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Export multi-sheet drawings to a single multi-page PDF

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer benbrandt22 3 weeks ago |

Being able to create multi-sheet Fusion drawings is an excellent feature for keeping sets of assembly and subassembly drawings together.


However, this convenience breaks down when trying to export to a PDF. When exporting "all sheets" to a PDF, it generates individual PDFs for every sheet. I would like the option to preserve the whole thing as one cohesive document with multiple pages. This would make it easier to share the PDF of every drawing, and preserve it as a single collection and preserve the page order as well.


Thank you for your consideration.



By: Observer RonanCJ
3 weeks ago |

I believe that this feature is on track to be implemented in the near future: http://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/blog/march-1-2017-update-whats-new/

By: Explorer benbrandt22
2 weeks ago |

Good catch RonanCJ, I see it mentioned at the link you posted. Here's the excerpt for anyone interested:


If you output your drawing as PDF, your drawing will automatically open after it’s been saved as PDF. As a heads-up: this first implementation of multi-sheets will save each sheet as individual PDFs (yeah…I know). The next phase of this will combine all the sheets into one PDF (with each sheet being a page of the PDF) so that it’s more manageable. We are working towards delivering that functionality within the next couple of updates. 

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