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Export as 3D PDF

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by Explorer Kyle.Maguire90 4 weeks ago |

Exporting files to 3D PDF would be an excellent addition to FUSION 360's native functions as it allows designs to be shared and presented anywhere with a tablet.  This is particularly helpful when working in the field or discussing a design with a machinist or other craft on a shop floor vs an office.  The 3D PDF Format also allows design models to then be embedded in electronic reports.

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By: Explorer lynosull
3 weeks ago |

Good feature. I echo the sentiment and want to add an additional important reason why Fusion 360 cloud users MUST be able to export PDF, PNG, JPG, et al. I am experimenting with using Fusion 360 to help make models as part of filing patent applications. My attorney needs my drawings as part of the filing. PDF works OK.


Who decided not to do the necessary thing? More importantly, why did they consciously choose to exclude the feature. I have seen this behavior before. I simply don't send MY ideas on a one way trip into any product's cloud. Sorry, not gonna happen. I have 7 days left and am trying to decide whether I will stick around or use a <primary-competitor-name> license instead. The missing feature must come soon to be of any value. I want to understand why the developers made the decision to a "Export to Local Disk" capability, besides some archive feature that is proprietary.


Why are developers making consumer hostile decisions to exclude the obvious? Answer me that and I'll stick around once my license expires. I plan to let it stay expired just to see how they handle it. Good luck with your quest.

By: Community Manager
Tuesday |

@Kyle.Maguire90 Thanks for your idea. Export 3D pdf is something we might get to in the future, but is not currently prioritized in our backlog of projects we're focusing on for this year.


There are a couple of solutions that can potentially address your needs: 

1. the Fusion 360 Mobile app will allow you to access your designs in a 3D viewer and do measurements, commenting, markup, exploded view, access to associated assets like drawings and simulation studies, etc. This allows you and you team to be in the loop when you are all on-the-go. 

2. We also have the ability to export 2D drawings as PDF. Soon you'll be able to export PDF with multiple sheets in one PDF as well. 

By: Community Manager
Tuesday |
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By: Explorer lynosull
Tuesday |
What you name as the #1 benefit has no value to me or my endeavor. I export
as png and convert it externally to pdf. I am the only one who uses Fusion
360. I am the inventor. My patent attorney and patent agent use my pdf
drawings to discuss the patent itself. I save as SAT for the Turbo CAD
illustrator who labels the drawings.

I come from a different world view. That's OK. It is my wasted time working
around an incorrect workflow that I am explaining. That is all. Not many
organizations will convert everyone to Fusion 360 overnight. PDF documents
are part of lowering the on ramp to Fusion 360.

In any case, thank you for responding.

By: Contributor jcstephens1
Friday |
That would be great...not only to share with coworkers but customers too!!
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