusion 360 CAD. Why not do the same type of document for transitioning MasterCam users?

1 Kudo

I have built some models in order to build a ruggidized waterproof phone case that fits a variety of devices. However in doing so i design the pieces with a variety of features to allow them to be used in as many applications as possible. There small foot print and the congruency of the parts should allow for multiple print heads to print many pieces at the same time with only one print controller. I would like to point out a fair amount of ignorance on the computer science portion of this i/e the programing design etc. but some of the models I have built are available at Unfortunatley I have built these models on meshmixer and in order to get the boolean difference to work i had to make the parts solid which aparently puts lots of triangles in the mesh, and has the unfortunate consequence of making them unconvertable to a spline model.Such that, I was unable to edit and clean them on fusion either due to the program or my lack of experience most likely both. However the parameters could be used  to make lining up of the parts much easier and make them fit together with much more ease. Unfortuately I didn't know of either fusion or parameters until I had done around a hundred hours of work. The models of memento I am specificly having issues with are outer shell rail snap rail rib with pilot holes and the extrudable slide.

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don't repeat «tips and tricks»

Status: Accepted
by Advisor roambotics_scott on ‎07-25-2014 12:55 PM

Long ago I turned off tips and tricks but then recently I found a few basic things mentioned in some videos that I never knew about so I thought I'd turn them back on in the hope that I might actually learn something new.. the problem is that 


For example, barring traumatic head injury, I suspect that most users will not need to be told

with every new line. 


Aside from feeling condescending somewhere by the 40th or 50th time, it wastes screen real estate, takes a moment to read and dismiss, and is utterly unhelpful most of the time. More importantly, it made me go to the preferences and turn off tips and tricks again because even if there may actually be some useful and interesting things in there, there is too much noise to make mining for those worth my while.


Instead, I'd mention things once or even once in a rare while, and let the user say «I get it - don't bother me with this again». 


If it was done well though, something like that in the UI could make things even more discoverable and naturally integrate learning into the environment without forcing the users to go outside and sift / sit through videos.

Status: Accepted
1 Kudo

Description of "hold shift + click then hold middle mouse button = rotate around point" is confusing.


Much better, and much less confusing (IMHO) is: "hold shift + click middle button = set orbit center"


After setting orbit center,  then use "hold shift + hold middle mouse button = rotate" as before - this is always true, regardless of whether center has been repositioned or not.


Thus normal action is to rotate, set center, and rotate again etc.


This change is to documentation only - this is how F360 already functions!



1 Kudo

Following the January 23rd update, the following was done -


Updated Public Share Page Layout

This updated page for getting the public share link to your designs makes it easier to access your 3D datasets. We also made performance and quality improvements on how the models show up in the 3D viewer, with better lighting, shading and more accurate material representation. 


However when you copy or embed a link, it leads you to the old style layout with the tedious "List View" box showing which quite frankly gets in the way.


Will you be bringing the new layout to the subsequent pages?

3 Kudos

This image shows what the tutorial looks like on my computer.  It took me a while to realize that there was an orange "Start >" button to click upon.  I might be the only person making this mistake, but I suspect that there are others.





Status: Archived
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Better documentation

Status: Archived
by Advocate sanguish on ‎07-18-2014 01:24 AM

Fusion 360 is an awesome tool, but far more complicated than it appears.


I've got solid modeling down to where I can do things I need. But the form mode (t-spline modeling) is a total mystery to me, and I know I have ideas that could flourish in this area.


A book is desperately needed, as are videos. that are (broken record) readable off-line, away from the computer. As well as step-by-step teaching.


Other autodesk products have books but they are evolving at this pace. You need a documentation team for this product.

Status: Archived

Thanks for the idea, we are archiving this idea and have it captured. The software is evolving so rapidly that we are always looking to improve our learning experience. 

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Just occurred to me...

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate fishtruk on ‎11-01-2015 11:41 AM


I was looking at the "riding a bike backwards" thread elsewhere. Although at first the posts seem to criticize, I have seen recent ones with good thoughts.

