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Free choices of using materials.

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by Community Visitor Johstrartat a week ago |

Fusion is using..I think USA standards. Europa has others, Russia, China, Africa has others..I'm writing about steal here..but for other materials it would be the same. Do you know about steal in Europe? S355 or S275..ever heard about DIN? I don't think so..It's European. Different of your using or Russian, African, Chinese or what ever.. Make free those choice to make "worldwide"! Without using Photoshop to correct what "others" need to use for being  "following" the rules. A little-bit of freedom worldwide would be a positive mater. And not even in steal..but all other materials can be used. It is important..sharing Fusion worldwide! Suggesting this: In having choices to make..give the opportunity to "fiil

out" others. Like in choose: make "other" possible..and you got the "world" behind you! Just a suggestion..but an important one..


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