Here's mine.  How about, in the shot above, when you Right click something and move your cursor along the options, a little "What's this" (or big and detailed) explanation box would appear to the right, in this case, what's a selection set?  

It could be totally optional for the experienced user, and perhaps have an "intermediate" Clue Only setting,  for people well on their way to proficiency.





Status: Future Consideration

Thanks for the idea! We are definitely working on making the learning experience in Fusion 360 more immersive with things like what you just suggested. Stay tuned! 

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Selection indicator

Status: Archived
by Enthusiast CadZebra on ‎09-13-2015 02:27 AM

After much CAD frustration today I finally grasped that selecting components in the viewport with a mouse drag does not actually select components, rather it selects bodies - due to the default selection filter settings.  Becuase the geometry highlights with the selection, the (novice) user is led to beleive they have selected the components they want and can perform the approrpiate operations, but in fact they can not.


I would suggest something active in the UI to indicate what has been selected, or at least which filters are acting. This would at least give the user a clue that something was acting on their selection.  As it is, I've been using F360 on an off for months and never realized this filter existed or made such a dramtic difference in what I could/couldn't do in my assemblies.  I realize this is probably non-trivial to implement cleanly, but I think something should be attempted.

Status: Archived

Thank you for idea - this is getting archived due to lack of votes. Ideas with 10+ votes within a month are reviewed by the Product Management team for future consideration. If you feel strongly that this is needed, please resubmit with more detail on why you think this is valuable to Fusion 360 users so that the idea gathers some more support from the community. 


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More Learning centric hangout every other week

Status: Archived
by Collaborator on ‎01-14-2014 12:41 PM



though we just talked about this on the hangout i thought it might still be a good idea to write it down here.


The former weekly hangout is 2-weekly now and as this hangout is mostly not so learning centric, i thought it could be a good idea to shout out for some more learning every other week.


Maybe it would be nice if we could discuss possible topics and special needs of users in the forum and Mike, Keqing and Kat could find someone or possibly jump in theirselves on one or the other topic. This could be a good thing to allow some advanced training for the ones getting stuck in their work like we already had seen that on hangouts in the past. I think the potential of showing things in a presentation in this cases is much higher than in forums or written guides and in the case of advanced training even better than with prerecorded video (which is perfectly okay too).


People could also send in their projects/files for discussion in this hangouts like Ron suggested in the hangout.

Status: Archived
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Status: Archived
by Explorer cdepalma on ‎08-31-2015 06:18 PM

The tutorial animation cannot be stopped and is hard to follow.  I am new to CAD.   I cannot see the steps whiz by and the constant animation is irritating.  How do i make it pause? 

Status: Archived

We're looking at using a new in-product tutorial framework that some of our other team members are working on. That will improve the whole experience. To @anonperson 's point, our users come from all kinds of backgrounds, and learn it a variety of different ways. We definitely agree that YouTube is one of my primary channels for learning and tutorials, but we'd also like integrate better learning content right within the product. 

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Fusion 360 has lots of neat stuff, but IMHO it's virtually impossible for a new user to figure it out.


It's pretty clear that Fusion 360 has abandoned traditional documentation, and the current strategy is to try to do everything with a combination of forum posts and Youtube videos.


The problem is that figuring out which posts and videos have the right information is extremely time-consuming.  My suggestion is that you spend some time organizing the posts and videos - put together some kind of guide that points people to the valuable ones, tells people what's in each video, that kind of thing.  ("Need to know about sketching?  Watch these five videos, and read these 4 forum posts."  That kind of thing.)


(FWIW, I think giving up on the doc was an unfortunate idea.  At least for me, the way you're trying to get new users up to speed is failing badly.)

Status: Archived

Hey there, thanks for the discussion around this. We are continuing to improve our learning experience, and will be updating our learning site so that there is a better flow/sequence of topics to go through so that you can get a deeper understanding of the software. 

1 Kudo



What I would love to see is that you could use autodesk fusion to also make assembly manuals with pictures, assembly sequences and text, video and so on. 

This of course with a good translation support for every language you can think of. 

Why is this interesting? Well you could use it as a test 'channel' whereby users could try the assembly or simulate without having to resort to a real live situation, thus reducing the cost to prototype.

This could also support a more natural design cycle between users, other disciplines and engineers. Making the design and improvement cycle more agile and also learn/explore the best way to design a good product. 

This could aid in getting a good cradle to cradle design for example. Often something that needs a very multi disciplinary approach. 


kind regards 




Status: Archived

Thank you for idea - this is getting archived due to lack of votes. Ideas with 10+ votes within a month are reviewed by the Product Management team for future consideration. If you feel strongly that this is needed, please resubmit with more detail on why you think this is valuable to Fusion 360 users so that the idea gathers some more support from the community. 


I'd still love to get more details on this if any of you want to post examples of the types of documentation / manuals you're referring to. 

1 Kudo

Documentation suggestion: visual glossary

Status: Implemented
by Enthusiast cjmason on ‎04-07-2015 02:30 PM - last edited on ‎04-07-2015 02:32 PM |



Often in Fusion 360 it seems like half the battle is knowing what kind of thing you need in order to get a command to operate on it.  Fusion uses lots of different terminology in tooltips and help text that is not always obvious (and sometimes even overloaded).  Also, Fusion uses lots of visual hints to convey different states that objects may be in.


I'd suggest that you add a visual glossary to the Fusion docs.


Here's some of the terms/visuals I've come across that were particularly confusing:


  • Different kinds of points (iconography): plain circle, circle with dot, with x, red, green.  What does these mean?
  • Different surface representations: BRep vs NURBS vs Mesh vs ...  What are these?  Maybe even a technical description of the datastructures?  Advantages/disadvantages of each?
  • "Feature" vs "Base feature."  I think these are two totally different things.
  • The hierarchy of objects: point, curve, chain, face, solid, etc.

Having both the textual description and a visual picture of what's being described would be really helpful!


See for instance Rhino's Objects documentation.





Status: Implemented

Hey there, we are continuously working on this. We have made improvements to our learning site so that you can hget high level basics and then drill down into command references if you need it. We will continue to update the content and make it more accessible and clear for users to digest. 

1 Kudo


It is time for me to start sharing my improvement ideas here in the forums. I've just been discussing the ideas directly we the Fusion 360 team.

On the last day after AU2014, Martiza and I were discussing how many users are not aware of the design history to be able to modifity things they have done.
Something I though of on the flight back to Stockholm was that the user interface could maybe subtly highlight the last corresponding edit in the timeline when the mouse is over the corresponding part in the 3D view.

This way it could bring attention to the relationship between these two.

Of course, this will be difficult with sketches that are auto hidden as soon as they have been used. But maybe it would be enough to do this for the things that are possible.

I think it is important that the highlighting is not too strong, as it might be annoying having something flash and distract you from what you are doing.
An option might be to have this turned on by default, but have the choice to turn it off? I guess it depends on how it looks when implemented.

Best regards,


Status: Implemented

We've since added many visual cues to the timeline and feature relationships to components. 

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Status: Implemented
by Collaborator on ‎01-28-2014 07:05 AM

Hi there,


I was asked to post to this forum to give my feedback on a workflow for dealing with STL file conversion.  As 3D printing gains in popularity, dealing with these files will become more and more important.  Additionally, I am aware of the BMesh tool that can convert smaller STL files, but also, as 3D printing gains in popularity, so will 3D scanning.  My 3D scans range from 500K polygons, up to 2.5M polygons, which is outside what you suggest for the BMesh tool.  Here is my suggested workflow:


-import .OBJ or .STL

-load it into the creation tool

-give simple commands (similar to the ones in SketchUp) that allow me to "help" your program deal with the mesh.  Allow me to draw planes, circles, polygons as individual areas with "generally" the right curves, angles, etc. using the same deformation tools as in the main Fusion program

-have each drawn plane "snap" to points on the STL in a general sense.  Have the new drawn plane "color" the STL so I know what have covered and what I have not

-snap surfaces near each other together to make them contiguous, maybe use a knife tool to split them if you need to

-have Fusion convert those items into parametric surfaces


...the key here is that the program should leverage the human's understanding of what they want to give hints to the program.  Even if I scan things that are extremely complex, I would not mind going through and adding in surface data manually, if it gave a good result.

Status: Implemented
STL to BREP/Solid was added in the May 21st update. Create a base feature, then in modify import a mesh/stl. in modify group use mesh to beep to convert to solid.
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Hi if you want more "Natural, Self Taught or Self Made" designers to use Fusion 360 I think the Board should add a tutorial on "Points". Most successful commercial designers today did not go to university for 3D designing but they are very successful in their own field or businesses. Since Fusion360 depends on "Points" so much, for example Scaling in Point mode, Insert Point, Surface Points in Pull command, Control Points in Object Snap, sketching a point, constructing a point and so on... I think it is most important that a simple tutorial on the meaning of "Points" is important. Please consider that.


Status: Archived
1 Kudo

Simple Alignment Tools

Status: Archived
by Employee on ‎07-30-2013 10:59 AM

The current aligment tools in Fusion 360 are very impressive. They handle all sorts of hard cases, and clearly a lot of thought went into them.


However, for the easy cases, they are actually kind of a hassle. To do something simple like align the center of one object to the center of another, 
I had to jump through a lot of hoops (I had to create components, learn about making components active, create joints, etc). 
While it is true that I now know how to do some powerful things, it is still cumbersome, and the initial UX was really not very good.
(I literally spent about 3 hours figuring out how to align one object to another).


My Idea then, is to incorporate some quick-and-simple alignment tools as well. 
I found myself really wanting the kind of alignment tools we see in 2D vector graphics editors.

For example, here is the alignment panel from Inkscape, an open-source tool:



The tools are basically variants of "align-side-to-side" and "align-center-to-center". These are not sophisticated tools, and they operate on bounding boxes rather than snap points/planes/etc.They don't make a lot of sense in a generic 3D view, but when I am in (for example) a top view or side view, these simple bounding-box level tools would let me get a lot of my alignment tasks done very, very quickly. 


Similarly, it would be awesome to have these tools when working on a Sketch, Using these simple alignment tools I can use a sort of constructive approach that will let me very quickly "compute" things that would otherwise be a lot of work. 


Also, many users who are less familiar with CAD, and ideas like point-to-plane snapping, are going to know these kinds of tools (for example Powerpoint has literally the exact same tools as Inkscape). 



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More easily post models to the hub for help

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by Participant tom on ‎07-16-2013 02:36 AM

It would be nice if it was much easier to post models to the forum for others to see and edit, similar to how you can post an image.


For example, here are a few recent posts (1 2 3 4) where instead of the models being posted just a screenshot was used.  This sometimes makes it more difficult to fix the problem, because to have to reproduce it first.  While I think it's possible to attach f3d files now, it could be a lot easier, maybe a file picker that looks through the designs you have available.


Plus the kind of help you can get is more concrete, both from other users and support folks. Here are a few recent examples (1 2 3 4 5).  Some of those would have been very difficult to troubleshoot from just pictures, nevermind providing actionable advice.  But if you can edit the model and post it back, it's easier for us to help each other out.


What would be super cool would be adding images of the model that are taken from the f3d file automatically, or even embedding a live 3d view of the model.. Smiley Happy 

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The sept update allows you to do this by RMB on a item and Share Public Link.

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A360 Upcharge to New Users starting in March:


Can we create a switch to let the billing stay with the Fusion360 user when inviting new customers into our cloud based project.   We use A360 as a marketing advantage.  New customers love to see their project taking shape.  We believe in open transparency in our projects.   We do not want to scare away potential customer.  Make it so we Fusion360 users can absorb the costs so we can attract new accounts.

autodesk upcharge.jpg


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Presently, there's no way to know when screencast processing will be complete; hanging around waiting for a screencast to be processed- or leaving the task outstanding to be addressed later -both dissuade use of this great utility.   Adding a progress ticker to the "Preparing Screencast" moment would enable better time management by removing this uncertainty and remove a minor dissuasion.